Grusenick Experiment Proves the Existence of the Ether and of a Vertical G-on flux

Laser interferometer used by Martin Grusenick to detect the ether wind.

Posted by: Paul LaViolette
October 24, 2017
Updated: February 20, 2018, February 2, 2019

A Key Prediction of Subquantum Kinetics is Confirmed

Subquantum Kinetics requires that G etherons (G-ons) continually diffuse into the Earth, driven by the gradient in the Earth’s 1/r gravitational potential field.  The low G-on concentration within the Earth, as compared with the Earth’s space environment, arises because G-ons are predicted to be produced at a slower rate in the neutral matter within the Earth as compared with surrounding space.  That is the reverse reaction G ← X proceeds slower there as compared with the forward reaction G → X.  This results in a low G-on concentration within the Earth.

This prediction was confirmed in 2009 when German scientist Martin Grusenick conducted an interferometer experiment that proved the existence of an ether and that indicated the presence of an ether wind oriented vertical to the Earth’s surface.  He constructed an interferometer, shown above, which is similar to that used by Michaelson-Morley.  He found that when he rotated the interferometer beam platform around an axis parallel to the Earth’s surface, as Michaelson and Morley had done, that he saw no fringe shifts, the same result that Michaelson and Morley reported.  However, he found that when he rotated the same interferometer apparatus so that it rotated in a plane perpendicular to the Earth’s surface, he saw a fringe shift, a shift of 11.5 fringes during the course of one half revolution of the apparatus and a shift of 11.5 fringes back to their original position during the second half revolution of the apparatus.

Later he constructed an improved version of  the interferometer, shown below, and found a total fringe shift of 1.5 to 2.0 as the apparatus was rotated in the vertical direction.  This value comes closer to that of U.S. researcher Frank Pearce who has performed a version of the Grusenick experiment using a 1 inch thick granite block, instead of an aluminum board, for mounting the interferometer mirrors and who found a shift of only about one half to one fringe when the apparatus was rotated in the vertical direction.  For more about the Grusenick experiment may be found at:

Improved Grusenick interferometer


The fact that Grusenick had found a fringe shift when rotating his apparatus in the vertical direction implies that an ether wind is present which flows vertically with respect to the Earth’s surface.  In fact in a personal communication Grusenick confirmed that the detected ether wind was flowing downward into the Earth, just as subquantum kinetics predicted.  Hence light waves from the laser traveling upward, against this ether flow, would move slower than light waves from the laser traveling downward, in the same direction as the flow.  This results in a fringe shift of the interference pattern relative to its fringe position when the apparatus is oriented with its beams perpendicular to the ether flow.  He reported to me that he detected an ether wind velocity of 30% c.

Interestingly, Newton originally theorized that gravity was due to the pressure caused by ether continuously flowing down into the Earth.  It is said that he did not mention the idea in his Principia because he could not conceive of a mechanism that would push the ether into the Earth.  Of course SQK solves this problem.  It is said that Tesla also believed there to be an ether flow directed into the Earth and took this into account in how he conducted his experiments.

The prediction that G-ons are consumed more rapidly within material bodies is not an ad hoc assumption but rather arises as a direct consequence of Model G.  Hence the finding of Grusenick constitutes a confirmation of the theory adding to the 12 plus other confirmations that have been cataloged in the past.  Grusenick’s video describing the original version of his experiment is given below.

The early prediction that neutral matter would have a deficit of G-ons and induce an inward G-on flux was made in the following references:

1985: “An Introduction to Subquantum Kinetics: II. An Open Systems Description of Particles and Fields” Intl. J. General Systems, Vol. 11(4); see pp. 309-310.

1994, 2003, 2010, 2012: Subquantum Kinetics (editions 1-4) Starlane Publications; e.g. see pp. 71-72 in the 2003 edition or Sec. 4.3 in the 2012 edition.  Also p. 97 in the 2003 edition ( Sec. 5.2 in the 2012 edition) describes how this flux would vary as 1/r2.

Also the following paper and book describe more explicitly that a G-on flux flows downward into the Earth:

2001: How the Searl Effect works“; see p. 13.

2008: Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion [Bear & Co.]; see pp. 326-327, also illustrated with a diagram.

