Trumpet Sounds in the Sky

Wall fresco from Dionysiou Monastery, Mt. Athos, Greece depicting Chapter 9 of Revelations

Wall fresco from Dionysiou Monastery, Mt. Athos, Greece
depicting Chapter 9 of Revelations

 Since 2011, people all over the world have been reporting hearing strange unexplained trumpet sounds coming from the sky, calling to mind the trumpets of the Apocalypse.  Given the current unusual situation in which we anticipate the outcome of the G2 cloud encounter with the Galactic core, these signs in the sky take on added significance.  The fresco shown above, also discussed in Earth Under Fire, depicts what happens after the 5th angel sounds his trumpet.  Note that the locusts are said to have tails with stingers like scorpions, a possible reference to the Galactic center.  Below are some youtube videos where you can hear these very bass trumpet sounds.  Most of these events clustered in January of 2012.

Kiev, Ukraine, August 11, 2011

Conklin, Alberta Canada, January 12, 2012

 Houston, Texas, January 23, 2012

Allen, Texas, January 24, 2012

Hong Kong, January 24, 2012, 3 AM

Youtube Trumpet Sound links suggested by viewers:

Budapest 1-11-2012:  (
Long Island, NY 01/18/2012:  (
Nova Scotia, January 2012:  (

50 Responses to Trumpet Sounds in the Sky

  1. Peter Taylor says:

    Paul….just heard indirectly that NASA’s IBEX satellite has been picking up increases in galactic cosmic rays entering the Heliosphere….I will check it out, it maybe that the reduced strength of the interplanetary magnetic field over this solar cycle is allowing more in…..not clear yet.

  2. Peter Taylor says:

    Hi Paul….very briefly, wonder if you can answer this: my understanding of the galactic wave is that it accelerates electrons to close on the speed of light, and that as they get all excited, they emit blue light (synchrotron radiation?) – I presume therefore that this blue light will travel faster than the plasma and get here first – hence a bit of a warning (Hopi prophesy of the end times, which I guess you know….is the ‘blue star kachina’ as a sign the end is nigh! But how much time delay would there be? Presumably the plasma can travel a lot faster than the solar wind?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Actually there could be unexpected seismic activity occurring worldwide a day before the blue star appears in the sky (the superwave beamed synchrotron cosmic ray emission). But there will be essentially no delay for the higher energy cosmic rays which will arrive in coincidence with the blue star apparition. For example, cosmic ray electrons in the 100 to 1000 Gev range will have a Lorentz factor of 200,000 to 2 million, and will have a time lag of only 0.3 seconds behind the light arrival event horizon for their 23,000 light year journey to us. Protons in this energy range would have a lower Lorentz factor of 100 to 1000, and will have a time lag of up to 8 days. Protons having energies 100 fold higher would have only a 12 minute time lag. All of these energies are very high and their radiation is very penetrating. The proton component will generate a muon atmospheric cosmic ray shower that will pass easily through many meters of concrete. The initial blast will have the character of a gamma ray burst, however of far greater intensity than has ever been seen in the history of modern astronomy. It will instantly fry all satellites and space telescopes and any space data feed will cease at this point. As time continues, progressively lower energy less penetrating cosmic rays will begin arriving except in vastly greater numbers. As the penetrating power progressively falls, the total shower energy content (and radiation hazard potential) will progressively rise. The sooner one seeks shelter the better from the standpoint of minimizing genetic mutation. These cosmic rays are not a plasma in the normal sense of the word, like one sees in a supernova explosion. In supernovae the majority of the cosmic rays are trapped within an envelope that initially expands at the relatively slow speed of 3 to 10 percent the speed of light. In the case of superwave cosmic rays, these come towards us rectilinearly at their Lorentz factor speed. For example, electrons in the 100 to 1000 Gev energy range would be going faster than 99.9999999999 percent of the speed of light! Those interested to read more on this I suggest reading Chapter 3 in Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth.

  3. Alex says:

    In connection with my previous two comments: on one side we have the readiness of 1941 Vatican to release the political part of Fatima that singles out a culprit in 20th century history – Russia. On the other side we see apparent reluctance to release the planetary part of the secret. It was instead leaked to the German magazine “Neues Europa” (pls check internet for more). It is very similar to Akita (approved apparition), Garabandal (no church ruling) and Bayside (banned by local bishop, now dead together with the seer). Today we are no more motivated by politics of WW2 (1941) or cold war era (all possible Fatima/Garabandal stories). Today we discuss whether or not the Galactic core will wipe out the entire earth’s civilization in a way worse than the Flood. Whether that will include Solar mega flare or may be asteroid rain from Oort cloud. Those things are no more private things for a secret archive, neither they are politics.

