Pennsylvania State Legislature Hearings on Election Fraud

Posted by P. LaViolette
November 25, 2020

What you see posted here will likely not appear on national news as shown by CNN ABC NBC CBC FOX, etc.  At the link below you will find a video of the evidentuary hearing that was conducted by the Pennsylvania State Legislature on November 23, 2020 regarding election irregularities in their state.  It brings one to tears that the U.S. election process has reached such a low moral level.  The U.S. apparently has now stooped to adopt third world country behavior when it comes to the presidential election.  In listening to this video below you will hear testimonies of election overseers being coralled to a corner where they couldn’t view the voting process, of authorized overseers being threatened by poll personnel and having their election IDs confiscated, of hundreds of thousands of deceased people having voted, and this goes on and on.  It brings one to tears to listen to this.  But it is important that we know what’s happening in this country.


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