“Claim” that Secret Space Program has Confirmed LaViolette’s Prediction of Imminent Superwave Arrival

Posted by: Paul LaViolette
November 28, 2019

The video Cosmic Secret featuring Corey Goode and David Wilcock has now just come out.  As you can see by viewing the trailer linked above, Goode claims that the Secret Space Program sent an interstellar spacecraft out into the Galaxy (presumably toward the Galactic center and at superluminal speed) which reported encountering several superwaves now making their way toward us.  If we are to believe his story, this would be direct observational confirmation of the Galactic superwave theory first made public in 1983.  Although Goode does not mention my name as originator of the superwave theory, immediately following his piece, Dr. Salla mentions my research on superwaves as well as the pulsar message warning about their passage in the past.  This interstellar flight is claimed to have occurred in 1987, and as I state in a posting earlier this year, this allowed the off-planet space effort many years to learn of my exposition of the superwave theory and its imminent danger to the Earth.

However, in regard to the rest of the video, I do not have much good to say about it.  It presents so much BS that I had to hold my stomach in places.  It is as if the producers put science and fantasy in a blender and then poured it out in this video as if it all was fact.  Here below I will present my critique.

A review of the Cosmic Secret video

One thing I can comment on is on its mention of Antarctica. ¬†The Antarctic ice core climate record has been charted back 400,000 years and there is no evidence of any angled global pole shift having occurred during that time. ¬†Certainly none occurred 11,600 years ago as Flem Ath would have us believe. ¬†Flem Ath is introduced as an ice core researcher. ¬†This is baloney. ¬†One area I have worked in is ice core research and Flemath was never anything close to that description. ¬†He was originally a science fiction writer. ¬†As I understand it, his Atlantis-Antarctica theory was originally writen as a science fiction story. Then at some point along the way he started believing it as being a reality and began proclaiming this at conferences. ¬† I met him at a Velikovsky conference in 1998 where he tried to put forward this theory that the Earth‚Äôs pole had moved 30¬į at the end of the ice age. ¬†We had an email exchange before the conference in which I showed him Antarctic ice core climatic profile evidence disproving his theory. ¬†When I reminded him of this disproof in a chance encounter in a hall, he reacted like a furious animal, and then later at the speaker meeting at the end of the conference complained that I was bullying him.

I am a bit disappointed in Michael Salla.  I respect him as a legitimate exopolitics researcher and as a great writer.  But it seems he is buying too much into this Goode-Wilcock fantasy.  He seems to me a bit too trusting.  I am now convinced that Goode is a disinformation agent perhaps unknowingly, and Wilcock too.  All this baloney about decaying corpses in underground caverns that Wilcock talks about, etc. and it goes on.  What I wonder is who is behind all this orchestrating the disinfo campaign and what do they hope to accomplish by it.  It would be a simple thing for either of them to check the validity of the claims they are making, or at least talk to people to check out their story.  But I get the impression it is just a one way information dump to the public.  Unfortunately, they are muddying the waters for people doing serious scientific investigation in areas they touch on in climatology and astronomy to name a few areas.

Also the part about wormhole transport between stars sounds like complete BS to me.  I know I am not mainstream in my thinking, but there are a lot of other physicists out there who would agree with me that general relativity is completely incorrect and has been repeatedly disproven.  If you discount general relativity, then there is no warping of space, no black holes, and no worm holes.  The subquantum kinetics ether physics paradigm offers a better way to view things in my opinion.  Jason Rice talks about the use of portals to jump to distant locations.  But in my opinion these are not worm holes.  They are closer to the idea of teleportation portals, similar to what is portrayed in the Stargate scifi series.  For G-W to be portraying this idea as fact, indicates further to me that they may be part of a disinformation campaign, perhaps controlled by black hats.