The SQK prediction that the ether wind should drop off as 1/r2 with respect to the Earth’s surface is testable.  If the Grusenick experiment were conducted in space 3000 km above the Earth’s surface, the downward Earth-directed component of the ether wind flux should be less than half what is measured at the Earth’s surface.  Of course it may be a challenge to untangle this component from the ether wind component arising from the motion of the Sun and Earth relative to the ambient ether.  However, such an experiment could distinguish this prediction from Machian theories of gravity which predict an Earth directed ether flux that does not vary with radial distance.



34 Responses to Grusenick Experiment Proves the Existence of the Ether and of a Vertical G-on flux

  1. I deduced that the result of the M-M experiment is due to the coupling of light with the density field emanating from the Earth’s mass. The coupling of light with the density field of the substance is proved by Fizeau’s experiment, which accurately verifies Fresnel’s formula for partial entrainment of the ether by the moving transparent medium. Fresnel’s formula is obtained immediately, without relativistic metaphysics, only if the density of light is summed with the density of the environment and the density emanating from the substance (mass) of the planet. The negative term in Fresnel’s formula is given by the coupling of light with the density field of the planet. Field that is in solidarity with the planet. The density field of the planet makes the relativistic principle work, which predicts the impossibility of establishing the state of motion of a system, through an experiment performed inside the system.

  2. Eu sunt convins de existenta fluxului eteric de aspiratie al planetei. Fiindca am dedus ca nucleonii din nucleele substantei, prin rotatia lor foarte rapida (de 10^20 rot/s) s-ar comporta ca niste aspiratoare eterice centrifugale, care aspira eterul cu viteza foarte mica (2,78*10^-7 m/s) prin jurul axei de rotatie, prin sectiuni mari si il refuleaza cu viteza foarte mare (3743 m/s) prin sectiuni foarte mici, pe la periferie. Raportul intre viteze si sectiuni ar fi dat de constanta gravifica a nucleonilor Gn care se gaseste ca Gn=8*eps0. Aceasta arata ca atractia dintre mase este produsa de fluxul eteric de aspiratie al substantei. Flux care materializeaza campul gravific al substantei, Si acest camp este derivat din campul electric al nucleonilor. Fluxul eteric de aspiratie, din cauza rotatiei foarte rapide, capata aspectul unor perechi de turbioane sau vortexuri, care pleaca de la fiecare nucleon. Socotelile arata ca la suprafata Pamantului viteza de aspiratie a eterului este de 23 m/s. cu aceasta viteza, substanta planetei realizeaza un debit eteric de aspiratie de 10^16 m^3/s. Fluxul eteric de aspiratie asigura ancorarea substantei si deci si a planetei, in spatiu, pe nivelul de miscare.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Sorry, don’t understand the language you are using. Please write in English.

      • To the French comment, the Aether remains a half-assed half-measure.
        The opposite of Material, dimensional and temporal reality is Infinity & Eternity.
        Also the Starburst link to the Searl device does not work, which is a shame as I wanted to compare it to Paul Potter’s explanation in GMOCD, Adv.UnLtd Press, 2009

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          I fixed the link. You can download it here:

          • Dr. Paul, thanks for the repaired link. It reads very much like your book.
            Don’t know if you read Paul Potter’s “GMODC” which I read after your ‘Squadron’ I do remember your ‘EM sheeting’ effect which I don’t remember from Potter.
            There was a ‘History Channel’ go-along book which showed up, with a line drawing of a spaceship concept. When I went back to the book to check again, the line drawing was nowhere to be found. I suspect that ‘GMODC’ may have been ‘limited hangout’ and the ‘History Channel’ book the same.

        • Dr. Paul, read Joao Majueia (sic) “Faster than the Speed of Light” See Ch.9, Fig.9.2, Pg.177 a sinusoidal line overlaid a horizontal line. It made me think of your report that the Zodiac shows adjacent signs (or space within the sign) as alternating ‘cooler’ and ‘warmer’ all the way around, Dr. Paul.
          Plicta, in his translated book shows: “+,-,+,-,+,-,+,-,+,-,+,-+,-,+,-,+,-,+,-,+,-+,-” explained as ‘simplest order arising from disorder.’
          Now I’m reading Charles M. Houck’s “The Shiny Herd” Interesting. I disagree with his AstroPhysics, but his MetaPhysics is more informative than others.

