Corey Goode and other disinformation agents create confusion about the coming superwave

Posted: April 2, 2019
Updated: April 7, 2019, April 26, 2019

Corey Goode, who claims to have inside knowledge about the Secret Space Program (SSP) has been giving lectures and interviews, including a series of interviews on GaiaTV.  He claims that beginning in 1987 the SSP sent out spaceships and discovered a superwave heading for Earth.  No mention of the author who discovered the superwave phenomenon and who had labored for 40 years trying to warn people about the phenomenon.

For example, in April 2016, on the Exopolitics website, Michael Sala quotes Goode as saying about “super waves”:

It turns out that the Secret Space Programs and even some programs on Earth and the Black Ops programs had been studying a region of space that we were entering in the galaxy and some – what they had called “super waves” coming toward our solar system that were clouds of energetic particles. And, they knew that it was going to directly affect our solar system and our sun. And indeed, we have seen changes in the sun and changes in all the planets, occurring since at least that time period, if not, probably before. And this has been a slow change in the background-energy of our solar system. These are vibratory energy-waves that are ebbing and flowing into our solar system.

In email correspondence a few days ago, Goode indicated that he was unaware of LaViolette’s work on superwaves at the time he reported this, and that is why he did not mention LaViolette’s work.  Although to use “super wave,” essentially the same name that LaViolette chose indicates that the Black Ops programs knew about LaViolette’s work and had obviously gotten the idea from him without giving credit.  Now that he has been made aware of the history of the superwave concept, Goode says he will rectify the matter. But Goode knew about LaViolette’s work on superwaves as early as December 7, 2013 when he responded to a posting someone had made on the Avalon website which discussed LaViolette’s video interview with Project Camelot and gave a link to the video.  So he knew that LaViolette was the originator of the theory as early as that and yet thereafter made no mention of the connection to LaViolette’s work.

Still there is no way to verify Goode’s claim that the SSP detected an oncoming superwave.  If what he says about this is in fact true, this is very important.  However, he makes so many other strange claims, pointed out below, that we are hard pressed to believe his superwave story even if it supports what Dr. LaViolette has been saying.

LaViolette was the first to alert the world to the superwave phenomenon.  His Ph.D. dissertation on the superwave phenomenon was the first published in 1983.  He published two papers on superwaves in 1985 and two in 1987 in the journals Earth Moon, and Planets and  Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.  Also in 1985 he gave a lecture about superwaves in Portland, Oregon.  In June 1986 he wrote to the Soviet polar program requesting samples of Vostok ice for his cosmic dust study.  They later agreed to give him the samples.  His FBI report indicates that a patrol car was parked outside his house slightly afterward to investigate what he was doing since the U.S. and Soviet Union were still in the cold war at that time.  So by this time all intelligence agencies would have been alerted to what LaViolette was doing.  So the superwave idea had already been out there for four years when Goode claims that the SSP began looking for superwaves and found one coming towards us to arrive shortly.

Here we are perhaps led to believe, as Jake Simpson has claimed, that the SSP sent space ships in the direction of the Galactic center, detected the approaching cosmic rays and returned to Earth.  Did anyone from the SSP contact LaViolette to ask his assistance?  No.  Because Goode failed to give credit to the originator of the idea, the audience is left with the impression that the superwave was entirely a SSP discovery, and people have no way to learn the truth about the event from LaViolette’s work.  Is it the policy of the people who are his superiors to: steal what they can from the hard work of others, don’t give them any credit, and then deceive the public in the end?

As many of you know, the superwave idea is described in Dr. LaViolette’s updated dissertation, and in two of his books, Earth Under Fire, first published in 1997, and Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, first published in 2000.  Also in 1999 the Starburst Foundation, directed by Dr. LaViolette, conducted an international outreach project in which flyers were sent out to UN representatives, Pentagon officials, members of the White house, U.S. senators, and many others back in 1989.  So everyone was well informed back then.

For the past 40 years Dr. LaViolette has done his research without a salary and has had to endure the skepticism of mainstream astronomers trapped in their Aristotalean-like paradigm.  Currently, the Starburst Foundation survives hanging from a thread.  It owes over $1 million to Dr. LaViolette who has refrained from drawing a salary all these years.  Currently, it is sustained by the kindness of just one donor.

Arthur Schopenhauer said “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second, it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  In the case of Goode’s testimonies, the third stage is they don’t give LaViolette credit and then claim that they discovered it themselves.  

Goode is not the only agent that has caused confusion about superwaves.  Jake Simpson had told Kerry Cassidy in an interview that the superwave would arrive in 2017 causing widespread destruction.  No such wave arrived.  Goode has also been saying that about 100 giant artificial spheres some the size of Neptune have recently entered our solar system and are part of an effort to deflect the superwave.  Apparently NASA has photographed many of these in the SOHO images which were shortly after sanitized.  Corey Goode would have us believe that this “Alliance of the Spheres” race is here to help us.  This is wishful thinking.  The superwave that struck 42,000 years BP caused the extinction of the entire Neanderthal specie (see Nexus article by LaViolette).  It seems the alien races did nothing to help them, so why should we feel they will come and help us when the superwave arrives.  It is quite evident that these spheres, if they are real, are here only for their own self interest.  For all we know, they could be waiting to take over the planet after the superwave, dust incursion, and triggered killer flares arrive.  Unfortunately, there is little information available to validate these claims.