    Instead of previous decades when only the personal and mass penance were sought as result, today the humanity is quite farther from that point and is looking to the ways of salvation (in physical terms) of the human race. Numerous films with remarkable quality show that aspect instead of the waiting of the death with rosary in hand. It is a very strange posture of religious leaders then and now Not to talk of that. Do they know of a definite “chastisement” and are they given some way to avoid the civilization’s end. If yes, why we aren’t told anything beyond the leaked rumor. As the words of John Paul II in Fulda, Germany, where he said ‘it is useless to inform the people if there will be millions to die from one moment to another…Thanks so much! Perhaps there is another way hinted at by John XXIII in his alleged diary about extraterrestrial possibility in the human history. Perhaps that is also in the hidden parts of secrets allegedly coming from heaven? Ezekiel 1 cannot be more precise in his description of alien craft. I see no reason why contemporary churches will be afraid to talk about it, if Heaven talks about it. In the face of planetary disaster anything short of a Rescue way out of the doom, is a very narrow minded way to prepare the masses for their death and ultimately the end of human civilization. It might be called “holiness” by some, but it is certainly not the way of survival of the human race. Personally, I will vote for those who offer the way out. Be it pope John XXIII speaking of ugly but good aliens, be it something else. I don’t assume Jesus comes “now” in “second coming” and nobody could predict that with certainty. If Jesus himself said in the Gospel he didn’t know. How then contemporary preachers set dates that never fulfill.

  4. Alex says:

    Michael C., thanks for your intro for those who never heard of it. I have however a more precise question for you (since Dr La Violette almost created a forum space here, thanks!)

    Why didn’t Fatima prophecy fulfill by the year 2000 as one part of the alleged Third Secret speaks about, namely the “Neues Europa” text? Why didn’t other prophecies fulfill, such as Garabandal, Spain and Akita, Japan, and newer ones that are even more controversial: Bayside, NY banned by the Catholic church, many others still in limbo. I’d be glad if you try to put together these dots together with what we get from Astrophysics today. You will probably agree that in order to do that alone, someone has to be proficient not only in your own site (that presents quite unique perspective about all that), but also to read volumes of basic information on those same issues. First of all to read the texts of Fatima, Garabandal, others. So let me make the long story short: Do you think the possible galactic core explosion is the prophesied Great Warning in Garabandal, or Fatima Falling Sun, or Akita and Neues Europa “fire falling from heaven”, or may be something else?

    • Alex says:

      I have to say what is a public secret, there are reasonable doubts among Catholic groups about the real content of the so called Third Secret of Fatima. Whether it has never been fully revealed or perhaps even exchanged with another text. This is an endless debate. Taken together with Akita’s “fire from heaven” and Neues Europa text of Fatima (not official) it seems to me it points out to the same cosmic event spoken of in Garabandal and Bayside as “Chastisement” (with a prelude of a “Great Warning” and “Miracle”, or without).

      I will go on to mention John XXIII contacts with George Adamski, as well as his alleged diary speaking of alien intervention at the end of 20th century (it didn’t happen as Fatima didn’t too). Perhaps the amount of info we weren’t told is much greater and diverse than the carefully selected pieces of info we were fed with all those years.

  5. Peggy says:

    Hi Merry – I read your posting. Revelation 18 has two Babylons- One a country another a Church.
    New York has a city -,_New_York
    Coordinates: 40°41’40?N 73°19’46?W
    Fatima makes it clear it will be the catholic church leaders and others .

  6. Mary says:

    Dear Dr. Paul and all.

    I have just become aware of Santos Bonacci. Now I do not endorse or discredit his thinking but I am looking at it. He speaks at length regarding 30 years of research in astronomy, astrotheology, Greek philosophers, changing paradigm shift, this is from his website

    “Man has lost this profound knowledge over the past few thousand years due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. The dark history of the recent past was foretold by the ancients. Hesiod, Hermes and many others foretold a time when the understanding of the sacred truths would become obscure and the knowledge would have to go underground to be preserved for a future time. That time has now arrived.” -Santos Bonacci

    I also believe he should be made aware of Dr. Paul’s work if he is not, as should everyone.

    Any feedback or opinions welcome but please be thoroughly familiar with this work before commenting. My first priority is Earth Under Fire and the massive works here.