Wilcock is not the only one in the video pushing the idea of a polar spin axis realignment. ¬†For example, Salla afterward in the video makes the claim that ice core samples indicate the occurrence of a 40¬į pole shift. ¬†Actually ice core samples indicate exactly the opposite. ¬†I say this as an ice core researcher with 40 years of experience in the field. ¬†Note that Salla cites no published papers or no evidence to support his claim. ¬†The reason is that there is no evidence. ¬†By making this claim, he grossly misleads people who know nothing about ice core research or what the ice record really shows.

Also Wilcock talks about ETs crash landing on the Earth 55,000 years ago in Antarctica when Antarctica according to him was without ice (at least in that area) due to a different pole orientation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All of Antarctica was covered with ice at that time.  In my book Earth Under Fire, I have explained about the Piri Reias map .  There was a long interglacial period about 130,000 years ago when the Earth’s temperature was around a degree warmer than it is today (see my Ph.D. dissertation update Figure 8-B, p. 237).  Obviously the Antarctic coast line would have been ice free at that time and ancient civilizations at that time could have charted its coastline to make such a map.  You don’t need to assume crazy ideas of pole shift to account for the map as pole-shifters do.

Sam Osmanavich was a refreshing break from the other BS that Wilcock was putting out in the video.  Too bad he got trapped into being filmed for their video.  Sam is a serious researcher.  I know him personally having been twice to visit the Bosnian pyramid.  One thing that G&W don’t mention in the video is that the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun is oriented toward cardinal north to within 12 seconds of arc (according to Osmanovich).  This is compared to the Giza pyramid which is oriented to cardinal north to within 6 minutes of arc.  Yet the Pyramid of the Sun has been dated to be at least 34,000 years old.  So this is proof that the Earth’s north pole has not changed its present orientation for at least 34,000 years.

Now in one part of the video Wilcock is talking about pyramids all over the world 12,500 years ago being aligned with the constellation of Draco.  Of course Draco covers a fairly large part of the Sky.  So am not sure why it is even worth mentioning.  Where is the evidence of this alignment with Draco 12,500 years ago as Wilcock claims?  Would it be too much trouble for the producers to show us the data?  One is thus led to suspect that there is no such data.

But isn’t the Alpha Draconis star system the place where the Draconian ET repitilians are claimed to have originated from?  No connection to this is made in the video.  But suspicions begin to run wild whether Wilcock has been telepathically mind washed by the Dracos.  In fact, Wilcock admits at 54 minutes through the video of having been taken from his sleep and experienced ETs injecting viruses into his bloodstream to alter his genetics and to program him. He speaks of having received training on board ET spacecraft presumably having landed near his back yard.  Was he being programmed with the nonsense we see him so confidently spewing out in this video.   It makes us wonder whether he might be an ET robot after all!  Sorry, David, if you are reading this, but these are ideas which go through our heads when we hear you say this.  Moreover were these benevolent ET’s?  Or black hat ET’s like Dracos?  When one is in a sleep like trance state, it may be difficult to tell who is good and who is bad.

I see Wilcock as a bigger problem in the video than Goode. ¬†At 1h 39m in the video he pushes the ‚Äú25,000 year cycle‚ÄĚ as the cycle of catastrophism in the Galaxy. ¬†This exceedingly simplifies the truth. ¬†Fourier analysis of ice core data indicates that superwave cosmic ray peaks not only arrive with 25,400¬Ī2000 year intervals, but also with 12,200¬Ī1000 year and 5400 ¬Ī 300 year intervals (see Earth Under Fire, Ch. 11).¬† I have discussed this also in lectures.¬† Superwaves do not arrive in precise clock-like fashion as Wilcock implies.¬† These cycles are approximate with ¬Ī a thousand years or so tacked on afterward.

