Rome American Embassy, CIA, MI-6 Agents, and Corrupt Leonardo Satellite Programmer Implicated in Presidential Election Fraud

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 9, 2021, updated January 15, 2021

This is Big.  Bradley Johnson, retired CIA chief, is interviewed on Dec 17th informing about the cyber election fraud scheme that was orchestrated through the American embassy in Rome, with the help of MI6 agent cyber techs, rogue CIA agents, and a corrupted senior software programmer working at the Leonardo defense satellite program.  Arrests have reportedly been made and affadavits acquired.  The whole affair has been dubbed Italygate and is all over the news in Italy.  Meanwhile cabal controlled U.S. mainstream media denies that this ever happened.

One of several British MI-6 agents photographed in the Rome airport.

Affadavit signed by the head of the Leonardo SpA satellite program testifying to his role in switching votes from Trump to Biden in the U.S. elections, while being directed to do this be personnel in the U.S. embassy.

Testimony by Prof. Alfio D’Urso (lawyer) about facts conveyed in meetings with high level army security officials.  He reports that D’Elia, the former IT head of the Leonardo SpA, has been charged with implanting viruses in the main computer system in December 2020 presumably to erase evidence of the November 3rd crime.  He has confessed that under the direction of personel working at the U.S. embassy in Rome he implemented the satellite system to assist in a plan to switch votes from Trump to Biden during the November 3rd election.  See affadavit above.

See a detailed report here:

Further information here:

The above discusses the leak that Obama colluded with ex Italian prime minister Renzi to funnel $400 million to U.S. and Italian intel agencies associated with the Rome U.S. embassy to be used to remove President Trump from office.

Maria Zack founder of Nations in Action discusses how operatives in Rome worked to steal the presidential election.  Information about affadavits being delivered to President Trump.

More information here:

Congressional testimony regarding the Texas case on election fraud thatthe U.S.  Supreme Court denied to hear.  Staffers heard Justice Roberts yelling to other US Supreme Court justices “Don’t quote me that Bush vs. Gore crap, I don’t want to hear it. I’m not giving that SOB Trump a chance to be president.”  Story is related in a December 18th interview of retired CIA chief Bradley Johnson:

News summary from Ann Vandersteel:

Situation overview by Scott McKay of Tipping Point Radio:

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