Trump Just Declared War on China

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 11, 2021

Breaking News: See link below to Simon Parkes’ conference call with Danielle Stotijn and Charlie Ward.

• Trump has just declared war on China.  Plans are being made to take out their nuclear weapons stockpile possibly with a reverse-engineered directed energy space weapon technology. This explains the earlier FEMA update nuclear attack advice.
• Mainstream media will be silenced since they are putting out disinformation.  Media satellite links will likely be disrupted.
• Emergency broadcast system will likely be used to inform the public.  Make sure to turn off automatic updates on your i-phones to avoid attempts to block emergency broadcast transmissions.
• Military will likely hi-jack television transmissions globally to get emergency broadcasts out to all countries, not just the U.S. citizens.
• Cryptocurrency market is likely to plumet.
• Palosi is stepping back from efforts to enforce the 25th ammendment.


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