The Galactic center became active today



Sept 11th: X-ray flare detected September 10th from Galactic center has come back down to the background level

Sept 11th: X-ray flare detected September 10th from Galactic center has come back down to the background level.

September 10th, a Swift X-ray spike alert was sent out.  An abrupt spike in X-ray emission was detected September 10th coming from the Galactic center, Sgr A*.  This spike was the largest to occur in the past year and a half.  The X-ray spike that occurred 500 days ago came from a magnetar near the Galactic center.  Whether the current spike was being emitted by this same magnetar or was coming from the Galactic center itself, we can’t be sure until further data is obtained.  Because it appears to have been a brief event, the X-ray signal coming back down to its previous noise level, my guess is that this is coming from the Galactic center, possibly due to a discrete object falling into the core.  Tomorrow’s Swift data will show whether the low X-ray emission continues or whether it soars upward again.  Let’s pray that this September 11th will not  bring to the world any serious danger.  For the time being, to be on the safe side, we should begin taking precautions for possible successive events of elevated cosmic ray exposure event.

Update (September 11th): New data shown above shows that the X-ray emission from the Galactic center has stayed at its pre burst level, which is good news.  Furthermore a check of the neutron monitor data shows that no cosmic ray spike was detected at the time of the X-ray spike.

It is interesting that an X flare solar outburst occurred that same day just over 15 hours later.  The X-ray spike was detected on the 10th at 1:02 AM Univeral Time, while the solar outburst occurred at 6:48 PM Universal Time.  Here is some information about it from Sky and Telescope website (

September 11th, 2014 – PM Special EditionThe most powerful slower flare – and X-class event – peaked out on Wednesday (Sept. 10th) at 1:48 p.m. EDT. (1)
>From its perspective in space, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the titanic explosion, which covered an area several times larger than Earth.
According to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, the flare was an X-class event – the most powerful – and it unleashed a torrent of relativistic particles and X-rays that swept over Earth minutes later.
The eruption came from a sunspot group known as Active Region 2158, situated very near the center of the solar disk. “It’s pretty clear there was a large coronal wave,” notes C. Alex Young, an associate director in the Heliophysics Science Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, with a coronal mass ejection (CME) directed squarely at Earth.
One person commented that their gamma ray detectors peaked around 4:20 PM Universal Time which would be about 2-1/2 hours before the solar flare eruption was spotted.  See this comment to the solar flare posting sent with thisby the M+G+R Foundation <>:
miguel de Portugal comments: At 11:20 AM EDT, on Wednesday, our RADEX RD 1706 gamma ray detector (2) peaked out at 0.44 microsieverts. Normal readings for this area should be 0.18 to 0.22 although recently we have had reading more in the range of 0.22 to 0.24 with four over 0.40 spikes in the last month or so. Something that we have not see since we acquired the detection system three years ago.
One possibility is that this gamma ray signal may have been associated with the core outburst and this could have somehow triggered the subsequent solar outburst.  But this is just speculation.


Keep in mind that this was a very small spike that would not have posed any cosmic ray exposure hazard.  When it becomes a thousand fold increase, then we have some cause to worry.


For more information on the galactic core, check the following links:

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  1. Richard S says:

    Paul this may sound strange but I have been looking into what caused the great flood and from what I can gather it was a 2 mile high sheet of ice melting at the north and south poles because the earth got a wobble and so great flooding was seen worldwide and at this time sea levels rose by about 1500 feet to today’s levels and that is where all the water came from. So my question is do you know of any solid proof that the moon has been orbiting the earth for longer than 13,000 years , because it looks way more like a spaceship than a planet . I know this sounds strange but just have a quick look at all the info on the moon and I cannot find any reference to it before 11,000 BCE
    Also pulsars, are they in contact with other pulsars (like a network ) and would it be possible for the pulsars to act as a sort of hub that craft could log onto to download info of the surrounding area, because the pulsars did not just happen to be there , they are used for something . Could they be broadcasting at a “range” that we have not discovered yet.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Your numbers are off. Sealevel rise at the end of the ice age was a maximum of about 120 meters, not 1500 feet.
      If we take drugs, a lot of strange ideas begin coming in that begin to alter one’s reality. Like maybe we start thinking that the Sun is really a light bulb that someone periodically needs to go up a step ladder and change. So let’s not get too carried away. About pulsars, you will find your answers if you read my book “Decoding the Message of the Pulsars”.

