November 2018 Global Tremor Could have been Due to a Galactic Gravity Wave

Seismograph of the November 2018 TremorPosted: February 27, 2020
P. LaViolette,

On November 11, 2018 seismographs all over the world picked up a prolonged global tremor that has confounded seismologists.  It was a slow monochromatic oscillation of the planet that had a period of about 17 seconds and a magnitude of about 5 Richtor (see upper two oscillograms).  When the data was processed to filter out the main oscillation, low amplitude P-waves and S-waves were also seen which had strengths of about 1/10 that of the main tremor.  The event had a rather sudden onset and petered out after about 10 minutes.  The event was found to have exhibited its first onset south of the equator 15 miles from the archipelago of Mayotte, which lies between Madagascar and Northern Mozambique at latitude: 12.83° S, longitude 45.16° E.  The event struck at 9:29 Universal Time at this Mayotte location where the time would have been 12:29 PM.  The zenith at this location would have pointed to Right Ascension 23h 47.2 m in the constellation of Aquarius, a point that lies just 13° south of the ecliptic. This zenith position coincidently lies just 2.2 minutes west (0.55 degrees of arc west) of the line that is exactly perpendicular to the Galactic center, whose coordinate lies at RA: 17h 45 m, Dec: -29°.  This is located 5.5° south of the ecliptic, vs. ~13° south for the Mayotte zenith point see white star on the sky map below.  The map was generated at the website:

Map of the Sky as seen from Mayotte on November 11th, 2018 at 12:29 PM

So this perplexing globl seismic event signals the possible involvement of the Milky Way’s Galactic core as being the source of a Galactic gravity wave triggering this global oscillation.  A gravity wave arising from a disturbance at the Galactic center would travel towards us as a longitudinal scalar wave, not as a transverse space-time oscillation as general relativity would have predicted.  This longitudinal wave prediction is not based not on general relativity (which I do not accept as a valid theory), but on experimental research which has produced similar low intensity longitudinal electro-gravitic waves in the laboratory (see discussion of the work of Obolensky& LaViolette and Podkletnov in Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion).  A gravity wave arriving from the direction of the GC could have induced an oscillation of the Earth’s mass both in the direction of the Galactic center-anticenter direction as well as perpendicular to this direction, hence in the direction of Mayotte.

Does this signal elevated activity of the Galactic center in the near future?  Perhaps we should be prepared for the next superwave.

For more information see the following posting:

6 Responses to November 2018 Global Tremor Could have been Due to a Galactic Gravity Wave

  1. Jacques Vallee says:

    The 17 second interval, where “Q” is the 17th letter of the English alphabet, also could be attributed to a covert weapons system (scalar interferometry or quantum superposition based, speculating here) being used to send a message, perhaps that the system was now under the command and control of a different deep state faction, or just to create a definitive impression on conspiracy researchers, as part of an ongoing psy-op.

  2. Nic Watson says:

    Oh, okay. And yes, I previously read that piece on the Mystic that you posted.. In light of this information I do intend to re read it again now. And I appreciate your replying to me. Sonthanks Paul!

  3. NicW says:

    Gday, and it’s good to see you Post s’thing again- even if this one makes one pause to consider the future..

    I listened when you made the observation in an interview (memory fails me as to who the interviewer was now- but it was recent) of an estimate based on the Lady Of Fatima Prophesy: May be April (20?)- this year, Paul. That’s nearly now..
    If I may ask- how serious do you consider that date, Paul ? Are you say, preparing ? Or “prepping” as they term it sometimes.. and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all. But then if the possible date linked to this Prophesy were to be an accurate forecast, (an let us hope to God it is not !) then I can’t think of a more perfectly appropriate instance to be doing that for ! Prepping, right ? Ha ! Well then, thanks for persisting in reading my little comment- if you do, that is! And in closing, would just like to reiterate my real interest in what you, the only known discoverer of the Whole Galactic SuperWave phenomenon himself, would or will be doing in regards of his own life situation, should this Event come to Earth..
    Thanks Paul ! And hope to hear from you following April!! 😃🙈

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