The Zodiac Cipher

Here are some hints that should help you decipher the zodiac cryptogram

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To express their science of matter-energy creation, the zodiac signs must be placed in a sequential order that has a starting and ending point. Although Ptolemaic astrologers arbitrarily set Aries to be the first sign of the zodiac, you will find that this choice leads to a blind alley.

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The Tarot — The Second Key: The Tarot is the second key to the zodiac cryptogram. The 22 Tarot arcana first appeared in renaissance Europe in Gypsy fortune telling cards. But esoteric tradition holds that these pictograms date from the time of ancient Egypt and that they express important Hermetic science concepts that were part of the Osirian mysteries. A document entitled An Egyptian Initiation, attributed to the 3rd century AD neoplatonist philosopher Iamblichus provides valuable information. This reports that a novice priest who wished to be indoctrinated into the mysteries of Osiris was blindfolded by the two eldest Magi priests and brought to stand before the Great Sphinx at Giza. The novice would then pass through a secret door, presumably situated between the paws of the Sphinx, and into a subterranean labyrinth which led to the underground Temple of Osiris.

Although seismic evidence has indicated that a hollowed out chamber may lie beneath the front of the Sphinx, no door has yet been found between the forepaws. So we may conclude that this ancient initiation may have been conducted elsewhere and that the blindfolded initiate was made to believe that he was passing beneath the Sphinx for reasons of its symbolism. That is, the east-facing Giza Sphinx represented the Aker gate from which the sun emerged from the Netherworld at the break of day, the Netherworld being the mystical realm where Osiris ruled over the souls of the deceased. In these underground passages, the novice had to endure a series of grueling trials designed to test his intuition, intelligence, and moral strength. If he succeeded in surviving, he would emerge into a long gallery whose walls were adorned with 22 symbolic frescoes whose descriptions are strikingly similar to those found in the Gypsy Tarot. There, the Chief Magus would greet the novice and instruct him as to the significance of the frescoes. The novice was required to commit these meanings to memory. Once he learned this science he was prohibited from revealing it to the uninitiated under penalty of death.

Like the novice priest, you will find that the Tarot gives you an important clue to deciphering the zodiac cryptogram. Over the years, esoteric scholars have attempted to establish a correlation between the Tarot and the 12 zodiac signs, but to no avail. Do not be misled by their attempts.

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The task of placing the zodiac’s signs in their proper order is much easier if you first acquire some background on the process-based creation science they encode.

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