Swift X-ray Telescope Update for GC

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Swift X-ray intensity observations of the Galactic center as of February 22nd (415 days of data)

Swift X-ray intensity observations of the Galactic center as of February 22nd (415 days of data)

News update by: Paul LaViolette, February 22, 2014

As of February 22nd, we see that the Galactic core is still in its quiescent mode.  Comparing the most recent data (right side) to the earlier baseline (left side) we see a slight upward shift which is due to residual X-ray emission coming from the nearby magnetar which experienced an outburst almost one year ago (around day 110).  Both the magnetar and the Galactic core fall in the same field of view and so cannot be separated in the net data plot.

Additional Swift Telescope data updates can be found at the following Swift site: https://swift-sgra.com/.

     Estimated date when the G2 cloud reaches pericenter is around April 1st, plus or minus 3 weeks.  Hence we should begin to watch closely from March 10th to April 21st because that is when something could begin to happen: such as a star being tidally stripped off from a possible binary system hidden within G2.  From that pericenter date, we will have a delay of approximately four and a half months before the companion star orbits around and inward to the core if its new orbit happens to take it there.  (My earlier estimate which proposed that there would be a delay of some weeks until the companion possibly fragmented and impacted the core was incorrect; see https://etheric.com/galactic-core-still-calm-new-swift-data.)

A Project Camelot interview updating the G2 cloud situation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4th.  It should be posted in the Sphinx Stargate news section within a day of that time.



20 Responses to Swift X-ray Telescope Update for GC

  1. Regen says:

    And now? Where are all those catastrophes?

  2. Mark says:

    “Earth will be a rotisserie”…..Maj. Ed Dames ( remote viewer )

    … something to that effect if it comes from the Sun.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Ed Dames has been wrong many times in the past. He said that something like this would happen about 10 years back, frightened a lot of people, and nothing ever happened. There have been no such effects from the Sun for the past 11,000 years even though we have had at least 13 small superwaves hit us during this interval.

  3. Mary says:

    Dear Dr. Paul, Many thanks for the excellent livestream interview with Project Camelot. I am overwhelmed. You did mention other radio interviews, I am very interested to know of those as well… as I’m sure we all are. The interview was a lot of work. Everyone please BE SURE to watch it as soon as Dr. Paul is able to post it.
    Gratitude abounds~Mary

  4. Roman Mercl says:

    Hi Paul. Why the explosion of galactic nuclei and subsequent superwave leads to the extinction of species? Do you think it could be the destruction of the ozone layer due to strong solar flares? Or is it something else?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I did not say that superwaves (in our Galaxy) are necessarily extinction level. The majority are not. It is the Sun that is the primary cause of extinctions, as explained in my book Earth Under Fire and in my paper published 2011 in the journal Radiocarbon (http://www.starburstfound.org/downloads/superwave/SPE.html). Both megasolar flares and UV depletion are involved.

  5. Bernard P. says:

    If there’s only a -10% chance it will be a major problem then why should we be concerned?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Every one is different. Maybe those odds don’t concern you, but others may find them troubling. In any case, if one believes the soul is immortal, even if a superwave does occur and cause fatalities, in the long run one still retains conscious awareness in an ascended state. These odds are figured very roughly. A major simulation project should be conducted to figure what the actual odds will be for a G2 binary star triggering an outburst.

      • Larry G says:

        Well, worrying won’t help but it would be good to know if the Earth were to be subjected to the radiation blast and subsequent disastrous effects. Maybe there would be some way to seek some protection. All of civilization didn’t perish in previous outbursts.

      • Bernard P. says:

        I believe the soul what survives is also physical n is a duplicate body. There is an old belief that a person’s soul is the exact duplicate of his/her body (Frederick Lee, Examples of the Supernatural, 1894). This was the belief widely held in ancient cultures (Ghost-Wikipedia). In ancient Egypt, the double was called the ka, parallel to the self, and the 2 were depicted as twins, and were born at the same time (Dictionnaire de l’insolite et du fantasique, J.-L. Bernard, 1973). According to occult tradition, there is a spirit body, as well as a material body, which exists in all of us (Field Guide to Ghosts and Other Apparitions, Hilary Evans and Patrick Huyghe, p. 141, Quill-HarperCollins, 2000). This was largely also the view of Spiritualism.

        But you refer to higher dimensions n the ascended state yet you say, as I do, that space is 3D, so I’m not sure what higher dimensions ur refering to.

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          I will admit that from our perspective living in the physical world we can define space in terms of 3 Cartesian coordinates (hence 3D). By higher dimension, I mean there is a dimension that is potentially accessible at every point in 3D space but which leads to a realm “outside” of our physical world. Hence in this sense it is higher dimensional. We cannot journey there in physical form. But our subconscious has glimpses I believe and our souls likely reside in that higher realm which we become aware of at death or in near death experiences. Once we are aware of that realm, we likely will discover that there are yet other dimensions beyond even that realm. In fact, Creation may consist of an infinite number of dimensions, only a few of which are currently accessible to us. But this gets a bit off the subject of this posting which has to do with the G2 cloud.

