Amazing Uplifting Information Disclosure by Military Insider

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 24, 2021

Amazing interview: January 24th: Gene “Decode” (pseudonym) who has worked on highly classified Navy projects discusses with Nicholas Veniamin the latest update on the current military government take down of the Cabal. He covers everything from the fake Corporation US Biden presidency, Alliance arrests of key US traitors, the Vatican, NESARA, human harvesting, the U.S.’s long servitude to an offworld Nazi force which has infiltrated all government agencies and media corporations, use of the Space Force to take out Chinese D.U.M.B.’s in Canada and elsewhere.  You will need to open your mind to parts of this interview.  I can assure from all the research I have done into the offworld situation, that it all rings true.  For those that are not up to speed on these matters check out Kerry Casidy’s Project Camelot interviews or read William Tompkins’ book.

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