The Riddle of the Sphinx
Decipher the zodiac cryptogram

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    The first 11 Tarot Arcana


    Reorder the astrological signs
    and decode the zodiac cipher.

    Hint Number 1: How the sphinx serves as a key to the zodiac cryptogram.

    Hint Number 2: Which zodiac constellation sign should be used as a starting point.

    Hint Number 3: Which of the 22 major arcana of the Tarot should be matched up with the signs of the zodiac.

    Hint Number 4: What modern discipline studies a science similar to that encoded in the Tarot and zodiac.

    The Tarot menu (left) correctly sequences the universal principles that describe the creation of physical form. Using this as a "genetic code" guide, resequence the zodiac signs by determining which of these universal principles is best expressed by each sign. Then sequentially select the corresponding zodiac signs to register your choice. You will get feedback on your selection after having entered four choices.

    If you decipher the Riddle successfuly, you will receive as a gift a free copy of Paul LaViolette's 41 page systems theory analysis document wich explains the riddle and uncovers the ancient knowledge hidden inside the zodiac.

    If you don't want to decipher the Riddle by yourself you can always buy and download Paul LaViolette's 41 page systems theory analysis document which contains the Riddle's solution.

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