Weapons of Mass Distraction

Posted by: P. LaViolette
February 7, 2021

Mike Adams humors us for an hour and a half with his comedy hour.  After all with the fake inauguration done in Hollywood, the fake Executive orders being signed, and the fake regime, the world around us gotten so crazy that we all need a bit of comic relief.  Here he tells us about weapons of mass distraction, how the public may be distracted and enraged by a false flag gun slaughter to allow Congress to pass a gun bill that would severely restrict gun rights.  He also talks humorously about the edict issued by Biden’s Secretary of Defense Austin that the military should “stand down” for a month and reflect on doing something about military extremism.  Maybe the Biden regime is getting tired of being penned in by the National Guard who have surrounded DC.  Adams also goes into the future of the “rainbow” military under the Biden regime.  I am sure you will have some laughs and even Democrats should get a kick out of this update.


Isn’t anything sacred any more?

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