Current Dual Government USA: One Valid, One Illegitimate

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 23, 2021

James Red Pills interviews Jim Pew relates history of the creation of the District of Columbia and Corporation USA.  Also he discusses the current USA situation of the two governments, Biden’s  illegitimate corporate government partly staged on TV sets and the valid military government empowered by Trump’s signing of the Insurrection Act and falling under the authority of the Republic of the United States.  He also covers the nearing transition to the new gold backed U.S. currency.

Mike Adams interviews Maryam Henein on the rise and fall of the Corporation of the United States.  She discusses the legal debt documents of the US, the Vatican’s role with the banking cartel.  She also discusses the January 6th antifa invasion of the US Capitol building.

Ann Vandersteel and Charlie Ward discussion about the national guard occupation of DC and impending arrests.

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