Cures for COVID-19 and Shocking News About the Imposed Shutdowns

Posted by P. LaViolette
April 27, 2020
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Quinine and Zinc Cure of Coronavirus

I just received this report from someone who cured himself of what he believes was the coronavirus using just quinine tincture drops and zinc tablets.  He notes that hydroxy… and chloroquinine basically do the same thing as quinine but are synthetic drugs.  About the use of quinine, he writes:

It has to be taken early in the at the first signs of any possible infection to give the immune system more time to ramp up to fight the virus.

It should be taken with Zinc as the two together seem to produce a much better reduction in the viral load rate of increase in the COVID 19 infection.

We have a lot of people taking Quinine with Zinc and no one has become infected with any serious form of the illness.
Many of these people are healthcare workers who are treating infected people.

He also writes that he became ill with something that had symptoms similar to coronavirus and used quinine tincture which is available from your local vitamin shop.  He notes:

About 2 weeks ago I was infected with what I suspected could be the COVID 19 virus.
About 2 to 3 days before this I had 12 to 15 strange looking skin lesions all over my body.
I took 200 mg of Quinine tincture twice a day and 40-60 mg of Zinc for 6 days
After that I got very tired on day 1.
I was very tired on day 2 and ran a 102.4 fever
I was still tired on day 3.
By day 4 was back to feeling like my health had returned to normal again.
I took the 200 mg of Quinine tincture twice a day and 40-60 mg of Zinc For two more days to make sure I had fully recovered.

You may have heard in the news that tests were conducted in the U.S. with hydroxychloroquine and found that it was not helpful in curing Covid-19.  But ask yourself, did they administer it within the first few days that the person felt the onset of his symptoms?  Did they administer it with zinc?  I think you will find that the answer to both of these questions is No.  So I am personally not deterred by such news reports.

Miracle Mineral Solution Therapy for COVID-19

Also one other cure that is being kept from the public is MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), an antiviral/antimalerial therapy developed by Jim Humble which yields a water solution infused with chlorine dioxide gas (ClO), sometimes abbreviated as “CD”.  That is not the same thing as Chlorine gas (Cl2) which is lethal in sufficient quantities.  ClO is used by your body’s own immune system to kill pathogens.  The other new version called MMS-2 involves taking capsules of calcium hypochlorite which reacts with your stomach acid to produce hypochlorous acid.  This is another important chemical used by your immune system.
Note that Google blocks information on MMS and only leaves articles opposing it.  To research MMS you must go to other search engines such as Bing where this important information still is unsuppressed.  Here is a list of testimonials of people who have cured coronavirus with this protocol:

Shocking New Test Results that Indicate that the Shutdown Should be Ended

I received these links today from James DeMeo of OBRL of Ashland, Oregon.  I wanted to get this out quickly and still have not gone through all 24 links.  However, so far I have viewed the first video, Dr. Erikson’s briefing, and find it very compelling.

Twenty (plus) Science-Based Articles and Reports
Crushing All Arguments for Continued Lockdowns, Masking, Anti-Social Distancing and
Ruination of National Economies

by James DeMeo, PhD

…There is no “conspiracy theory” offered here. No political blabbering. Just a list of links to scientifically accurate articles, reports and videos which conclude there is no scientifically defendable reason for these continued lock-downs, masking and anti-social isolation and distancing. The materials are organized by date, all within April 2020, the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom of the list. I have hesitated to publicly share these information links until I was certain about the accuracy of the scientific claims and data being presented within them. But I’ve personally reviewed the data and finally came to similar or the same conclusions, and so today have no hesitation to affirm their contents, and share with others.
Several videos also list here, mostly short items of 5-10 minutes or less, except for the very first, where two emergency-room physicians also directing Covid19 testing for Southern California, openly speak out against the lockdowns, with the most up-to-date data and numbers on infections and deaths as of April 24th, which nearly NONE of the mainstream media is reporting. Not yet, anyhow.

Here’s the List of Items:

And here’s the “Plus”:


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