    Greatest respect Dr. Paul, any hope of an interview upcoming? Project Camelot is pushing a cruise in April so I rather doubt they would be counted on…but Mike Hagan? They were wonderful. I will give it some consideration, we need to brainstorm up an opportunity for you to be heard.
    Sincerely, Mary

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Re: interview; maybe in a few weeks. It will depend on Kerry’s schedule.

      • Mary says:

        I have learned today that the Project Camelot April Enlightenment cruise is seeking to reschedule for fall. I implore all of the community here to email Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and request that she please make every effort to make time to hold that update interview with Dr.Paul LaViolette that she mentions at the end of her last update interview published December 6th. https: // www .you tube. com /watch?v=dxp8qDV9o_c Dr. Paul is available and willing and many are anxious to see this next update interview suggested by Kerry herself prior to April. She can be directly emailed at : Kerry@ Thank you in advance to all in the community here who take a moment now to go to your email and voice your interest in seeing this followed through. All respect , Dr. Paul… the community, and webmaster. Mary

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          An interview date has been scheduled for March 4th.

          • Mary says:

            Yeah!!! Congratulations! Thank you for posting the news so quickly and many many thanks to all here and everywhere else that wrote to Kerry in support of our Dr. Paul and requested an update interview!!! I am so happy…what GREAT NEWS!
            Congratulations again Dr. LaViolette!

          • Mary says:

            So excited I forgot to say Thank you Kerry! Please forgive me. Now all who wrote should really go back to the email for just a second and send a Thank you Kerry for scheduling the update interview with Dr. Paul; LaViolette kerry@
            Kerry is under great strain right now, financially and emotionally. Perhaps her best friend and mentor in the world Bob Dean is quite frail and has been ill so we need to imagine them financially secure, in full health and revitalized, and they both need strong energy, meditation and prayers. Have the heart to take a moment to send that as well. Again, Thanks to Kerry, Dr. Paul.,Everyone in the community, and the webmaster.

  7. Peggy says:

    I have read that:
    This trumpet sounds on the Feast of Trumpets.

    The Feast of Trumpets is also referred to as the “Feast of the New Moon,” for it is the only annual feast of God that commences with a lunar sign from the heavens. In ancient times, Jewish religious authorities had to wait until the new moon was actually seen by reliable witnesses. Thus, the authorities did not know when the Feast of Trumpets would actually commence; they did not know the day or hour. Jesus Christ made specific reference to this fact when he spoke of the time he would fulfill his promise to return; he said, “No one knows about that day or hour” (Mark. 13:32).
    This phrase about “not knowing the day or hour” is a specific Hebrew saying, peculiar to the Feast of Trumpets.

  8. Micahel S. says:

    Have just received the following communication from a professional lady who is a regular to our domains…

    Over the past year, I have visited many Youtube sites which post sounds of trumpets in the sky.

    Three sites have impressed me the most for their quality and clarity: One from Budapest, Hungary; one from Long Island, NY; and one from Nova Scotia, Canada.

    It is unfortunate that some of the comments made by those recording the sounds from Long Island (in particular) and Nova Scotia, leave much to be desired. Having said that, there can be no mistaking the quality of the actual sounds recorded. These sounds “speak” for themselves.

    Should you be interested in hearing these sounds, search the web as follows:

    For Budapest: “Youtube Trumpet Sounds Budapest”, then click on “SkyQuake Budapest 1-11-2012, ***Trumpet Sounding One***” ( Very deep, pure, rich sound; mesmerizing.

    For Long Island, NY: “Youtube Trumpet Sounds Long Island NY”, then click on “Strange Sounds Heard Across Long Island, NY, 01/18/2012” ( The person recording refers to the sound being so loud it rattled the earth, and that it (sound) was coming straight out of the sky.

    For Nova Scotia: “Youtube Trumpet Sounds Nova Scotia”, then click on “Strange Sound in Nova Scotia, January 2012- Youtube” ( At times, more than one trumpet is blown simultaneously, with short blasts alternating with longer sounds. I found these to be particularly intense and, to be honest, quite disturbing. Like an urgent call to arms; a warning…

    I heard a trumpet sound similar to the New York one a few months ago. It was not directly overhead, but at a distance, and came from the west. The sound was loud enough to wake me from a sound sleep. No one else in the household reported hearing anything out of the ordinary, and I never said anything about what I heard to anyone else until now.

    Once one hears this sound, it is not forgotten.

