Capitol Building Invasion Instigated by Embedded Antifa and BLM Activists

posted by: P. LaViolette
January 7, 2021, updated January 9

Many sources are saying that the storming of the Capitol building was instigated by embedded Antifa and BLM extremists.  Latest information is that special forces agents embedded with these activists had secured laptop computers left behind by Nancy Palosi and other congressmen and which contain incriminating evidence.  Whether these items were initially seized by activists and then confiscated by special forces people is not clear.

The source below presents photo evidence of one young activist dressed in black raising his arm in the fist of power, a symbol used by these groups.  Another shows one wearing a hammer and sicle tatoo on his left hand, an antifa symbol.

One person has written on facebook: “It makes NO sense from the viewpoint of true patriots. More and more on-ground intel is coming to the surface that the breach of the Capitol building has been initiated by ANTIFA thugs dressed up as Trump supporters. Classic Agent Provocateur tactics and straight out of the communist/Marxist color revolution playbook. The MSM is already having a field day, blaming Trump supporters for violence.”

So this was a ploy by democrat extremists or deep state anarchists to ensure that Congress would overlook the election fraud issue and blindly endorse Biden.  It seems they achieved their objective.

Below Mike Adams issues a Health Ranger Report noting about this false flag operation.  He feels that January 6th was the day that we lost our Republic.

Representative Russ Fulcher, January 6th:

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