  3. (translation) I have thought about this experiment before and came to the conclusion that the ray of light that goes in the vertical direction, having transverse dimensions comparable to that of nucleons, will be affected only by the etheric aspiration flux of nucleons in the surface layer of the planet. And because of this, only an etheric suction flow (centripetal) of very low speed (about 10 ^ -7 m / s) would be observed. as found in the Pound-Rebka experiment. That is why I think that an interferometer with a horizontal arm and an arm inclined at 45 degrees should be built, in order to highlight the etheric aspiration flow with a speed of 23 m / s, a flow that results from the calculation of the mechanical mechanism. etheric of gravity.

    M-am mai gandit la acest experiment si am ajuns la concluzia ca raza de lumina care merge dupa directia verticala, avand dimensiunile transversale comparabile cu ale nucleonilor, va fi afectata doar de fluxul eteric de aspiratie al nucleonilor din stratul superficial al planetei. Si din aceasta cauza s-ar observa doar un flux eteric de aspiratie (centripet) de viteza foarte mica (cam de 10^-7 m/s). asa cum se constata in cazul experimentului Pound-Rebka. De aceea cred ca ar trebui construit un interferometru cu un brat orizontal si cu un brat inclinat la 45 de grade, ca sa se puna in evidenta fluxul eteric de aspiratie cu viteza de 23 m/s, flux care reese din calcul la mecanismul mecano-eteric al gravitatiei.

  4. I still thought about the condition of the experiment, and came to the conclusion that if the support of the interferometer rotates around a horizontal axis, then the portion (part) below the axis of rotation would suffer a stretch (elongation) in the gravitational field. While the upper part of the axis would undergo longitudinal compression (contraction). These two effects would be equal and would compensate. so it should not make mistakes in determining the speed of the etheric suction flow of the planet.

    “M-am gandit in continuare la conditia experimentului. si am ajuns la concluzia ca daca suportul interferometrului se roteste in jurul unui ax orizontal, atunci portiunea (partea) aflata sub axa de rotatie ar suferi o intindere (alungire) in campul gravific terestru. Pe cand partea de deasupra axei ar suferi o comprimare (contractie) longitudinala. Aceste doua efecte, ar fi egale si s-ar compensa. deci nu ar trebui saa erori in determinarea vitezei fluxului eteric de aspiratie al planetei.”

  5. Eu cred ca efectul suferit de raza care merge vertical in jos este compensat in raza care merge vertical in sus. Daca se constata deplasarea figurii de interferenta cu jumatate din lungimea de unda, aceasta s-ar putea datora fie comprimarii pe verticala suportului, fie ca raza orizontala este intarziata datorita cuplajului luminii cu campul de densitate emanat din substanta planetei. Acest cuplaj ar explica simplu si rezultatul experimentului M-M in plan orizontal, fara a recurge la metafizica relativista. Cuplajul luminii cu campul de densitate al substantei este dovedit de experimentul lui Fizeau, care verifica cu precizie formula lui Fresnel de compunere a vitezelor (zisa formul de antrenare partiala a eterului de catre mediul transparent in miscare). Factorul negativ din formula [-1/(n^2)] s-ar fi dat tocmai de cuplajului luminii cu campul de densitate al planetei.

    Ich denke, der Effekt, der durch den Radius entsteht, der vertikal nach unten verläuft, wird durch den Radius ausgeglichen, der vertikal nach oben verläuft. Wenn sich die Interferenzzahl um die Hälfte der Wellenlänge verschiebt, kann dies entweder auf die vertikale Kompression des Trägers zurückzuführen sein, oder der horizontale Radius wird aufgrund der Kopplung von Licht mit dem von der Planetensubstanz ausgehenden Dichtefeld verzögert. Diese Kopplung würde das Ergebnis des M-M-Experiments einfach horizontal erklären, ohne auf relativistische Metaphysik zurückzugreifen. Die Kopplung von Licht mit dem Dichtefeld der Substanz wird durch Fizeaus Experiment bewiesen, das die Fresnelsche Formel für die Zusammenstellung von Geschwindigkeiten (die vom transparenten beweglichen Medium als partielle Äthermitnahmeformel bezeichnet wird) genau bestätigt. Der negative Faktor der Formel [-1 / (n ^ 2)] wäre genau durch die Kopplung von Licht mit dem Dichtefeld des Planeten gegeben worden.

