Parabolic Sun Shield or Cosmic Ray Shield Seen in Space?


Recently, someone posted a link to the following youtube news item which shows an image of a large shield-like structure supported by struts extending from some object positioned near its focus:

If this shield is as far away as Venus, it would be huge.  Most likely it is much closer to us.  It is a puzzle what the thing is.


It appears that the above youtube link was in error in assuming this to be a real phenomenon.  It appears just to be a telescope lens flare.  See the following link sent bin a comment from Patricia:

7 Responses to Parabolic Sun Shield or Cosmic Ray Shield Seen in Space?

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you Dr. Paul, Please include me in updates for this posting I somehow missed. Sincerely, Mary

    • Mary says:

      Oh I apologize Paul.. I see it was debunked,
      Please accept my apologies and ignore/delete my posts…how embarrassing. :/ ~Mary

  2. Patricia lagrange martínez says:

    I found this interesting video that explains what it is all about the supossed shield.

  3. Kurt Sarrica says:

    Dear Dr. LaViolette,
    I have seen several videos referencing this “mystery object” and my first instinct is to say it is probably some sort of optical artifact caused by parts of the telescope’s secondary mirror support reflecting off of the cover glass of the telescope’s aperture. The fact that this “object” has only been “seen” by the Secchi telescope suggests that it is an anomaly peculiar to that instrument. I have also seen someone comment that they have previously seen this same “object” on Secchi images several years ago, which suggests it is probably a result of some occasional particular orientation between the sun and the telescope. Here is a link to some images of the telescope parts I am referring to:

  4. Robin Small says:

    I take it the Sun is on the Right and Earth on the left …

    So the parabolic would be like our eye and would focus everything towards the center … would this be a way to make everything around and say orbiting behind and just outside our Sun appear to be our Sun …

    If so … it is very revealing as to what it is probably hiding …
    or potentially prepared for …. Superwave … Solar flare or all three ?

    Nibiru ??