Ceres: Population 100,000?

Here is the latest image of the Ceres bright spots as of September 10th.

Occator crater viewed from an altitude of 1,470 kilometers.

Occator crater viewed from an altitude of 1,470 kilometers. Courtesy JPL/NASA

Magnified view of the bright spots.

Magnified view of the bright spots — altitude 1,470 km.

Magnified view of the Ceres bright spots taken by the Dawn spacecraft at an altitude of 4400 km.

Magnified view of the Ceres bright spots taken by the Dawn spacecraft at an altitude of 4400 km.

Image of Grand Rapids, Michigan at night taken by the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km.

Image of Grand Rapids, Michigan at night taken by the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km.

Color version of the same photo of Grand rapids, Michigan. Courtesy of NASA.

Color version of the same photo of Grand rapids, Michigan. Courtesy of NASA.

Update posted July 25, 2015

The spacecraft is fortunately back in operation and is continuing as planned its descent closer to the asteroid’s surface.  But it has been announced that a mysterious haze has been detected above the bright spots, possibly water vapor.  This indicates that some sort of activity is going on:


This finding is consistent with the idea that civilization could be present on Ceres’ surface.

Update posted July 15, 2015

On June 30th the Dawn spacecraft mysteriously shut down and NASA reconfigured its software, simultaneously issuing a message that the bright spots were not ice as they had previously thought.  It seems the coverup scenario (b) that I had predicted back in my first posting on this in May (https://etheric.com/colonization-ceres-breakaway-civilization/) is coming into play and we will never be allowed to really see what these spots are.  See the following posting: https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1075203/pg1.

Another interesting development, a few days ago I spoke with Richard Hoagland who pointed out to me that the latitude of the bright spots on Ceres (~19° N) matches that of the special latitude (19.5°) defined by the intersection of a tetrahedron inscribed within a sphere.  He believes this to be a blatant sign of an extraterrestrial presence.


Posted by P. LaViolette

July 5, 2015

Compare the larger (left) bright spot in the Dawn Spacecraft shot of Ceres (top photo) to an international space station shot taken at night showing the city lights of Grand Rapids, Michigan, population 192,000 (lower photos).  The larger left bright spot on Ceres measures about 9 km in diameter, while the luminous portion of Grand Rapids measures about 23 km.  Figuring that the Ceres bright spot has about 15% as much area, one might very roughly project a population of 30,000 for a terrestrial settlement the size of the left bright spot on Ceres assuming a settlement of comparable population density.  Taking into account the areas of all of the bright spots would imply a total population of 50,000 or more for a comparable terrestrial population.  If these very rough estimates can be extrapolated to Ceres, one might surmise that if the bright spots indeed settlements then their size may indicate a population on Ceres of 50,000 beings.

Below are night shots of Milan, Italy and Paris, France also imaged from the International Space Station.

Night image of Milan, Italy (size ~31 km) taken from the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km.

Night image of Milan, Italy (size ~31 km) taken from the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km.

Color version of the same photo of Milan, Italy. Courtesy of NASA.

Color version of the same photo of Milan, Italy. Courtesy of NASA.

Night image of Paris, France (size 28 X 42 km) taken from the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km.

Night image of Paris, France (size 28 X 42 km) taken from the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km.

Color version of the same photo of Paris, France. Courtesy of NASA.

Color version of the same photo of Paris, France. Courtesy of NASA.

By December when Dawn will descend to an altitude of 260 km, it will be taking photos at an altitude even lower than that from which the above space station photos were taken.  Of course, we are really speculating at this early point, with great risk of being disproven by future close up images.  But up to this point the shapes of the bright spots and the presence of satellite “outposts” appear strikingly similar to urban areas on Earth.

For more information see these earlier postings:



17 Responses to Ceres: Population 100,000?

  1. Jason Schreiner says:

    NASA is now saying it is likely we are looking at deposits of some kind of salt. The more recent, sharper images seem to support this view, though nothing is probable or certain yet. Any additional thoughts on this subject, Paul? Thanks.

    link to salt story: http://www.sciencealert.com/nasa-is-now-pretty-sure-those-weird-white-patches-on-ceres-are-salt

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Imaging has shown water vapor over part of the crater, as discussed in one of my Ceres postings. So either ice, or civilization could explain this. Salt seems doubtful.

  2. Florian Ventura says:

    Mr Paul Laviolette,

    I’ve read all your books, they are mind-blowing, but I am very frustrated by the fact that you are not more active on the internet. Parthenogenesis should be on Youtube because it is an excellent way to grasp the ideas behind the subquantum kinetics. You already did a huge work in multiple fields and it will take decades for your views to become mainstream, because they are too advanced. So, please, share more on the social platforms (Parthenogenesis), because as a researcher you did much more than enough. For instance, currently, everyone is scratching their head about the fact that Pluto is geologically active (https://voat.co/v/space/comments/284923). Maybe the genic energy from the planet would be an answer. You can use Reddit and Voat to do AMA (Ask Me Anything) to spread your ideas. You really changed the way I see the world and I don’t want your contribution to humanity be forgotten. Thank you for your attention.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I have posted an excerpt of the video on youtube. It can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqVvrgzUzkY The video, which was produced by the Starburst Foundation, cost an enormous amount to produce including payments to the recording artists for use of their music. Unless someone makes a $50,000 contribution to the Starburst Foundation, there is no expectation to make it available on youtube for free. Starburst has been operating in the red for the past year and so far none of you who visit this website and post your questions have made one donation to the Foundation. We have gone 7 months now without a single donation. Is this my problem? I think not. It simply shows that people are not really that interested in what I do. I did my part to make the video available to people. If people are not interested enough to view it, that is their problem, not mine.
      The entire video may be seen on Gaiam TV in HD for only $1 or $2 through streaming download: http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/parthenogenesis-sacred-journey. Certainly that will not break anyone’s wallet. Some months ago I had requested people to view it on GaiamTV and post their comments in the comments section (http://etheric.com/subquantum-kinetics-video-being-attacked-in-gaiam-comments-section/). No one has done so. What about you?

