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The 33 minute video by Paul LaViolette entitled Parthenogenesis: A Sacred Journey is now available to be seen on GaiamTV in streaming download:

It depicts the evolution of the universe from the first particles of matter as they materialize from the ageless primordial ether to the cosmic web of galaxies filling the universe.  The underlying theme of the video is that our universe is beautiful and sacred.  It is accompanied by the inspiring music of Ashana, Ray Lynch, and Miika Mettiäinen featuring "Ave Maria" from the album All is Forgiven (Ashana), "The Oh of Pleasure" and "Tiny Geometries" from the CD Deep Breakfast (Ray Lynch), and "The Glory of Rome" and "The Winner" (Miika Mettiäinen).

The theoretical background for the continuous creation cosmology depicted in this video is based on the physics of subquantum kinetics.  Over the years observational data has called into question the idea of an expanding universe; see  Also the recent paper which has disproven the idea of a black hole also calls into question the notion that the universe may have originated from a big bang singularity; see  As a result, the world is now in need of a new conception of our physical reality, one that is more positive and uplifting than the past ideas that are now in the process of evaporating.

You can also own your own copy of Parthenogenesis by making a donation to the Starburst Foundation:


Also a second item of interest is a video that was made last September of our tour group's expedition into the Ravne tunnel system adjacent to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is now posted on youtube:

This tour of the tunnels (September 2, 2014) was led by Dr. Sam Osmanagich who is speaking in the video.  I was with the tour group and appear in places in the video.

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