Moreover Wilcock links the end of this cycle with a solar flash catastrophic event. ¬†He makes no link of this solar phenomenon to the superwave phenomenon. ¬†In fact, there is no evidence that I know of to indicate that the Sun by itself, in its current quiescent state, would suddenly produce a catastrophic flash. ¬†We have not had any super solar events for at least 11,500 years during the current interglacial. ¬†For such extreme action, the Sun has to be acted on by something external to itself, such as a superwave, cosmic dust infall, or large comet impact onto the Sun. ¬†The scenario I presented in my dissertation has the arriving superwave pushing outlying cosmic dust into the Solar System and aggravating the Sun to a T Tauri flaring condition, a transition which can take months.¬† In such a state the Sun can emit killer solar flares.¬† The other scenario, which I named the “Dragon Mode Effect”, occurred to me in 2014 after my visit to the clairvoyant Bishop Avondios in Milan, Italy. ¬†I ¬†posted about it here: https://etheric.com/future-reading-padre-avondios/
This solar outburst would occur within days of the superwave arrival. The highest energy cosmic rays (and also highest velocity) would begin arriving within the first three days of the initial superwave arrival.  Their energies would be too high to be deflected by the heliopause sheath, and so they would stream straight into the solar system.  When the reach the Sun, they would blow its coronal atmosphere away from its surface forming a comet-like tail.  If this happens when the Earth is downstream in its orbit e.g., in December when the Sun is aligned with the Galactic center), the result would be catastrophic, similar to or worse than a super solar proton event.  Wilcock does not mention this scenario in the superwave context which would make the whole thing quite believable.  So the listener is presented with a rather unbelievable scenario that he must accept as fact, leaving independent thinkers to have doubts.  This is really a pity.

One comment should be made here in regard to the Dragon Mode Effect.  Researcher David Montaigne predicts in his book End Times and 2019 that a superwave may arrive between December 21st Р28th of this year; see his 2018 posting. That is less than a month away.  If it occurs at that time, fortunately for us, we will be having a new moon on December 26th.  In other words, around that time the moon will be positioned between us and the Sun (although not in an eclipsing position).  So it would help to shield us from the blast.

Regarding what Goode says about the superwave, I would not say that the video itself fails to give me credit for superwave phenomenon.  For Salla saves the situation.  It is Corey that does not mention me in connection with the superwave concept when he begins relating his superluminal spaceship story and the SSP discovery of superwaves.  But the video places an interview of Michael Salla who ameliorates the situation by giving me credit for the idea.  The video, though, would have been better structured if it had placed Salla’s piece first crediting me with the idea and when I had publicized it and then followed it with Corey’s piece about the SSP discovery.  This would establish the correct sequence of events.

If Corey’s story is true, it is fairly obvious, like two plus two equals four, that the SSP learned of the phenomenon from my writings on superwaves and wanted to check out whether the superwave theory was correct.  As mentioned earlier, this website posting, gives the timeline of my public communication of the superwave idea and the subsequent 1987 date when the SSP is claimed to have made their interstellar investigation.  We have the publication of my dissertation on superwaves in 1983, the founding of the Starburst Foundation (501(c)(3) nonprofit) in 1984 whose main purpose was the investigation of Galactic superwaves, my public lecture on the phenomenon in 1985, my publication of refereed journal papers relating to superwaves in 1985 and 1987, and my request in 1986 to the Soviet embassy for samples from their Vostok, Antarctic ice core to test the superwave theory, which shortly afterward resulted in an FBI patrol car being parked outside my Portland, Oregon residence to check me out. All this occurred before the date of the claimed interstellar flight.

Another misgiving with Goode, is that in referring to the superwave phenomenon in the video, he misrepresents it ¬†saying that scientists in the SSP describe the superwave as being ‚Äúa giant dust cloud, but with different energetic variables‚ÄĚ. ¬†In fact, it is a volley of cosmic rays and EM radiation released from the Galactic center and propagating radially throughout the Galaxy, accompanied by a scalar longitudinal gravity potential wave. ¬†He has no excuse for misrepresenting the idea because I tutored him about it back in April 2019 seven months before his video was released. ¬†Salla makes a good summary of the pulsar message discovery, but to correct what he says, it is not all pulsars that are involved in this message. ¬†Just a group of very very unique ones. ¬†I propose that the majority of the pulsar beacons were put in place as a Galactic GPS system for interstellar spacecraft navigation. ¬†It is also likely that these pulsed beams are used for interstellar superluminal communication.