      Regarding Pluto, I will post something about this.

      • Samuel says:

        I would like to donate to the work a few real people are doing free from hidden agencies agendas, and this includes Paul LaViolette´s work, though I survive with less than R$100 per month, have no credit card and Brazil is the country I live, so there you have an idea. But actually concerning what i saw related to Galactic Superwave topic coming from a so called Dr Atkins was the reason i am commenting, have you seen that they are using the name of Wave X, and are predicting it to September, October dates? This guys comes out from nowhere and starts mentioning about it, and also saying that the hadron collider in Switzerland will bring an interdimensional being to stop this wave and so on… So I noticed disinformation since first sight, and i thought like sharing here about how deception is running and piggybacking on every true based research and years of work as yours, i dont know if you are aware or know this guy, but there you go, probably supported by these online data gathering monitoring agencies disguised as national security and stuff. Thank You Mr. LaViolette for being true to the work you share with us, and believe there are people interested in it, the only blockage is the current fields of manipulation on the platforms available, and of course all the institutions that run this civilization, so…Obrigado anyhow.

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          No I had not heard of the “extragalactic” wave X. Apparently another channeled fantasy story. But the threat of a real
          Galactic superwave still remains.

      • Florian Ventura says:

        You got more than 3000 views on this video, not too bad… And you can get royalty-free music on incompetech.com for free, in case you decide to make another one. Or use classical music, it’s free and it sounds less new-age than this video. I discovered your books by browsing the new-age section of a bookshop, which should not be the case, considering how serious your books are.

  3. Budgie says:

    Dr LaViolette, as you’re aware of NASA censorship, you must also be aware of their military mandate… How confident are you that the Dawn craft is actually there at Ceres? Earth-based (including satellites) interferometers are capable of resolutions measured in microarcseconds (0.000001 arcsecond), good enough to obtain a high res map of any Solar System body, then present such a body with 3D renderings as if captured from a spacecraft. The present Pluto New Horizons mission looks very suspect in this regard. It is also notable that ALMA and other interferometer arrays publish very little of their findings (post official launch of operations). In short, are we not being misled by NASA?

  4. Sri Bubbs says:

    I do believe the OP was aware of this fact and was asking when/if photos would be available of the bright spots when they are in the 4.5 hours of darkness in Ceres rotation.

  5. Derren says:

    Dr LaViolette, if there are indeed aliens present on Ceres, would you have any notion as to which race they might be? From what I have read about them, aliens are broadly of two groups: the materialistic, warrior-like Pleiadeans, and the more sublime, spiritually gifted Reticuleans (that the former Canadian defence minister was concerned about, look him up if you don’t know). Judging by the remote viewing done on the back side of the Moon, the aliens there clearly must be the Pleiadeans. But on Ceres, it seems, we have a single settlement, with no greater activity like mining. Does that suggest Reticuleans to you? Just wondering… BTW, I have read your pulsars book and it is excellent, very informative, and quite shocking in its startling revelations. One thing is for sure – we’re not alone!

  6. Jerome Sukta says:

    Question, given the intensity of the bright spots on Ceres is quite bright for being 4400 km away, then the closer one got would mean the intensity would be even brighter. How could one (human?) work in such a high intensity of light on the surface let alone see anything with a camera when the modular out in space?

    Good life

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Ceres is 2.77 AU from the Sun, so sunlight will have an intensity 13% as bright as on Earth. These bright spots are dimmer than the sunlight hitting the surface of Ceres.

  7. Kurt Sarrica says:

    The obvious question which would resolve this mystery is:
    “When will the Dawn probe get photos of the dark side of
    If the bright spots are just as bright when viewed in total darkness, then obviously these bright spots are the result of artificial illumination. On the other hand, if the bright spots are luminous, but not as bright, then they are probably due to some form of naturally occurring phosphorescent material. And if these bright spots are not at all luminous in total darkness, then all of the observed illumination must be either reflected sunlight or naturally fluorescent illumination.
    I wonder if NASA will ever allow us to see any photos from the dark side of Ceres?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      There is no dark side of Ceres. It rotates once every 9 hours.

      • Kurt Sarrica says:

        Dear Dr. LaViolette,
        When speaking of the “dark side” of Ceres, I was referring to the nighttime side of Ceres. That is, the side which at any given moment is not facing the Sun. Just as the ISS photos of Paris, Milan and Grand Rapids were taken when these cities were on the nighttime side of the Earth, there should be a period of roughly 4 hours when the bright spots on Ceres would be on the nighttime side of this dwarf planet. The question is, “Will NASA ever let us see such images?”– since they would remove any question of whether the bright spots are due to reflected sunlight or generated from some other form of illumination, be it natural phosphoresence or from artificial lights such as the cities on Earth.

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          Right, I see what you mean. Good point. If NASA were open and uncensored they might have not shown such images because they don’t give off any light during the night. But we know NASA does censor its data, so it still is possible that these spots show up at night and NASA is not letting the public know.

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