Construction is to Begin on the Nassikas Thruster II Prototype


The Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for the Nassikas II levitation thruster ended on June 2nd (  At that point a total of 285 backers had provided 60% of the needed $32,000 goal amount.  This amounted to 54% of the needed funds after subtracting credit card and PayPal fees as well as the Indiegogo commission.  However, at the conclusion of the campaign, an angel donor, Dorothy, came forward and contributed the remaining $14,618  needed to achieve our goal.  Thanks to Dorothy and all the others who contributed, we were able to inform the superconductor manufacturer to begin work on the conical superconducting coil.  This phase will take several months, the time needed for the company to schedule and begin work on the coil construction.

If the liquid nitrogen test is successful, we will need an additional $9000 to conduct an additional liquid helium test of the coil's propulsion force.  Those wishing to make further contributions to this project, i.e., $50 or more per donation, may still submit them through PayPal by submitting to email address (Starlane Publications).  Funds thus submitted will be added to the Nassikas thruster project account.  For those wishing to make very large donations by bank transfer to our dedicated bank account for the project, please send an email to

More information about the Nassikas thruster II research project may be found here:

Early in the crowdfunding campaign, researcher Fajfer Remigiusz built a conical solenoid wound from copper wire to test for the production of a propulsive thrust toward the coil's narrow end.  The video he posted of his tests is shown below

When he energizes the coil in pulsed fashion, the coil is seen not only to twist but to swing in the direction of its narrow end.  The twisting action is likely the tendency of the coil to orient its magnetic pole in the direction of the geomagnetic field.  However, the swinging of the coil to an off plumb position appears to indicate the development of a propulsive force as predicted by Dr. Nassikas (PCT  GR2016000009).

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