Double p-wave from the direction of the Galactic center


11:35 PM September 12th, Athens Greece coastal region.  Just about an hour ago two seismic p-waves ripped through the earth, through me, through my house and through my neighbors' houses.  They were quite powerful packing the force of a nearby thunder clap.  They were spaced apart from one another by about half a second.  Because there were two of them I could get a rough guess on directionality.  It seemed that they came towards me from the  Saronic sea from due south.  I went out with my iPad which showed where the constellations were located.  Wouldn't you know it -- the Galactic center was right in the direction from which the waves seemed to radiate.  It was just setting about one or two degrees above the horizon (based on rough triangulation from the Sagittarius arrow and Scorpius stinger pointer stars).  Although I can't prove it, I am convinced this double p-wave was triggered by a gravity wave force emanating from the direction of the Galactic center.  It seems this was a local event.  But for all we know, a single gravity wave could be sufficiently compact to influence just a small region of the Earth's crust and produce p waves felt in a small locale.

Considering that there was an X-ray spike from the Galactic center just a few days ago, I thought I would report this.  Gravity waves from an outburst would likely travel somewhat faster than the electromagnetic emission.  See Sphinx Stargate posting about the Malaysian tsunami.  So it will be interesting to see if anything develops in the next days.

One thing more, having lived in and visited Greece (a known seismically active region) many times during the course of my life, there have been many occasions where I have experienced earthquakes and even remember feeling a p-wave years ago.  But that p-wave was very faint.  This was unlike anything I had ever experienced my whole life.  It felt as if one were standing to close to the edge of a metro platform and a train car went by one inch from your nose at a hundred miles an hour.  It produced two load sounds as load as thunderclaps.  The sky was cloudless at the time so it definitely was not thunder.

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