Physicist sues


Paul LaViolette
April 12, 2017

The physics internet archive which is maintained by Cornell University, and which goes by the name, is being sued on four counts: for copyright violation, discrimination under the Civil Rights Act, violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act, and Breach of Contract.

A physicist named Fermin Aldabe, who was harmed by the preprint catalog’s archiving practices, has brought a class action suit against, Cornell University, and 72 other defendents.  Those interested to hear the illegal treatment he received when he tried to submit a paper to them are invited to read his case complaint: Amended Claim Redacted.

Also those interested to read the stories of others who have been discriminated against by are invited to read through our website  You will find there under the case studies tab my own testimonies posted as well.

I encourage scientists to archive their technical papers instead with Research Gate which is far superior as an internet archive.


2 Responses to Physicist sues

  1. Yin Ching Au says:

    Talking about ResearchGate– Dr LaViolette you should take a look at Frederick David Tombe’s papers. He knows Aether, calling it a sea of molecular vortices and re-discovered 20 equations of Maxwell. After all not that many scientists around the world know the existence of a medium filling the universe.

  2. Sam says:

    Remarkable post. Thank you for bringing this to light Paul. Very disgusted with the scientific community for some time now and this just confirms everything, much like what we’ve been seeing coming out of the political closets over the past year. Great work.

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