The Zodiac Cipher

If you feel you are ready to try deciphering the zodiac cryptogram, enter here

Background Reading and Solution to the Cryptogram

Those interested in learning the solution to the zodiac cryptogram and in finding out more about the zodiac’s prehistoric creation metaphysics may wish to read Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation, by Paul A. LaViolette.

Bear & Company, Rochester, VT, April 2004, 1995

ISBN: 1-59143-034-8; $24.00, paperback, 374 pages, 140 black-and-white illustrations.

Details of how the zodiac message and related constellation lore convey the celestial cause of the global cataclysm that occurred near the end of the last ice age are detailed in Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age, by Paul A. LaViolette.

Bear & Company, Rochester, VT, October 2005, 1997

ISBN: 0-9642025-1-4, $26.00, paperback, 405 pages, 115 black-and-white illustrations.

Also, details about the theory of subquantum kinetics, the modern counterpart to this ancient ether physics may be found in the book Subquantum Kinetics: A Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology, by Paul A. LaViolette.

Starlane Publications, Niskayuna, NY, 1994, 2003

ISBN: 978-0-9642025-7-3, $36.00, paperback, 352 pages, moderately technical, contains equations.

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