Dr. Chris Martenson talks about the crazy way society is dealing with Covid

Posted by P. LaViolette
October 30, 2020

On his Uncommon Sense show Dr. Martenson, MD talks about the following topics backing up all that he says with data:

  • Data showing the degree to which masks protect us.
  • The many successes of using hydrochloroquinine for treating Covid.  He does not allow himself to name this drug for fear of being censored from the internet.  He instead either puts in bleeps when he says it, or calls it “the drug that shall not be named”.
  • The successes of the drug Ivermectin-Doxycycline in treating Covid.
  • The stupidity of France’s planned one month lock down and putting hydrochloroquinine on the poison list.
  • The criminality of the FDA for preventing the use of hydrochloroquinine outside of the hospital setting where it could do the most good as a preventative.

Here in New York where I live, obtaining hydrochloroquinine by doctor’s prescription has been blocked.  It may be the same in many other states.  As an alternative, there have been cases where Covid like symptoms have been cured simply by taking quinine tincture and zinc.  This is discussed in a previous posting: https://etheric.com/cures-coronavirus-shocking-news-about-shutdowns/.  Those interested in purchasing, one good brand that states on its bottle how many mg of quinine one gets per drop is that from Secrets of the Tribe: https://secrets.shop/products/quinine-tincture-extract-cinchona-officinalis-may-act-as-a-muscle-relaxant.

As Dr. Martenson points out in his video, why is the system/government/media suppressing Covid cures, promoting fear about Covid “cases”, and advocating business shut downs and lock downs?  He says it all doesn’t make sense since they have known about these cures for most of the year.  (In my postings I have mentioned other cures such as ozone autoinfusion, and H2O2 vaporizor inhalation.)  Also why do they continue to give Covid patients oxygen, as they do here in New York, when it has been shown that oxygen aggravates coagulation of blood in the lungs.  As Martenson says there seems to be some political agenda behind all of their actions and it has nothing to do with health.  I would not agree with him more.  Long ago I came to the same conclusion.  For those of you who have not woken up to what is happening, research information on plans to collapse the banks and national economies, initiation of a one currency system, the forced reduction in population, implantation of chips in the population to robotify people, control of all governments by the shadow government.  Names like George Soros, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, the Pope, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, Davos all play important roles in this treachery.

My friends, if you haven’t noticed, World War III has begun and is well underway.  The above scenarios will only happen if we remain silent and do nothing.  Look at the wave of demonstrations erupting in Germany, Italy, and other European countries, which have not been adequately covered in the U.S. news.  Unfortunately, Biden is for shutting down the economy and playing into the hands of the shadow government.  Yes, there is a conspiracy and it is real.  Wake Up!

A friend of mine from Texas wrote to me that he was in the hospital for four days to have a gall bladder operation.  The floor above him was reserved for “Covid” patients.  While he was there, the nurses told him that what he saw on TV concerning covid was not the truth.  They said that the hospital staff were always saying that 95% of the beds were filled, when in reality they had barely 10% of the beds filled.

Just a week ago I was removed from a Lufthansa flight departing from Athens just for mentioning that I had a doctors letter stating that I had anemia.  I agreed to wear my mask as the steward had instructed and yet in the end my wife and I were booted off the plane wearing our masks because the crew would not allow themselves to believe me when I said I would wear my mask.  They also had the gall to ban me from all future Lufthansa flights which severely restricts my ability to travel in Europe.  Also I am over 70 and my ticket had requested wheel chair assistance due to my bad knee, but none was given.  Even though I was very pleasant toward the crew, they did not reciprocate.  They were rude towards me, and spoke in threats and commands rather than in polite requests.  I have not encountered such behavior on any other airline I have traveled on.  I suggest to everyone to avoid Lufthansa like the plague.  All of this is symptomatic of facism that is making a comeback into people’s lives all over the world.  They use Covid as an excuse to boss people around like Nazi gestapo agents.  My wife and I are still a bit shaken by this incident and I have had trouble continuing my research.  But I hope all this will soon be something of the past.

May God be with you and the world in these trying times.

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