  2. OC says:

    “One possibility is that this gamma ray signal may have been associated with the core outburst and this could have somehow triggered the subsequent solar outburst. But this is just speculation.”

    If this was “core” related, considering the G2, could it be a prelude of things to come?

  3. Tom says:


    Could this be related to the G2 cloud and sgr*a? Please tell us your thoughts….

    RADIO-LOUD EXPLOSION: The X-flare of Sept 10th caused a radio blackout on Earth. Ironically, it also caused a blast of radio noise. Radio astronomers and hams in the Americas and across the Pacific Ocean heard static roaring from the loudspeakers of their shortwave receivers. “It was absolutely howling,” reports Thomas Ashcraft, who sends this 3-minute recording from his amateur radio observatory in rural New Mexico:

    “This is what I heard at the onset of the flare,” he explains. “By the time the flare peaked, it became almost too intense for my ears.”

    Advice: Listen to the sound file using stereo headphones. The two channels correspond to two radio frequencies–22 and 23 MHz.

    Radio emissions like these are caused by shock waves in the sun’s atmosphere. Looking at the CME pictured in the news item above, it is easy to imagine how the fast-moving cloud would spawn shock waves in the atmosphere overlying sunspot AR2158. Those shock waves triggered plasma instabilities which, in turn, generated the shortwave radio emissions.

    More radio bursts may be in the offing. Sunspots AR2157 and AR2158 have unstable magnetic fields that harboor energy for strong explosions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of X-class flares and a whopping 85% chance of M-flares on Sept. 11th. Stay tuned. Solar flare alerts: text, voice

  4. Johan Van Wambeke says:

    Dear Paul,

    Many thanks for all the work you do and the information you send out to all! Very meaningful.

    All my best wishes to you,


  5. David Bruce says:

    Thanks for the warning. Just wondering if this is a co-incidence,
    ‘Extreme’ solar storm heading to Earth

    AP September 11, 2014, 10:27 am

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      It is a possibility to consider. The solar proton event from such an outburst arrives within hours and could affect space telescopes. Whether it affected the Swift system, I don’t know.

  6. Lili says:

    Thank you Dr. Paul LaViollete.
    You did indicate that we should expect the event around this time.
    We will see Today.
    Kind regards

  7. Tom says:

    Wow, I don’t really know what to say or think about this recent finding. All I know is I have had an eerie feeling over the past few days that time is running out, the Superwave was almost upon us type of feeling so to speak. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Let us hope nothing major becomes of it.

  8. Patricia Lagrange Martínez says:

    Hello, Dr. , thank you very much for your update. I will also pray.
    Do you know that acording to some scietists the ozone layer is recovering. Link . Cheers.

  9. Mary says:

    Hi Paul, I just received this…I will await your guidance.

  10. Mary says:

    Thank you Paul for this very rapid notice. I will be looking for an update if possible. God Bless you.
    I am praying this passes and all are safe. ~Mary

    • Justin says:

      As Yeshua (Jesus) taught, it’s best to pray that Source’s/Creative Forces Will be done. It may be that such an event is the will of the Creative Forces.

      This world and the growing global combo of ever strongly blending governmental/financial forces is heading for a very dark and destructive future.

      We need an intervention to stop these forces and nothing short of a world wide collapse of money and electricity will stop those these.

      Anyways, i pray that the Creative Forces Will be done, but i suspect that “they” also see a need for this intervention at this juncture of things and the growing extremity.

      The other alternative is eventual world wide slavery to some very corrupt and lacking in love individuals and groups.