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The 33 minute video by Paul LaViolette entitled Parthenogenesis: A Sacred Journey is now available to be seen on GaiamTV in streaming download:

It depicts the evolution of the universe from the first particles of matter as they materialize from the ageless primordial ether to the cosmic web of galaxies filling the universe.  The underlying theme of the video is that our universe is beautiful and sacred.  It is accompanied by the inspiring music of Ashana, Ray Lynch, and Miika Mettiäinen featuring “Ave Maria” from the album All is Forgiven (Ashana), “The Oh of Pleasure” and “Tiny Geometries” from the CD Deep Breakfast (Ray Lynch), and “The Glory of Rome” and “The Winner” (Miika Mettiäinen).

The theoretical background for the continuous creation cosmology depicted in this video is based on the physics of subquantum kinetics.  Over the years observational data has called into question the idea of an expanding universe; see  Also the recent paper which has disproven the idea of a black hole also calls into question the notion that the universe may have originated from a big bang singularity; see  As a result, the world is now in need of a new conception of our physical reality, one that is more positive and uplifting than the past ideas that are now in the process of evaporating.

You can also own your own copy of Parthenogenesis by making a donation to the Starburst Foundation:


Also a second item of interest is a video that was made last September of our tour group’s expedition into the Ravne tunnel system adjacent to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is now posted on youtube:

This tour of the tunnels (September 2, 2014) was led by Dr. Sam Osmanagich who is speaking in the video.  I was with the tour group and appear in places in the video.

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  1. David says:

    Thank you for your reply Dr. LaViolette.

    Rolf makes it clear on his web page that his conclusions are based on other scientists works. At about 1 hour into the video he mentions a call for a world forum concerning the coming Ice Age and what happened to the conference, which explains a lot of things.
    He also describes an ongoing revolt of Scientists world wide.

    I again investigated the “Local” Fluff” when I encountered this video and came across this updated version of IBEX findings. Perhaps you could elaborate on the findings, since the findings are not at all with what was expected.

    There is obviously energetic activity due to the cosmic dust in the local fluff, witnessed here as the immense growth of Noctilucent clouds visible on Earth. My concern that the dampening effect of the neutral atoms on the Sun/Heliosphere might be responsible for the 25% contraction of the heliosphere in the last decade.

    “The heliopause, hardly penetrable for charged particles, is transparent for neutral atoms. Energetic neutral atoms form everywhere in the heliosphere due to the charge exchange reaction between the ions from local plasma and neutral interstellar atoms. Charge exchange operates both in the supersonic solar wind and in the inner heliosheath, i.e., in the region between the termination shock and the heliopause. Some of those atoms run away freely from the heliosphere and due to eventual collisions slightly modify the inflowing interstellar gas.”

  2. David says:

    Hi Again Dr. LaViolette,

    I see you are again confirmed by new discoveries. Congratulations.

    However, according to Rolf Witzsche 99.999% of the Universe does not exist in the box of Constricted Science as he and others, including nobel prize winning scientist have managed to be ignored for 40+ years in their pursuit of support for preparation for a pending ice age starting in 2050s.

    Charles Fort agan comes to mind.

    The following video and web page I think you will find new material for your intyerest.

    PS. I found your take on the Ceres event of someone who is on the verge of becomming a full fledged Fortean Charter member.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I’ve listened to the first 20 minutes of the video. It’s interesting. Discusses a lot of history. But his claim that the Sun goes inactive, and will go inactive by 2050 with a three fold drop in luminosity, is outrageously incorrect. Computer simulations have shown that if the Sun’s luminosity were to drop by just 2%, Earth would go into a deep freeze state with glaciers pole to pole and the oceans entirely frozen over. That would extinguish all life on our planet. This has not happened for many billions of years. So this fellow needs some lessons on climatology. The little ice ages were caused by very minor sustained declines in solar luminosity on the order of tenths of a percent. However, those were not full blown ice ages. My own prediction is that full blown ice ages are not due to decline of solar activity but to the arrival of galactic superwaves which propel cosmic dust into the solar system and exogenously perturb the Earth-Sun climate system. A superwave could occur in the time frame that this fellow discusses. If a full blown ice age begins in a few decades as this fellow predicts with northern latitudes becoming glaciated, this will not happen over night. Ice sheets require at least a thousand years to progressively grow and expand. This would give humanity ample opportunity to prepare for gradual relocation. Real estate would become a good profession to be in if that comes about.

