FEMA Initiating Emergency Preparations in Region III for Undisclosed Event Beginning October 1st

In the last month there have been internet news announcements that FEMA is making emergency preparations for Region 3 (DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania) to be in place by October 1st with the implication that some catastrophe will strike the area during the first few weeks of October.   This is largely based on a letter from former Senator Sheldon Songstad of South Dakota which may be viewed in news posting such as this one: http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2013/08/fema-preparing-for-the-worst-in-region-3-why-video-2698874.html

 By the October 1st deadline there will be preparations for the influx of 386,000 UN peace keeping troops, $11 million worth of antibiotics ordered by the Center for Disease Control, $14.2 million worth of MRE rations, 22 million pouches of emergency water, and more.  No reasons have been announced for why these preparations are being made.  Speculations on the internet theorize about a possible comet impact, a Carrington event solar flare, or a virus epidemic.

All of this is particularly disturbing considering that currently we are witnessing the G2 cloud making its close approach to the Galactic center by February to April 2014.  Although material from the cloud's leading edge has been reported to already have made its journey past orbital perigee.  As reported in a prior news postings on the Sphinx Stargate site (also see this news posting as well), there is a possibility that this encounter could cause a Galactic core outburst and release a superwave (cosmic ray volley) that would arrive here on the heels of the visible outburst.  So one wonders if this preparation is related to the expectation of a superwave arrival.  But a superwave would affect the whole world so why is FEMA concentrating just on Region 3?   Are they expecting an event localized to Region 3, or are they boosting preparations in Region 3 just because it surrounds the U.S. capitol?

This whole thing has me a bit worried.  I am currently on the Aegean coast near Athens, Greece as I write this and am wondering whether it will be safe to fly into Washington in October as I had planned.  Also am wondering about the safety of my sister and mother who live there.  A few days ago I was in the town of Markopoulos, Greece, which is near where I am currently staying and noticed four troops stationed along a main access road to the town center.  They looked fairly tough, like riot control troops, did not have the pleasant demeanor of Greek policemen.  What was surprising to me was that a few of them did not look Greek.  They looked like foreign troops.  Markopoulos is a peaceful town so there certainly was no need to station riot police on the street that day.  So it makes me wonder whether there may be similar plans in place for other countries around the world.

You may also be interested to view this chilling video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJiQkKoIeFw.

I guess we will all find out in a few weeks whether there is any truth to all of this.  Meanwhile it would make an excellent subject for a future remote viewing experiment.

Paul LaViolette
Somewhere on the Aegean coast
September 8, 2013

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