  9. Apologies to the Christians in advance…. Heathen Pagan here!

    Odin, All Father of the Norse Gods, has two birds perched on his shoulders named Thought and Memory. Each day they are set loose to observe the worlds and report to Odin what they find. Odin said “I worry that Thought may not find his way home, but my fear for Memory is greater.”
    The knowledge gained by Odin in the Runes, and how they vibrate intune with the universe, with the ability to gain knowledge that is unseen, screams quantum physics to me. Natural nature, not fully understood by the masses, accepted as work of the gods…. Ancient wisdoms and practices predating

    • ….written language! (sorry, got cut off somehow?)
      One last idea from prejesusland… Heimdall, watchman of the gods, can see grass growing 100 miles away, teeth of solid gold, is to alert the gods when the final battle, Ragnarok, comes. He will summon the gods to Vallhala, home of the gods roofed in gold, by sounding his horn. When Heimdall sounds his horn all will know the final battle of the gods is at hand.
      I thought it would be a relativistic jet visible in Orion. Never thought of an actual sound.

  10. Merry Dove says:

    Dr. LaViolette,

    I do not know if this is significant or not.

    I do have Dreams and Visions that sometimes come true.

    This is a Dream I had when I was a little girl.

    When I was a little girl, at 12 years of age….

    I had this Dream:

    I Dreamed I was in New York City. (I had never been there,
    but I “knew” that is where I was in my Dream).

    I was on a Busy, Very Crowded sidewalk in New York City.
    We were surrounded by very tall skyscraper buildings.

    There were people walking on the sidewalks almost
    shoulder to shoulder, in every direction, crossing the streets.
    All of a sudden, there was a tiny pin point of a
    Brilliant White Light in the sky. It reminded me of a strobe light.

    This tiny pin point of light “Grew” into a Blinding White Light
    until it consumed the entire sky. You could not look at it. You had to close your eyes and cover them to protect them.

    It was like the Blinding Light of an H-Bomb exploding.

    At the same time this is occurring, I heard the Heralding
    voices of Angels singing. I heard Trumpets Blaring.

    ALL of the people on the New York City sidewalks “dropped to their knees”. They were screaming, Moaning and Crying.
    They are all begging for forgiveness, but it is too late.
    They ALL “Knew” it was the End of their Time and they were ALL sinners and they were all going to die.

    I am standing there in awe, (remember, I am 12 yrs old at the time).
    I am the only one “standing” on the sidewalk.

    Then I heard this Deep, Very Powerful Commanding Voice speak to me.
    I believe it was GOD, speaking.

    He said “17, Merry, 17”

    Then I woke up.

    I thought “Wow! What a Powerful Dream.”

    I went to school the next day, and had a normal day.

    I did not mention my dream to anyone.

    That night, I had the (2nd) SAME EXACT DREAM AGAIN.

    I do not ever remembering having the SAME Dream again,
    so I am surprised.

    The next day, was a repeat of the day before. Nothing unusual happened.

    That night, (3) I had the SAME EXACT DREAM again.

    This continues for 7 days. I had the EXACT SAME DREAM
    for (7) days in a row.

    I am 12 yrs old. I had not mentioned my dream to anyone, but…. I am getting concerned. I do not know if I am about to die or what it means ….

    Nothing ever happened that was out of the ordinary after that.

    I never mentioned my dream to anyone. I was an Excellent
    student and I did not know what people would think if I mentioned my dream to them.

    Later, I had a Teacher in school that was a Chaplain in the Military. I felt I could talk with him.

    I mentioned my dream to him. I asked him if he knew what it meant.

    He said “17” will be a significant number in my life.

    “17” has come up often, but I wonder if it had been any
    other number, if I had kept track of it, would have come
    up just as often.

    Anyway…. I have heard people talking a lot lately
    on the news and other sites about Trumpets Blaring, etc.
    I believe they are referring to the End Times and they
    think that is what they will hear.

    I have had several close friends over the years, and their
    Birthdays, surprisingly, was March 17.
    My husband’s name is “Patrick”. He was named after
    St. Patrick, whose Birthday is March 17.

    I just happened to notice that March 17 was one of your dates mentioned.
    If….. my dream , which was referring to the end times…..

    and Your information also mentions March 17…..
    a date which could also be the end times…..

    The Heralding Angels and the Trumpets were very Loud and Clear in my Dream. When my Dream first began, it
    began with the Blaring Trumpets.

    Do you know what my Dream meant ?

