Evidence of superwave propagation in a nearby galaxy


Hubble Telescope image of starburst galaxy M82 (courtesy of NASA).

One thing that we should be seriously concerned about is astronomer’s nonchalant attitude in regard to their observation of the encounter of the G2 cloud with our Galaxy’s core.  As noted in the Galactic Pinball posting about the G2 cloud encounter, astronomers are actually hoping to see “fireworks” to learn more about how “black holes dine”.  They don’t realize that, if the galactic core does erupt and produces fireworks strong enough to release a superwave, then the moment we see the outburst, the superwave cosmic rays will be here at our doorstep and will start to bite us.  Perhaps they think that just because the Galactic center lies 23,000 light years away, there is nothing to worry about.

This calls to mind the Popul Vuh of the Quiché Mayan Indians which describes the second world as being populated by a race of wooden men who were wanting in intelligence and had no memory of their maker.  It says that because they forgot about the Heart of Heaven, they were destroyed by a thick resin that fell from heaven and darkened the Earth, which was accompanied by a catastrophe of fire and tremendous earthquakes (Brinton, Myths of the New World, 1876).

 Evidence that superwaves do exist in active galaxies can be seen in the case of the nearby “starburst galaxy” M82 in which astronomers have recently observed a radio source moving at the superluminal speed of 4.2c.  This phenomenon is produced by cosmic rays traveling rectilinearly through the galaxy’s central region at very close to the speed of light.  The emissions we see are coming from cosmic rays following a trajectory aimed close to our line of site.  For details about this are discussed in the recent superwave forum posting.

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  1. We stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I might check
    things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look
    forward to looking into your web page again.

  2. David says:

    Thank you for the update Dr. Laviolette, as always your ideas make sense. I can understand the frustration in communicating with the Low brow Knuckle Draggers farming the “Politically Correct” Programs of the Science community.

    I read your piece at the Starburst forum on this event, and particularly interested in the recent Supernova information. I wonder if Longitudial waves had anything to do with 3 of these in just the past 10 years? The location of those Supernova or distance from the GC would certainly be enlightening in determining if they were caused by a Gravity wave of Longitudinal waves.

    I do have some information that shows a direct link between Galaxcy’s:

    “This deep image shows the nebula (cyan) extending across 2 million light-years that was discovered around the bright quasar UM287 (at the center of the image). The energetic radiation of the quasar makes the surrounding intergalactic gas glow, revealing the morphology and physical properties of a cosmic web filament. The image was obtained at the W. M. Keck Observatory. (Credit: S. Cantalupo, UCSC) ”


    I am wondering if there is some type of magnetic field associated with these clouds, and if that magnetic field links the Galaxcy’s. like the strong magnetic field recently found in the cloud at the edge of our Heliosphere.

    This “Super Wave” in M82 is apparently a a short lived event, since the GC in quiet and the wave apparently has not traversed the entire M82 Galaxy.

    Somehow, I can’t believe there can be much for advanced civilizations in this universe, if these events scour the Universes Galaxcy’s on a regular basis.

    I do believe the man was right, when he said we live in a Ghetto, with drive by’s and a nuke down the street. Somehow knowing more about our situation, is not conforting, nor does it lead to any solutions, only the regret that our ancestors ever decided to move out of the Cave.

    • Mary says:

      David, your sentiments are shared, by the few remaining isolated Australian Aboriginal Indigenous people who smashed their 100,000 + year old sacred molec stones a few years ago in a cry out to the creator.

  3. Mary says:

    Gratitude Dr. Paul.
    Respectfully, Mary

  4. Caroline says:

    Thanks, I will look further into Seyferts and doppler broadened spectral lines.