  6. eu am dedus ca fluxul eteric de aspiratie al substantei (adica al Planetei) este produs de structurile dinamice ale particulelor elementare din componenta nucleelor atomice. Nucleonii se comporta ca niste aspiratoare centreifugale, care aspira eterul cu viteza foarte mica, prin sectiuni mari, pe langa axa de rotatie si il refuleaza cu viteza foarte mare, prin sectiuni foarte mici pela periferie. Raportul intre sectiunea de refulare a eterului si cea de aspiratie a eterului, precum si raportul intre viteza de aspiratie si viteza de refulare a eterului este dat de constanta gravifica nucleara Gn care este egala cu 8* epsilon,0. Cum epsilon,0 este dat de relatia Eps,0=1/(4*pi*k), unde k este constanta interactiunilor electrice, asta indica fara nici-un dubiu, ca gravificul este derivat din electric si indica calea de urmat pentru unificarea gravitatiei cu electromagnetismul.

    • Imi imaginez ca se poate atasa o contra greutate care sa compenseze comprimarea (contractia) gravifica a bratului vertical. Si astfel s-ar obtine un rezultat exact al experimentului.

      • Re: Grusenik Experiment: I have also thought about this experiment, which could be an absolutely edifying experiment, on the existence of ether and highlighting the etheric flow of aspiration of the planet flux that would cause bodies to fall to Earth at the same speed. I think the support on which the interferometer is mounted, is mounted on a horizontal axis that allows the device to rotate vertically and then the portion that is above the axis would suffer compression (contraction) on the vertical. And the portion below the axis would suffer a stretch, on vertical, in the gravitational field of the planet. I think these effects would be the same and offset each other. Perhaps it is interesting also the experiment with two slits, made vertically. Once up and once down, followed by microscope measurement of the distances between the interference fringes.

        Dl Grusenik. “M-am mai gandit la experimentul dumneavoastra, care ar putea fi un experiment absolut edificator, asupra existentei eterului si a evidentierii fluxului eteric de aspiratie al planetei. flux care ar face caderea corpurilor pe Pamant, cu aceeasi viteza. Cred ca suportul pe care este montat interferometrul, este montat pe o axa orizontala care permite rotirea dispozitivului in plan vertical si atunci Portiunea care este deasupra axei ar suferii comprimare (contractie) pe vertcala.Iar portiunea care este sub axa ar suferi o intindere, pe verticala, in campul gravific al planetei. Cred ca aceste efecte ar fi egale si se compenseaza unul cu altul. poate este interesant si experimentul cu doua fante, facut pe verticala. O data in sus si o data in jos, urmat de masurarea la microscop a distantelor dintre franjele de interferenta.”

  7. Joe says:

    Paul, have you ever read Karl Schappeller book on the primary physics of matter and glowing magnetism? Aether is also static and we move as a planet in the aether sea, making it dynamic during the interaction. Aether seems to interact and come from counterspace during opposite field interaction and then go back to counterspace in what would be the aether vacuum. Do you think that line of thought goes with SQK???

  8. TC says:

    Can this effect be explained by a) the Coriolis Effect, or perhaps b) gravitational potential differences due to height change which causes a red/blue shifting of the photons?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      No, as described in the posting, this G-on flux is induced by the gradient in the Earth’s gravity potential field (a 1/r G concentration field).

  9. David says:

    Thank you for the information Dr. Paul,

    I was wondering exactly what is this “Flux” composed of and is there any other means of observing it.

  10. David says:

    Dear Dr. Lavioltte,

    I am so glad to her from you as I have been thinking about you a lot.

    I am especially happy about your news of the Ether, as I have been reading about Paracelsus…..