    • Michael S. says:

      Hello, Merry!

      Your dream was a representation of what the Miracle of The Sun in Fatima (Portugal) on October 13, 1917. Then it was a preview – a warning; in your dream you saw its real manifestation. The reaction of the people then was exactly as you described that you saw in your dream.

      In your story you state “They are all begging for forgiveness, but it is too late. ” Many wish to brush that off with a “God would not do that to us”. Wrong!

      It is not God doing it, it is our abandoning God that allow for that to happen. Yes, indeed… when that moment you saw manifests itself IT WILL BE TOO LATE!

      You are invited to get acquainted with the Fatima events through our index of Fatima documents at

      • Merry Dove says:

        Michael S.,
        Thank you for sharing the Fatima information. I had no knowledge of Fatima until many years later. I never
        connected the dream information with Fatima. I Believe the children in the story of Fatima to be Truthful.

        • Michael S. says:

          Hello, Merry!

          Regarding what you heard – “17, Merry, 17″ – and the dream that you had which was, not the dress rehearsal as the Fatima Miracle was, but the real thing – Did you realize that the Fatima events took place in the year 19″17″

          Maybe you might find other connections with “17” reviewing the Fatima events chronology and the “coincidences” with many World War I and World War II dates – as you will see at

  11. Merry Dove says:

    In the late 1960’s, I was with a group of young people who possessed psychic abilities. They talked about predictions of things to come.

    We were told to “prepare” for this time.

    When I was listening to all of this information at our meetings in the ’60’s, I thought of how old I would be now…. and I wondered if I would even be alive
    when it all happened. This information was all new and foreign to me.

    Well, I am alive…. and it appears “something” “is” going to happen, just as we were told.

    The reason I am writing today….

    I just received a telephone call from someone who is a very super smart person who has very little “formal” education.

    She does Not listen to the TV or Radio very much.

    She is a very hard worker.

    This person is shy and does not talk a lot. She receives a lot of information through her telepathic abilities.

    She is psychic and has great Spiritual abilities.

    She is reluctant to talk to anyone about her Spiritual knowledge.

    She called me today and said :

    “I need to talk to you. “Something” is going
    on and I don’t know what is happening. It is so “powerful” it is keeping me awake . I feel like I need to put in a hand pump on my well. I need to plant a garden. I need to buy chickens.

    I am being told “CHANGE” is coming, a “BIG Change”…. and it is not a long way off….
    it is happening “NOW”. I need to plan for it now.”

    She kept saying this over and over
    to me and she was very concerned.

    This person is dyslexic, so she does not read a lot.

    Also….. She said…. “There is something “wrong” with the food in the stores. I don’t know what it is, but it is making me sick”…..
    “I bought food from the farmer’s market and now I am ok.”

    This person has not “read” anything or watched TV, or Radio or computer, to learn any knowledge about predictions of what may be happening and how we should prepare for it .

    She has “received” this information from a “HIGHER POWER”…. and …. she is acting on it.

    She does have a TV but she works long hours and does not relax and watch very much TV. She likes the radio, but it is mainly for listening to music .

    My point is…..

    This person has not read all of the computer information or listened to the Radio or TV to “hear” about all that is going on and how we
    must prepare if we are going to survive.

    This person is in “Direct communication with a Higher Power” who is “telling” her what to do.

    And she is listening.

    Are you listening ?

  12. Trek well says:

    Do you suppose the pulses hint at a intelligent source?

  13. Mary says:

    Thank you both for the exchange above. Very thought provoking dialog.

    Dr Paul thank you for the videos in particular the Kiev example due to the long duration of the sound and the Allen TX example for it’s clarity.
    I am deeply moved and disturbed by the viewing…I do not understand why… why, this phenomenon does not seem to be of great question to the world population, scientists, astronomers etc. and it appears we are to be left without interest or disclosure.
    This does call to mind [to quote your post] the Popul Vuh of the Quiché Mayan Indians which describes the second world as being populated by a race of wooden men who were wanting in intelligence and had no memory of their maker. It says that because they forgot about the Heart of Heaven, they were destroyed by a thick resin that fell from heaven and darkened the Earth, which was accompanied by a catastrophe of fire and tremendous earthquakes (Brinton, Myths of the New World, 1876). Are they back and in charge? Certainly the dumbing down agenda in education, and by way of intentional poisoning of the mass population via chem trails, fluoride, emf pollution, vaccines and the elimination, and intimidation and the forbidden mention of God or Intelligent Design in academia…I am left speechless and in disgust. Blessings to you, your burden must be unfathomable.
    Thank you for reaching out, always reaching out to the world and personally replying to the handful of people here who care very deeply for you. Very greatest respect for you Dr. Paul…very greatest respect.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Loucas Cave for being the the implementer of your message.