          • Bernard P. says:

            I believe there is no separation between the physical n the mental, but the physical is probably illusion. Any ways thanks for the clarification, but getting back to the G2, does the -10 % imply a 90+% chance of local black outs that could last for several months?

          • Paul LaViolette says:

            The blackouts could last up to 10 years in some regions if the EMP fries most of the grid transformers. The effects would be similar to a Carrington event solar flare which the U.S. National Research Council was warning us about as early as 2009. See: http://starburstfound.org/steps-that-should-be-taken-for-superwave-preparedness/

  6. jon firmage says:

    I have had a total of nine ‘wave ‘ dreams since April of 2009.

    In each dream scenario, I see many smaller (but still significant) waves made of light/energy that hit Earth in order to ‘upgrade’ us and the planet prior to the first of two massive waves that utterly transform everything!

    About three weeks ago I awoke seeing the numbers 44 in my minds eye. I immediately looked at the clock and it was 4:40! I knew, as this sort of thing has happened before, that it was a profound message.

    When I got up that morning I felt impressed to look online at some of the more alternative sites I frequent and the first article I saw was by Dr. LaViolette regarding the potential superwave event of March/April!

    My heart jumped in recognition of the same energy signature that had awakened me during the night when I saw the number 44.

    Later that day, when driving to pick up my daughter from school I had a thought that, perhaps, the number meant the Event could occur in 44 days which would place it on March 22nd …a fascinating date as the numerology is 322…the same number as many secret societies use. What happened next was incredible!

    As I pondered the significance of March 22nd and whether or not my experience was indeed pointing to that date my eyes got suddenly directed to the odometer of the car I was driving…that very second it hit 44,000 miles! No joke!

    Much has happened, internally and externally since that experience to confirm the enormous significance of these next two months.

    As for me, I find it fascinating that the astrology, intuitive’s the world over and now the astronomy point to the same general sixty day period as monumental and transformational.

    I guess synchronicity favors the curious:)

    The real ‘library of Alexandria’ is about to be opened within our own genetic structure. As the circuit becomes complete the current will begin to flow sparked by our own Galactic Mother/Father.

    Cheers my friends,

    About A month ago, I awoke

    • Lois Hoffer says:

      I also had a dream recently, and saw/heard only “April 4th”. I NEVER have interesting dreams of any kind, so this stands out as something important.

  7. Mary says:

    Dear Beatriz, thank you for sharing this with us. Very interesting and maybe we must be diligent to view the Project Camelot Update March 4th, to be posted here March 5th as soon as it becomes available unless it will hopefully be live streamed and view able March 4th. Is there information regarding it being recorded or livestreamed? I have looked and have not found the answer. Dr. Paul, am I correct to reason that the residual X-ray emissions from the nearby magnastar which experienced an outburst about a year ago will continue to fall in the same field of vision of the Swift X-ray telescope, as the Galactic core itself, throughout the March-April window and therefore continue to be inseparable on the net data plot? Thank you, with ongoing gratitude and respect. ~Mary

  8. Larry G says:

    Dr. LaViolette,
    I see your explanation here of the time frame of events and apparently this interaction between G2 and the GC is not something to be detected visually but by radiation emissions, until any “impact”. Thanks.

  9. Beatriz Ortega Pizarro says:

    Dear Dr. La Violette:
    As you probably know, the universe is the handwriting of God, indeed, and it is both, self-organizing and self-correcting. Personally, I don’t feel afraid about the G2 cloud. Actually, I see this event as catalytic for all humankind.
    Precisely today, I read about a Mexican seer, who was hit by a ray when she was a little. Since then, she has communications with the Fatima Virgin. According to her, the days 11and 13 of each month are important. The 11 are prophecies of God and the 13th are prophecies of the Fatima Virgin. She said between 5th of March, 14 and 17 of April, we will be witness the events in the sky. She saw a light, of color red, that will cover all the world. A moon, no white or yellow but orange and the sun darker than normal. It will be hard for some people to see it, because also this events will happen on catholic holy days. She also saw more events, like meteors, unexpected lights, rays falling on important places, and more and dramatic change in the patterns of the weather, extreme heat, brutal tornados, epic earthquakes from the mountains of the dessert arriving toward the sea. Extreme electric storms, erupt volcanos, and extreme drought al over the world and a war. According to the Fatima Virgin this will be a year of reborn for all the world.
    I want Dr. La Violette give you my eternal gratitude for share with us all your honest work and knowledge with us.