Med Beds and 24 hour Rejuvenation Pills in Our Healing Future

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 25, 2021

The essay below was copied from the website: America Out Loud

Imagine if you dare; your free will and fantasy allowing you to envision the most mind wrapping methods that your body could endure to heal the human body. All this through alien technologies that were suppressed for decades of time via the Military Industrial Complex and DC politics and alphabet government agencies; that’s correct, alien technologies!

Envision a place where physics meet with reversed technology and engineering, where lightyears meet with human contemplation respecting the laws of people, animals and environment of the earth.

Have we as a human race become VEXED by the Military Industrial Complex and the DC Political Boogiemen, whereby our history as a civilization was coveted from unimaginable truths residing between fact and fiction like the Wizard of Oz behind the iron curtain, controlling and manipulating all aspects of our life here on earth, from our food, belief systems, health, environment and more.

Secret Space Whistleblower, Jared Rand, and Editor of “Stillness in the Storm”, is one of the latest alleged secret space insiders to step forward.

In conversation he talks about the highly advanced off-world technologies such as tachyon healing chambers, portal technology, resurrection beds, replicators and rejuvenation pills, he is not the first nor the last person to discuss these covert patented technologies.

These life altering inventions are literally from out of this world and involve the ability not only to grow back missing limbs, and cure diseases, yet rejuvenate the atoms and cells in the body as well as reverse the aging process.

This AI-Computer program would create healing within the body, renewing it systemically through a painless atomization process, unaffecting the (memory, wisdom, knowledge, qualities, etc) where the patient lies in the med-bed and goes into a deep sleep. Hard to wrap our heads around a concept so Sci-Fi that could recreate a missing body part or a complete rejuvenation of reversing decades and layers of age.

These devices would be managed by trained healthcare professionals as these miracle med-beds identify DNA while scanning the body for imperfections, then uses plasma and tachyon technology with a controllable AI computer to treat according to the person’s desire. An in-depth health maintenance will be provided of a holistic approach along the lines of naturopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy and many others. The practices of these devices will not be used in allopathic hospitals, but in other appointed clinics. When the patents are released to the public, they will be protected against the greed and political establishment that have infiltrated every arena of our lifestyles. These devices will not replace healthcare, only be an adjunct to it as there are many other patents to be released that will compliment the likes of med beds.

Some of the very first people to receive healing sessions will be those suffering the most pain and severe conditions and eventually through time, it is said that every household will have it’s own devices.

Rand mentions there are several technologies that have been covertly shared by certain extraterrestrial people with selected groups on earth for decades.

As part of a research team, Jared Rand claims to have tested and verified the effectiveness of all the technologies. He also claims there are two specific pills to rejuvenate anyone within 24 hours.

There is massive patents and inventions to heal every ill known to man, and yet most of us realize why these inventions have been withheld from seeing the light of day. The elite will never allow this as it will tap into the government and globalist greed.

On issues of healing the environment, there is a stunning approach silently existing that cleans the waterway, oceans, soil and plants and more which is a 600 million year old microbe, once this is properly fermented, it has the ability to clean up oil spills and after the clean up, it exhausts itself, leaving only nitrogen and oxygen behind.   The notes below are a summary of points collected from November 2017 to January 2018, by a reader of Stillness in the Storm. To review the source audio yourself, see this site ( which has compiled audio recordings of calls done by Rand.

The military industrial complex, a transnational clandestine organization the and political elite have guarded and plotted to weaponize the secret space project against us, what was secretly known as the gateway to healing the human race and our earth, have operated for at least the last 7 decades underground are now being uncovered as a treasure trove of ancient advanced technologies left by extraterrestrial races here on earth.  These conversations are being talked about among the awakened masses… that the way we live now…. will disappear into where we could become in less than a decade.

Fact, it is through the suppression of over 5,000 inventions and technology and Sirius Disclosure only separated by the elite who want to greedily feed upon these resources for themselves, depriving all of humanity it’s due. Whistleblowers have been coming forward to expedite this intelligence and information to the public… and all is promised to be witnessed in our lifetime.  Dr Steven Greer is one of those individuals.

There is a situation building behind the scenes as we speak that will change the economic and political situations, a transfer of power from the elite to the meek of the world as it will be awakened and re-oriented to favor those who will do the work in restoring humanity.

This is when the inventions and patents will be distributed around the world in a slow transition and every country will independently manage them free from the elite cartel who have abused life privileges on earth.  Imagine, if you will, the power and infinite possibilities of these gifts presented to mortal man and how we would be able to possess a healthier existence on earth, free of greed, poverty, cancer and all the negative isms that castrate our human experiences, holding us hostage of a true KNOWLEDGE and belief system.

Note:  These Invention Patents fell under “Invention Secrecy Act of 1951”  so not to be confused with President Trump’s ambition to move forward on the release of them.  According to the American Federation of Scientists dated Oct 21, 2010 in Secrecy by Steven Aftergood.

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