  14. Laron says:

    While the consciousness changes can be seen going on in many different ways right now, from riots and protests around the world to the very unstable global economic situation, the breaking down of Government secrets which are being revealed more and more, and a whole lot of others things, we are seeing great earth and weather changes as well.

    From my own research over the past ten years or so, I have come to the conclusion that something much larger and populace impacting must happen for the changes which are necessary to occur within this current cycle we have reached and are transitioning through.

    Through all his work, Paul has brought to the table a very well researched and detailed look at how energies from space impact our lives here on Earth, on multiple levels, and his arguments are very convincing when looking at the evidence he has produced around his theories in relation to stellar explosions and their impact directly on Earth.

    In relation to Cloud G2 reaching the galactic center and possibly having a star and companion which could tidal strip into the black hole at Sagittarius A* and produce a stellar explosion resulting in shock wave of gravity and energies towards Earth around the month of April this year… I was thinking about something I have noticed recently.

    I was very closely following Clif High’s webbot IDIR predictions for the first half of 2013 and because of how closely I was following them and reporting on them through my blog, I have certain events that were predicted, stuck in my mind. Its hard to not notice those events when they are being reported on in the media, alternative and mainstream.

    A lot of what was predicted back then within the weekly Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports came true within the time frame that Clif High forecasted, which was within the days and weeks following each report that come out of all the data the software collects, from trawling the internet. The accuracy, in my opinion, of the webbot was very impressive. This also applies to his long term ALTA reports.

    But there were a number of predictions which just never happened, either in full or initially. Especially some specific events forecasted surrounding the ‘Global Coastal Event’.

    What I directly refer to is that those of us who were following the Global Coastal Event situation back then, expected a global event to occur around the 20th of May, 2013. While certain things did occur, such as the deepest earthquake ever recorded which was felt very far away from eastern Russia, the epicentre, and which also impacted the magma in the Earth on a global scale as was recently reported on by Scientists, there was no sudden global series of quakes and tsunamis as was forecasted by Clif High.

    But, I want to be clear, in my opinion, over 50% of what Clif High reported to occur within the Global Coastal Event has actually occurred. And a lot did actually manifest back around may 2013. You can find a detailed summary of the language that came up in relation to this forecast here,

    Getting back to my mention of some the webbot IDIR predictions that never manifested fully, or got started, they are now being fulfilled within these couple of months as we head into 2014. I am going to list a few of them below which I have noticed, but what I am getting at here is that if these events are now occurring then the remaining language which was predicted within the language relating to the Global Coastal Event, may also possibly start to occur. What would be the trigger to for them? Cloud G2 is something to seriously look at because of the timing of all of this. As roughly a year later, we have these webbot IDIR predictions starting to be fulfilled and I expect more of them will be as we head into the next few months.

    Paul has proven that in Earth’s past stellar explosions have occurred within a time frame where major natural disasters and changes on Earth have resulted, as well as changes in society on a massive scale.

    This is really all about connecting up multiple sources of information and bringing it all together to calculate the catalysts and triggers for what goes on for us.

    The list of webbot IDIR predictions from early last year which are coming to fruition lately,

    -the polar vortex/ record breaking winter conditions were predicted to occur back then in US/Europe. While the polar vortex did collapse officially, which I reported on back then, it is truly matching the language that was predicted back then, right now
    -the stories and situations around the extreme winter conditions, as created by the polar vortex situation, these conditions were specifically forecasted within the IDIR reports last year (europe and the US specifically) The recent story of people being stranded in their cars overnight on the freeways in Georgia and Alabama sounds very similar to a prediction last year.
    -the flu epidemic (H7N9? i think is the strain) is getting much worse with the particular strain that has caused a number of deaths in multiple countries now. Its much worse than in early 2013
    -power power outages in multiple states in the us, in a short period of time
    -shortage of food supplies from farms, such as that beef shortage situation. I saw an article today that 8.7 million pounds of beef was recalled in the US (that wouldn’t help with the shortage)
    -the four bankers that committed suicide as reported in the news., that is spot on for a prediction made last year by Clif. However, these are likely to be assassinations going by the info that came up in the webbot data
    -the economic situation in the news lately, such as with china holding cash transfers… and dumping US bonds, things seem to be getting much worse. Banks limiting withdrawals on ATM’s and recently in the news HSBC stopping people from withdrawing money from their savings because they require a form filled in explaining what the money is going to be used for
    -the military situation with china and japan in the south china seas… the coming conflict that looks to become more than just words with China threatening to attack islands this year
    -Probably a stretch here(leaving it till last), but some of you may have heard that forty members of Congress are planning to leave their seats in congress this year. Where are they going? What do they know? Situations like this were predicted within the IDI reports before a global event occurred

    There are other predictions but I think that’s most of them.