Regarding Goode’s discussion of the emotional/consciousness phenomenon which space travelers encountered in passing through the leading edge of the superwave, he gives no explanation for this. ¬†However. I discuss a similar thing in a posting I had made in 2014 where an explanation is given: https://etheric.com/will-superwave-arrive-2017/. ¬†I suggest there that the elevated gravity potential carried by a superwave could produce psychological effects . ¬†Since superwaves are mainly composed of cosmic ray electrons, most of its protons being stripped away during its outward galactic journey, and since electrons are antigravitic (according to the subquantum kinetics ether theory, a prediction verified by T T Brown‚Äôs Biefeld-Brown effect), there should be a huge rise in the ambient gravity potential bathing our solar system. ¬†This is something that we have not experienced during our current Galactic quiescent interval. ¬†Also something I do not state there, it is also possible that the forward blowing etheric wind could cause a temporary time dilation effect for the first several days during passage of the superwave event horizon. ¬†See posting at: https://etheric.com/slowing-time-flow/.

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The last third of the video discusses the Ascension, narrated mainly Wilcock. ¬†So the video takes a religious bend ¬†toward the end. ¬†Many things he relates, I would agree with, such as Christianity presenting a male dominant theology, and other points he makes. ¬†However, his biblical interpretation and Ascension discussion is presented in a ‚Äúwell folks this is the way it is‚ÄĚ fashion. ¬†I think this would likely turn off many people who have their own ideas on this topic. ¬†He would have been better served presenting it as “well this is how I see all this‚ÄĚ. ¬†Or so and so suggests such. ¬†Then people might not be put off as much.

So that about wraps up my critique for the present.¬† One other thing in regard to polar shifts, if one were to propose a 180¬į axial flip (instead of an angled shift), climate would remain the same and the ice core climatic data would not conflict with such a scenario.¬† But this is a rather extreme unlikely presumption and without some hard data to back it up, one is left to merely assume it as being merely an unsupported theory.¬† Usially axial shifts are used to explain climatic changes, like the warming that occurred at the end of the ice age.¬† But why introduce such a theory (at conflict with ice core evidence), when we have evidence that the Sun was very active at that time and in fact issued a killer flare at the time of the climatic warming.

You may also be interested to see this review of The Cosmic Secret narrated by Stina Bo Bina:

6 Responses to “Claim” that Secret Space Program has Confirmed LaViolette’s Prediction of Imminent Superwave Arrival

  1. David Bruce says:

    Hi Dr Paul,

    I am watching a video now called:
    “Our Galaxy’s Black Hole Mysteriously Flared Up, Almost 75 Times Brighter And Nobody Knows Why”
    on YouTube channel:

    Is this a possible indicator for an Easter Surprise GSW?

    Cheers from Brisbane Australia

  2. Rich Moser says:

    Dr. Paul, Thank you for addressing these things, it was a good thing to get a scientist’s view. Wilcock is notorious for saying things like “proven scientifically” to refer to something that is nothing of the sort. Still, I have a lot of belief in some things he says that we simply can’t measure yet as they seem plausible. (However, I don’t see how it helps your case to include a video by “Stina Bo Bina!”)

  3. George H says:

    Thank you so much for setting us straight about the details surrounding the superwave phenomenon and those that would distort the truth for various reasons. Very interesting information about Flem Ath, also.

  4. Ryan says:

    Bravo on this post. I really enjoyed reading it and have enjoyed reading your material for several years. Wilcock has struck me as a bit fake in the past, but that is my personal perception. With an early Lutheran foundation in childhood, as a biochemist and MBA by education, and currently a quality auditor at a blood bank by profession, I have, at times, struggled reconciling science and faith. You have done a brilliant job of this in your research. Have you read any of the investigative material published by Raymond E. Fowler on the Betty Andreasson-Luca case? If so, what are your thoughts?

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