Remain Calm, Military is in Control

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 21, 2021

David Rodriguez interviews Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward

Everything you saw for the Inauguration was an illusion.  It was prerecorded.  Ward says he received it in Spain at 7 AM (January 20th) which would be 1 AM EST.  Hence 10 hours before it began to be shown to the American audience.  Therefore it was an invalid inauguration.  Also on U.S. “live” TV, Biden was shown being sworn in 10 minutes before Noon while Trump was still the President.  It did not occur at the appropriate location and hour (12 PM) to be considered valid.  Remain calm everything is coming.  The military is in control since Trump previously invoked the Insurrection Act.  The military is no longer under civil control.  The military is currently being directed by Pete Gainor, head of FEMA and Christopher Miller,  who was the acting Defense Secretary under Trump is currently in charge of all military operations.  Interview likely held Wednesday evening.

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