Metalevel Science Applied to Compare Subquantum Kinetics to Standard Theory

Posted October 18, 2015
P. LaViolette

Justin Coven, Ph.D. has put together a series of four videos on Meta-level Science concepts derived from the fields of AI and software engineering and applies it to analyzing physics models.

In his fourth video he does a model comparison, comparing the hundred plus year old Relativity Model to the more recent (but politically heretical) models of “entrained aether” and subquantum kinetics.  This narrated video provides an interesting overview of subquantum kinetics and its advantages in comparison with standard physics theory.  For the most part the discussion properly represents the subquantum kinetics approach, although in places there are some deviations from what has actually been written.  Nevertheless it provides an excellent overview and exploration of the ramifications of the subquantum kinetics approach.

3 Responses to Metalevel Science Applied to Compare Subquantum Kinetics to Standard Theory

  1. Mary says:

    Congratulations again Dr. Paul, the third today! Your great patience and steadfast resolve are being rewarded. I am so sincerely happy for you… that you are able to experience the joy of seeing the fruit of your life’s work finally receive recognition and increased exposure in your lifetime. All the best and may this increase of recognition continue and expand!

  2. David says:

    Thank you again, Dr. LaViolette

    I can see this is going to cost me some hours of study to see what is up here.

    This appears to be an approach explaining Data that Charles Fort would have welcomed. Instead of the Religious practice of the regulation of Data to the Ignore or demeaning sector if appeared heretical.

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