Krakatoa eruption exhibits the power of genic energy

Krakatoa eruption. December 2018

Posted by: Paul LaViolette
December 29, 2018

About 70% of the Earth’s internal heat flux is estimated to come from genic energy and the 30% is left to come from radioactive decay in the crust.  The recent Krakatoa eruption is an example of the power of genic energy.

Fountain of fire:

Steam and rock explosions:

According to subquantum kinetics, genic energy arises because the gravity potential in the vicinity of the Earth is always below a certain critical threshold.  As a result, the ether reaction system in our vicinity is supercritical which causes photons to continually blueshift (reverse tired-light effect) , producing excess energy.  This excess energy ultimately arises from the transmuting ether flux that sustains our physical universe and that allows us to experience the passage of time.  So as Tesla would have put it, this is an example of Nature itself harnessing the wheelwork of Nature; i.e., benefiting from the primordial flux that sustains it.  So when you hear in the news about volcanic eruptions, island explosions, and tsunamis, think Free Energy!  Maybe some day physicists will wake up and realize that the disproof of the First Law is demonstrated before their eyes.


4 Responses to Krakatoa eruption exhibits the power of genic energy

  1. George Papado says:

    Happy new year. What happened tothe Nassika Thrusters?

  2. Hi Paul,

    Let’s continue to explore scientific netherlands and push the envelope of science.

    Earth has no molten core. It’s hollow.

    Jock Doubleday

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