LaViolette to be Interviewed February 14th on the Navy’s UFO Patents

Posted by: P. LaViolette
February 11, 2021

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14TH, 2021 at 11 PM EST Richard Syrett will interview Paul LaViolette about the U.S. Navy’s UFO patents on his radio talk show Strange Planet:

Here is the youtube posting of the interview.  One hour long.
Second hour is an interview with Darcy Weir talking about Phil Schneider.

Richard welcomes a physicist and author to discuss a U.S. Navy file dubbed the ‘UFO patents’  which reveals how military scientists spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on experiments involving nuclear fusion and electromagnetic fields as part of research into devastating future weapons. The documents claim a ‘Spacetime Modification Weapon’ could make the Hydrogen bomb seem like a ‘firecracker.’ RELATED ARTICLE

Guest: Paul LaViolette, Ph.D., is an interdisciplinary scientist. He has authored five books and has published numerous articles in professional scientific journals. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins University, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and his Ph.D. in systems science/astronomy from Portland State University. Currently he is president of the Starburst Foundation, an interdisciplinary scientific research institute. Dr. LaViolette’s findings open a new doorway to the interpretation of our ancient past. Aided by his background in general system theory and physics, he was able to successfully decipher the lost science said to be encoded in the lore of the Tarot and astrology.  

June 18, 2019   US 10,322,827 B2

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  1. Jason Smith says:

    Looked on the referenced site and got the app…your interview is not there.

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