NY coronavirus doctor challenges standard protocols for treating covid


Eye-opening Interview!

LifeSite’s Claire Chretien interviews Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an upstate New York doctor who has successfully treated many coronavirus patients using safe, effective medicines. He explains clearly how zinc is able to stop viral replication within the cell and how hydro chloroquinine and zinc work together to allow zinc to enter the cell.  He notes that people who have been unable to obtain hydrochloroquinine from their pharmacies (as is the case in New York) have had equal success by taking zinc with quercertin.  Quercetin obtainable from most vitamin shops is also works as a zinc ionophor which allows zinc to penetrate into the cell.  Dr. Zelenko had an 85% lower death rate from covid than standard treatments.

He discusses Faucci’s treasonous act of sending research on the weaponization of the corona virus to the Wuhan military viral facility, from which it ultimately became released to infect the world.   Dr. Zelenko unloads on the worldwide reaction to COVID-19, warning the public we are experiencing “the biggest psychological warfare in human history.” Dr. Zelenko discusses vaccine safety, showing that the coronavirus vaccines on the market elevate the risk of miscarriage.  He discusses the criminal acts of the CDC and WHO who put a worldwide ban on use of hydrochloroquinine based on a fraudulent paper which was forcefully retracted by the Lancet journal.   He describes how many lives could have been saved had governments not acted in tyrannical ways for over a year now, and how lifesaving treatments and information are actively being suppressed and censored.

Dr. Zelenko’s website (vladimirzelenkomd.com) gives protocols against Covid-19 and much more.

Also an interesting news broadcast reported that statistics compiled by the CDC reveal that hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths.


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