  3. David says:

    Thank you very much for your explanation Dr. LaViotte, I can only say I am not well versed enough in the science dialect to have discerned the root of what they were saying, perhaps it was because they were too intent on trying to find support for the Black hole BS to be clear about other things.

  4. David says:

    Hello Dr. LaViolette,
    I was reading some disturbing news today published last Nov., though this news again verify’s your theory of Super-waves and also again proves Einstein was/is full of BS and Black holes are not Black holes as they have tried to lead us to believe again. This report concerns the event happened in the Draco event in 2012 and is likely to have caused the Fukishima event also.

    It appears that the scientist’s observing the event saw some Longitudinal events that apparently have them baffled as usual:

    Gamma ray bursts spotted spewing from black hole in galaxy IC 310
    Astronomers said bursts crossed event horizon faster than speed of light
    Rays crossed in a few minutes, when they should have taken 25 minutes
    But experts suggest beams appear to flicker at a faster rate than they are
    Observations have allowed scientists to form new theories about what may lie inside black holes and the affect it has on the matter around it:
    More at Link

    Read more:
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    My concern is that these Longitudinal waves apparently occurred back when poor William got Swatted and the Fukishima Earthquake event happened.

    “Astronomers using the Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov (Magic) on La Palma, in the Canary Islands, spent almost four hours observing huge bursts of radiation from this galaxy in 2012.
    This is thought to be caused by matter falling into the massive black hole at the centre of IC 310.
    Known as extragalactic jets, they are thought to be caused by particles being accelerated away from the event horizon by shockwaves created by the matter falling into the black hole.
    However, the observations of IC 310 using Magic showed that gamma ray jets being emitted from the black hole were flickering at a rate far faster than could be explained in this way.

    The flashes of radiation seemed to move 279 million miles across the event horizon in just 4.8 minutes.
    At the speed of light, it should have taken 25 minutes to travel this distance.”

    Read more:
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    My question is should we expect the remainder of this event in the not to distant future, and what would your expectations be as to the size of this event in Super-Wave terms?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Gamma ray bursts that come from other galaxies other than our own originate too far away to have any effect on us other than be seen with our sensitive instruments. Certainly unable to produce even a slight earthquake, not to mention a Fukushima event. So don’t let these announcements concern you. It is only when the event originates within our own Galaxy that there is reason for concern.

      • David says:

        I would not belabor that point, with the exception of influence upon the Weather like the Dec. 27th 2004 GRB
        which heated the ionosphere about 90C in less than a second and flattened the Artic Polar Vortex and changed Europes weather pattern for that winter, no seismic activity was assiociated with it, other than the suspected Gravity wave that preceeded it by about 44 hours and resulted it is believed in that memorable Tsumani.

        But wah I am refering to is this supposedly GRB event that when measured this supposed GRB traveled at 5.2+ times faster than the speed of light. This sounds like a Longitudinal Wave, which you yourself have said that the preceeding Longitudinal waves from a Superwave event would probably cause seismic activity. My question is, are Longitudinal waves often mistaken for GRB’s and I would say, if the information gather from this Draco event states a speed of 5.2+ the speed of light was witnessed, than this was a Longitudinal wave, and yes, it may have been very well possible/probable it precipitated the Fukishima event.

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          What they are concerned about in the case of the gamma ray lightning seen coming from the core of active galaxy IC 310 is the following. The time variation of the gamma ray emission indicated that it came from a region less than 1.5 X 10^15 cm, whereas this galaxy has a 200 million solar mass core which if it were a black hole would have a Schwarzschild radius 3 to 4 times larger. The astronomers do various acrobatics trying to explain this apparent violation of black hole theory. The one simple answer they don’t discuss is that black holes do not exist. There is no Schwarzschild event horizon within which light cannot escape. I have already shown that our own GC emits radiation from a region smaller than its supposed Schwarzschild radius. This is just one more example. As a general rule, the radius of a Mother Star core is far smaller than the Schwarzschild radius of a similar mass black hole. In the case of IC 310, it may be estimated that the Mother Star has a radius no larger than 10^14 cm. So there is no difficulty explaining the gamma observations. No superluminal motion across a supposed event horizon is needed.

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