Strange Formations on Mars

Pyramid found on MarsCuriosity has been sending back images from Mars.  Two in particular were interesting.  One is a stone ball similar to the ones found in South America and Bosnia.

Stone sphere found on Mars

Olmec sphere found on Earth

Pyramid found on Mars

Don’t ask me about these.  I know as much as you do.

One Response to Strange Formations on Mars

  1. Jim says:

    There’s a short article here that explains the pyramid as another approach created by people.

    Mars ‘Pyramid’ Seen By NASA Rover Isn’t Quite What It Seems.

    “As for the size of the rock, Bell said an analysis by the Mastcam team suggests that it’s only about four inches tall, or the height of an 8-ounce soda can.”

    As for the “ball” – I think it falls into the same parameters … it’s all pareidolia. There’s a link at the bottom of the article: “people have spotted everything from a skull and a thighbone to an iguana.”

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