Supreme Court Tosses Out Texas Complaint Without Viewing the Evidence

Posted by P. LaViolette
December 14, 2020

The Texas case was thrown out late Friday evening December 11th.  Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report gives an emergency update on this and concludes that Trump is now left with the option of invoking the Insurrection Act.

A day later, Mike Adams also released the following important update.  He reports on new executive orders which President Trump has issued.  Also he reports about how rogue CIA hit squads have been active and have already assasinated at least one election fraud whistleblower.  He also mentions that Trump has signed an executive order establishing lines of succession in case top officials die.  Seems he is preparing in case aggressive action is taken against his administration.  Adams believes that if Biden comes to power, he will make vacinations mandatory, using vacines that have been reported to have a high casualty rate.  He also mentions that Chinese generals are being trained for winter warfare at Canadian military bases. Story is confirmed by Canadian officials.  Incidentally, Canadian primeminister Trudeau, a globalist, has made public his hatred for Trump.  Makes you wonder what the Chinese have in mind.  Adams suggests a Chinese invasion is imminent.

One other report on recent statements made by prosecutor Sydney Powell:

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