    “”The life of man is an astral effluvium or a balsamic impression, a heavenly and invisible fire, an enclosed essence or spirit. We have no better terms to describe it. The death of a man is nothing else but the end of his daily labour, or taking away the ether of life, a disappearance of the vital balsam, an extinction of the natural light, a re-entering into the matrix of the mother. The natural man possesses the elements of the Earth, and the Earth is his mother, and he re-enters into her and loses his natural flesh; but the real man will be re-born at the day of the resurrection in another spiritual and glorified body.” (De Natura Rerum) [24]”

    Thus if man dies the soul remains, and its higher essences go to form the substance of the body of the paradisiacal man, “the man of the new Olympus”, [chapter 4] and the lower essences of the soul, from which the spirit has departed, dissolve in the astral elements to which they belong, as the earthly body dissolves in the elements of the earth.

  11. Warren York says:

    Do it in free space. I bet you will find gravity plays a part in it.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Subquantum kinetics predicts that the ether wind causing this fringe shift is generated by the Earth’s gravity potential field gradient. So SQK predicts that if the experiment is done in space away from the Earth, no similar effect will be seen. If you mean that the effect is due to gravitational forces acting on the apparatus, the answer is no. The effect appears to be due to an ether wind, not to a gravitational force.

      • Tom Atkinson says:

        I initially wondered if the weight of the camera on the rig is causing the rig to bend when 180 degrees up etc. Without the camera then the lasers maybe weighing it down surely?

        For me the truth will be shown in the time of day: I’d expect more wind at midnight than midday since our speed relative to the sun is higher.

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          I don’t agree. The ether wind is measured to be directed into the Earth, not going past the Earth. So time of day would not affect it. I’m sure if there was a time of day difference that Grusenick would have seen it.

          • Tom Atkinson says:

            ok i see… i was assuming it to be like the air of the cosmos (a “static” reference frame)…..

            so if instead it is coming straight down all over Earth – how fast? i don’t think at speed of light…. if not then would it not come fastest at say sunrise than sunset? since we are going in a circle at 107,230 km/h through the ether, maybe the axis rotation of 1674 km/h would come into play?

            so we’d see a diurnal variation ~3348 km/h of ether drift? eg from 105,556 km/h – 108,904 km/h…. actually hold on i’ve confused myself. most of what I’m thinking of is peaking at midday and midnight.

            we have no idea the true velocity of the g-on flow?

            based on 940 million km solar orbit radius / 365.256 days.

          • Paul LaViolette says:

            One posting on the internet estimates that Grusenick was finding an ether wind speed of 30% c. This seems a bit high to me since it would imply that Earthlings are experiencing a relativistic time dilation of 6%.

  12. Russell M. Bowles says:

    Nikola Tesla basically said all we need to do is harness all the available Free Etheric energy.
    I’m relieved that all those disavowed by mainstream physicists finally finally are proven correct. It would’ve been so sad if they gave up !
    Trump’s Family is said to have the Tesla papers seized when he passed .
    I say release them All !!!

  13. Sidney Somes says:

    Listen to the roar of astonishment from the physics community. It’s in all the newspapers! Truly sad how long it takes to get physicists to wake up to the enormous amount of evidence the orthodox theories are failures and that other theories better fit the evidence.

  14. Au Yin Ching says:

    This looks likes one of the experiments Dayton C Miller did.I wouldn’t say the set-up is entirely Grusenick’s idea, just read Miller’s 1933 papers on Ether-Drift and you’ll know.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Interesting experiment, but in my opinion his theory of gravity is incorrect.

      • Dr. Paul, what about Dr. George Michlo, Hungarian astronomer, “The Push of Gravity” Vantage books, mid-90’s. Michlo follows up on the ideas of Devos and Sagnac and develops them far more fully. It is interesting to watch as he collapses variegated formula into a simpler, shared basis. Slender volume and a snappy read.

      • Following from Edgar Guyer’s Symmetric Cosmology (with Neutrons) that ‘virtual particles come into material being, bringing dimension with them’ is there no basis for thinking that ‘gravity is a scalar pressure, anisotropic, originating in the Cosmic Voids’ ?

  15. Thanks, Paul. Reposted on my ancient history page.
    Jock Doubleday

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