Steven Greer on Black Projects and the Secret Government

Posted by P. LaViolette
November 22, 2020

Dr. Steven Greer speaks about how the shadow government works and how it has suppressed knowledge about UFO’s and extraterrestrial intelligence.  He covers clandestine money laundering, drug dealing, unacknowledged antigravity/free energy programs, secret underground facilities, and much more.  Incredible presentation.

This year Greer has come out with a new documentary about the reality of ongoing extraterrestrial contact: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.  See trailer below.

To rent or purchase click this link:

I have participated in Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project and also was present at the 2001 press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, the one at which special ops had prevented the first hour of testimonies from being uplinked to the web.  Below are excerpts from my Disclosure Project testimony filmed in 2000.  There I discuss Townsend Brown’s electrogravitics research, its application to the B-2 bomber propulsion system, the explanation of the effect offered by the subquantum kinetics physics paradigm, and the declassified study Electrogravitics Systems which I had managed to obtain from Wright Patterson Air Force base in 1985.  I also discuss the microwave phase conjugate beam technology used for space propulsion which was secretly developed since the late 1940’s under Project Skyvault, more thoroughly explained in the book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.  The same directed energy weapon technology was deployed from a space platform by an unknown organization to disintigrate the World Trade Center.

Dr. Paul LaViolette’s Disclosure Project Testimony

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