Sidney Powell announces that massive voter fraud occurred in the Presidential election

Posting by: P. LaViolette
November 19, 2020
Updated 11/22/20

Sunday morning, November 15th former prosecuter Sidney Powell discloses on Fox News about the immense amount of evidence that the Trump administration has accumulated pointing to massive voting fraud in the presidential election.  She relates that the evidence indicates that Trump won the election by a wide margin and that soon this evidence will be submitted to the relevant authorities.  Meanwhile mainstream media remains silent on this immense story and continues to promote Biden as the lawfully chosen President elect.

She says that they have identified 450,000 ballots that only have a vote for Joe Biden, none for the other House and Senate candidates running in the race.  But this is the least of it.

Jeffrey Prather, retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistleblower gives an eye opening overview of the machinations behind the election fraud and coronavirus pandemic mentioning numerous three letter organizations.  A must watch.


Dr. Tenpenny advises: “Stop spreading coronavirus… Turn off the television.”  Speaks about the cognitive dissonance of fear surrounding the coronavirus issue and mental programming. Video ends at 18 min, 30 sec.  Podcasted on 11/21/20


This video below summarizes Trumps accomplishments over his past administration, much of which was not explained in the TV media. Quite enlightening.  Heard of child abduction and adrenochrome?  Think its all fiction?  This is just one of the topics that this video covers.  Entirely astounding.



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