On the Exopolitics website in 2008, Goode states that the Sun will release some kind of killer solar flare before 2023/2024:

I was told that it was not one solar event but a series of events that led up to one large event. During my meeting on the LOC while giving my briefing the time frame of 2018-2023/24 arose because of the new information shared with me by the Anshar… The “Egg Heads” and the Smart Glass Pads described all of this occurring in the 2018-2023/24 time window. Sigmund told me that now that we are entering into Solar Minimum and the Solar Event has not occurred, it is agreed that it will most likely occur when the Sun comes out of Minimum and into Maximum… I was told that the Elite had expected the final “solar sneeze” to occur at the end of this Solar Minimum period (2018/2019 from their estimates).

This above is misinformation.  By itself, without external influences, the Sun could release a flare similar to the Carrington event, but not anything like the super flares that occurred during the ice age.  The geological evidence suggests that these super flares occurred because the Sun had been aggravated by the incursion of cosmic dust that was brought in by the passage of a superwave.  For this reason, the above information seems highly suspicious.

Furthermore Goode claims that the Earth’s rotational axis will shift, putting the south pole near Australia.  This seems way more than “several degrees”.  There is no evidence that the Earth’s axis has changed orientation at least for the past 150 thousand years, and certainly it was the same as present since the Bosnian pyramid built 34,000 years ago is oriented to true north within 12 seconds of arc.  Super solar flares can change the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic pole, but not its spin axis.

If the Pole of the Earth does indeed shift “several degrees”, it would possibly put Antarctica in the position that Australia holds today. The Anshar discussed how differently our Equator was prior to the last the event around 11,600 Years or so ago.

Furthermore the Anshar, an ET race who Goode claims reported this information also claimed that prior to 11,600 years ago the Earth’s north pole was located in the area of southwestern Canada and northwestern U.S. , hence a shift of about 45°.  Again, this is total baloney that unfortunately Goode has passed on in his interviews.  There was no pole change at the end of the ice age as he claims; we can be quite certain of that.

Apparently, David Wilcock also unknowingly spreads disinformation by citing Goode’s testimony.  The website quotes him as saying:

So we have this immense inflow of particular energy streaming in from the galactic center, impacting our own star system and catalyzing numerous changes on all planets within it. This is not any information we have heard communicated from mainstream media in a straight forward manor. However, it is very much a topic of detailed study among those within the Secret Space Program, according to reports.

Contrary to his statement above, there is no energy streaming in from the Galactic center other than that which normally comes to us.  The superwave has not arrived yet.  When it does arrive, the energy streaming into the solar system will be VERY noticeable.  To say that energies are coming in currently only spreads disinformation.  If Goode had any inside information, he should have stated his proof of these so called “energies”.  This is BS.  However, it is possible the we are experiencing a rise in the ambient gravity potential.  Here on Earth we have no way of measuring this.  But according to subquantum kinetics a rising gravity potential would cause the Sun’s rate of genic energy production to decline, which could explain the current decline in activity and sunspot number.

Further on Wilcock states:

As this galactic superwave contacts our sun, our star is likely to jump to the next energetic level.  In heliophysical terms, this would translate to Sol maturing from a yellow dwarf star into a state more relative to that of a red giant star.

Here he presents the fear that the upcoming superwave will cause the Sun to expand into a red giant star.  Red giants are seen to be 100 to 1000 times the diameter of the Sun.  In other words, he is claiming that the Sun will completely engulf the Earth.  If this occurred all life on Earth would be exterminated, as any astronomer would agree.  What Wilcock/Goode claim is way to extreme for the effect of the superwave.  We didn’t see anything like this 42,000 years ago when a superwave exterminated the Neanderthals.  To find out what the coming superwave may do, one should study the astronomical and geological record to see what happened before.  The record shows only the occurrence of super solar flares.  There is no evidence of novas temporarily turning the Sun into a red giant star.

Dr. LaViolette is in agreement with Richard Dolan and Bill Ryan who in their July 6, 2017 interview felt that it is not possible to verify Mr. Goode’s story and that his story contained inconsistencies.

Ed Dames has also been making predictions like a killer solar flare that was supposed to strike by 2014, but nothing occurred; see Alamongordo website.  Again without an external disturbance, it is unlikely that the Sun would create such a flare.

Other sites to beware of which are spreading disinformation include:
DiamondStarLightBeacon which claimed that a superwave would arrive in November 2018.
Also Higher Density blog  reported the following disinformation that the superwave was arriving in 2018:

Building in momentum since the Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, the Galactic Superwave is streaming thru the 8-8 Lions Gate portal and blessing humanity with a powerful Ascension upgrade. It is blasting the veils of illusion and delusion, revealing hidden shadow lurking within. The Galactic Superwave is a very powerful surge of galactic light force that is awakening all souls to a world reality they never knew existed. A world beyond Duality!

The next target date to consider for the superwave is 2020, just a year away.  This estimate comes from analysis of information concerning the vision of Garabandal.  Even this is very tentative. One thing that leads one to believe in the possibility of this date coming up just next year is that the solar cycle maximum has been declining over the decades and is now at an all time low with sunspots being absent from the Sun for over a year.  Standard physics has no reasonable explanation for this solar cycle modulation.  But as mentioned above, this decline could indicate a gradually increasing Galactic gravity potential in our local environment whose value is determined by the Galactic core.

We are hoping that efforts by the Starburst Foundation to inform people to take shelter from the superwave will not be side-lined by people putting out misinformation.  The Starburst Foundation was hoping to warn people and to work with governments to advise people on what to do during its arrival.


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  1. George H says:

    Thank you so much for providing this information and for your incredible work and service to humanity. I wish Jay Weidner would help you to produce a new video ala Earth Under Fire, but with this new potential date of 2020.

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