Biden Double Signs Presidential Orders on LA Movie Set

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 22, 2021

Charlie Ward is interviewed by Nicholas Veniamin on the 22nd.  He notes that a movie set has been created in LA duplicating the oval office and that “Biden” was filmed there signing his executive orders, and that actually he was not in the Whitehouse.  He notes that one sees a car parking lot outside the window, but in reality there is no parking lot visible outside of the oval office.  You can see this in the video below this one, which contains a short clip of the LA oval office set.  Also the desk he is sitting at is different from the desk in the oval office.  In addition, he says that the man posing as Biden is shown signing with his left hand, whereas Biden is right handed.  So it seems all this is a Hollywood production put on for the benefit of mainstream media.  Veniamin says he checked the Federal Register and there is no record of any of Biden’s Presidential orders.  Ward asks why did Biden have to hire his own private jet to go to his inauguration, while Trump has been seen still being driven around in a presidential car?


Contingent of National Guard turns backs on Biden’s motorcade:


Simon Parkes January 21st Update

Simon tells us that he learned that something went wrong with the plan of the military alliance to make arrests of politicians in DC using the national guards stationed there.  He found out that something came up that shocked the Alliance enough to bring their plans to a halt.  He wonders if the Cabal made a threat of detonating a dirty bomb.  Whatever it was, it was big enough to derail the whole program.  But he learned that the “big boys” were still upbeat and that he was told things would still move forward.  One person informed him that it would all be done by March 4th, while a second person told him that it would more likely be by the middle of April.  Currently the U.S. has two governments: the military loyal to Trump and Biden’s illegitimate government.  Also he says that the main reason why the Cabal was fighting Trump so feircely through the Democrats and media was because he had plans to put the dollar back on the gold standard.  The last attempt was 2 hours prior to the World Trade Center was hit.

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