  5. Caroline Anderson says:

    Hi Dr. LaViolette, I have been trying to get my head wrapped around the idea of a Seyfert galaxy as opposed to a quiescent galaxy. I have viewed many images of Seyferts and indeed they look very bright and active with what I would call an AGC (Active or Agitated Galactic Core). I have also looked at many images of the spiral arm of our own Milky Way as well as images of Sagittarius A including the dark rift and bright bulge. In viewing these images as well as artists’ renderings of our own galaxy from a viewpoint above I fail to see the difference between an AGC galaxy and our own quiescent galaxy. They all look bright and active to me. Could you shed some light on this? (No pun intended) 🙂

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      The term astronomers use is AGN, standing for active galactic nucleus. I cannot answer specifically since don’t know what Seyfert picture you looked at. The ones I have seen have a bright center. Our center is not that bright currently, even if we could see it through the dust. I suggest you could read about Seyfert galaxies. It is more than just having a bright core. Doppler broadened spectral lines due to ionized gas expulsion are also a characteristic.

  6. Alex says:

    M82 is very beautiful galaxy. I hope the civilizations there managed to escape/survive the outburst.

    “Perhaps they think that just because the Galactic center lies 23,000 light years away, there is nothing to worry about.”

    Just to realize the wave probably already traveled 23,000 years, it is amazing! I wonder, could there be possible some time delay due to space-time distortion of some kind delaying the expected accretion date for G2 by more than one year? The “spagetifying” already takes place, but not the expected higher radiation? That is strange to say the least. Perhaps the wave will hit us quite unexpectedly, as tsunami that moves the water first inside the ocean and then jumps on the shore.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      No, I doubt that there is any relativistic time delay going on. The reason why the date for G2 reaching pericenter was changed from July 2013 to April 2014 was because of difficulty in determining its orbit. There was another source in the line of sight that previously had not been accounted for and once they knew about it, the had to change the predicted trajectory. As for the spagetifying that is currently taking place. My opinion is that this diffuse gas component (the spagetti portion) may never make it into the core because the cosmic ray and gas wind emanating from the core keeps it from falling in. A compact object like a planet or star coming more directly in is another story. In that case a core impact could occur.

    • Faye says:

      Alex I would think that the civilizations in galaxy M82 survived just as the civilizations in our galaxy will survive .. and what you say about the ‘super kill shot wave’ generated from the outburst of the central sun, appearing unexpectedly and heading our way like a rolling tsunami moving in the ocean first .. then jumping on the shore … would be more like a rolling ripple of an ignited wall of electrical charged plasma traveling through leaps and bounds through the seas of space as it jumps in view just inside walls of every heliosphere, not long before it reaches the shores of every planet, moon, and ect., within every solar system ..

      And I would conclude that this indeed would be the event foretold as “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken” ….

      But just as civilizations in galaxy M82 … our survival will actually lay in that pulse wave traveling with yet just ahead of that devastating rolling wall of fire .. which will Shift the people over into a ‘Nexus alternant zone of a reality’ … all through the galaxy …

      And this mystery of the CREATOR … no man can change or stop .. the world would have changed from the Central Sun of the Mother Core and foundation, from which this galaxy was created .. we’re in for the ride of the millennium … and all we can do is hold on, as this Earth’s core and all bearing the signature of this core has been prepared for the Harvest Shift …

  7. Sérgio T. J. says:

    Hi, Dr. Paul.
    Thanks for sharing the information and the legit concerns. I’d like to know if an activity of our GC, even a moderate one that directly shouldn’t cause any harm to Earth, could trigger an increase activity of our Sun and therefore gusts in the solar wind.
    Best regards.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I can’t say for sure whether the gravity wave component might directly trigger activity on the Sun causing solar flares. The superwaves that passed us during the last 5300 years do not seem to have severely affected solar flare activity. But if a superwave occurs that is very prolonged, e.g., lasts over a few hundred years pushing cosmic dust into the Solar System, then this could definitely affect the Sun, as I have written about often.

  8. Michael S. says:

    Keep on pounding with scientific facts and rock solid logic, Paul.

    Hopefully some of those “Why Me Worry?” astronomers may take this situation as serious as it is.

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