  15. David Alexander says:

    I recently read that electrical forces can be involved in interactions between celestial bodies and that in the case of interactions that determine the orbits of planets electrical forces may sometimes provide a better explanation since the orbits of some gas giants orbiting stars seem to be too far away from the star they are orbiting to be explained by gravitational forces alone. It seems like such forces could also be involved in an encounter which could potentially cause a planet to disintegrate and that the electrical forces at the galactic center could be so strong that even if gravitational forces alone would allow the planet to bounce away like a pinball electrical forces could make it more likely that a planet could be drawn into the galactic center and explode even if it was moving very rapidly. Did your estimate of the likelihood of a core explosion include the possibility of electrical forces being involved during the encounter? I’m guessing the astronomer who responded to you probably didn’t include this in his analysis since it is not a mainstream idea.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      You are correct that electric forces could play an important role in disrupting a star or planet approaching too close to the core. As far as I know, astronomers do not take into consideration the possible existence of such fields in their tidal disruption calculations. Whether such electric effects would be more important than gravitational effects is difficult to say without an in depth study being performed. In chapter 9 of my book Subquantum Kinetics, I propose that supermassive cores are surrounded by radially directed electric field gradients due to the fact that the surface EM radiation is able to preferentially lift electrons away from the core surface, with the heavier protons being lifted by their electrostatic attraction to the electrons. As a result, a strong field gradient is produced that accelerates particles to relativistic velocities, thereby producing cosmic rays. Magnetic field effects would also likely be important. If these forces are significant, then an incoming planet or star would begin to disintegrate at a greater distance from the core, which indeed would increase its chance of capture and increase the chance of a triggered outburst. It is noteworthy that stars orbiting the Galactic core, at their orbital periastron, do not come closer to the core than 80 AU, star S14 being the only one to approach this close at periastron. The only explanation is that anything approaching closer than this is either consumed or flung outward as a high velocity star. As noted in earlier postings, a star would likely begin its break up when approaching within 30 AU. It is possible then, that this break up could begin a bit further out.

  16. Alex says:

    Dr La Violette, thank you for your replies. It is hard to match prophecy and science, but is much needed for a world that doesn’t believe either one.

    Timeline in prophecy is the all important sequence of events. Does it correspond to timelines the way the futurists see them? Multiple timelines?

    Let me give example of a prophecy quoted by most Bible researchers, Daniel’s 70 weeks of years. 69 weeks (483 years) were fulfilled up to the date according to credible researchers who use all kind of calendars, history facts and sacred texts. Still the 70th week of 7 years is pending. So it was allowed a time far greater than the entire 483 years, that is 1980 years after Jesus Christ, without the final fulfillment of Daniel. If God allowed such a break up in the Daniel’s prophetic timeline, other pauses could be allowed too.

    In that sense, and taking into account Peter’s letters that you quote, especially the event in 2 Peter of fiery end of earth, I think we should not talk of imminent End times in the sense of a Second Coming Now. But rather of prolonged timelines and sequence of events with possible more pauses as that of Daniel. I could point out to such logical pauses, but it goes away from the topic. I expect rescue mission from earth, rapture-like event without being followed by antichrist, rather by a fiery pause of any civilization on Earth for eons, until the earth is restored. I might be wrong and End times befall us tomorrow, or on April 15 blood moon as some famous preachers say.

    One question of “practical use”: Could the Earth be enclosed in a kind of event horizon by a powerful installation like that of CERN or bigger one, with the purpose to avoid events from outside universe and to have a very slow time flow inside? Let say inside could be those 7 years of Daniel, and outside – millions of years allotted to the wider Universe. That will satisfy the timeline paradoxes and illogical sequence of events in the Revelation, that I will not discuss here.

    Dr Anderson was the first insider to connect to Augustine’s view of time. Augustine makes such an illogical jump in the well known timeline of Revelation. Was he a time traveler? I am sorry Dr Anderson’s site is down and I cannot ask him that question. Just guessing.

  17. Alex says:

    The above my “explanation” does not pretend of deep understanding of Einstein’s relativity of time. May be it shows no such understanding at all. Let alone more dimensions if they exist, as researched in CERN. This goes beyond my imagination.

    I hope Dr La Violette will keep clarifying all of that for us.

    Some Bible scholars see in Revelation two timelines, one of “heaven’s time” and another of “earth’s”.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Yes, for example, in the biblical book of 2 Peter 3:8 states ‘one day is like a thousand years’. So this would imply that the Day of the Lord is a catastrophe that lasts for a thousand years of our time. indeed, during the ice age, there were cosmic ray events that lasted this long, and at times even longer. But lets hope that if something does happen that it is more like the “Minute of the Lord”.

  18. Alex says:

    If we assume G2 wave traveled already 23,000 years to cross the distance of 23,000 light years, then it means the prophet of Revelation wrote the book already inside that time period and could “see” or be told of by higher powers. That is valid of course for all other prophets of the Old Testament. That explains the paradox of an event that has already taken place in the core of the galaxy (or elsewhere) but is still not visible to us due to the limited speed of light. It could be “seen” by the help of higher powers and related to prophets who are in contact with those powers. Today some insiders speak of hyperspace travel, stargates and Looking glass technologies given to humanity by ET. We could not verify that by ourselves but there is a great dose of credibility those insiders show on their interviews. If some of us believe That, we could also assume the prophets of old had similar or even better capabilities thanks to higher powers or “angelic choirs” allowed by God to tell future events in advance.

    My personal understanding (that might be wrong) is the 6th seal of Revelation still didn’t take place. Other interpretations are quite possible. As I heard of the strange sounds in 2011, immediately my mind went to the Trumps of Revelation that happen in the next chapters.

    Revelation 6 (KJV)

    12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

    13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

    14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Yes, you are correct. If the soothsayers were adept at remote viewing and could sense a distant location at speeds far faster than light speed, then they could sense the danger of an approaching superwave. Experiments have been done with quantum entanglement which have shown that the spin orientation of an entangled particle was communicated over 100,000 times the speed of light and it is possible that human telepathy makes use of this natural phenomenon and that telepathy itself is superluminal. The other possibility to consider is the existence of angelic beings who exist in a realm out of our normal time and space and who might share warnings with spiritually evolved persons. But here our discussion gets far removed from the reaches of science.

  19. Alex says:

    That is great to connect the Trumps of Revelation with the sound waves heard everywhere. Anyway, they didn’t get credible explanation by science so far.

    However disputable the historical authorship of the book of Revelation might be, the book is a matter of fact in our present day Bible, so I take it as such.

    Dr. La Violette, don’t you think the 6th seal’s symbolism is more appropriate of what is expected to happen with the Galactic core?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Probably it is, but this is a fresco photo I happened to have that showed an angel sounding a trumpet. Also the scorpion locusts were relevant since cosmic rays from the core on the border of Scorpio could be said to sting and cause months of hardship if humans exposed themselves to them.

    • Michael S. says:

      You may find the following of interest:

      The Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse

      What Do They Mean?

      Their Identification in Today’s World at

  20. Michael S. says:

    Considering what you have related in the above post, I believe that sharing the following is in order.

    In the fall of 2011 we published a document (1) discussing coherence of the Earth being impacted by a Gamma Ray Burst with Biblical prophecy and recent revelations. In it we clearly expressed that the probability of such scenario manifesting itself was so remote that it would happen if God made it happen.

    Toward the end of January (2014) I received a letter from one of our readers. In the letter she said, and I quote the extent of the communication: “I wonder if you have any insight on the G2 cloud foretold for to appear in the future?”

    The only G2 I had ever heard up to that time was the Cuban equivalent of the Soviet KGB and Nazi Gestapo, which is called “el G2″…. and I am serious! Five days later her correspondence was even briefer…. it was just a link to one of your G 2 cloud updates. It was then that I realized that, what I had written about in the Fall of 2011 (1), qualifying it as a statistically impossible situation, seemed to be manifesting itself.

    It was then when we published the Part 2 (2) to the document published back in 2011.

    Even if the projected G2 cloud event fizzles out it is a moot point as far as we are concerned. What this G 2 cloud situation has proven, to those who need to “see to believe”, is that it is very possible, even if statistically appeared to be practically impossible.

    May God continue to Bless your work.



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