Solve the zodiac riddle and win a free paper on the zodiac’s physics


The Sphinx Stargate zodiac cipher game has been renovated and is now available once again to challenge contemporary explorers of the ancient knowledge.

In ancient Egypt those wishing to be initiated into the Osirian mysteries are said to have been blindfolded and allowed to pass through a secret door in the breast of the Sphinx and to have decended into underground passages.  Upon passing a series of rigorous tests, they were then admitted into the Gallery of the Sphinxes where they viewed a series of frescoes which survive today as the 22 major arcane of the Tarot.  There the chief priest instructed them about the ancient physics of creation these frescoes illustrated.  According to Iamblichus, the initiate was then led to a crypt within the Great Pyramid where he was brought before a great circular silver table engraved with the signs of the zodiac and asked to explain its significance.

In 1977 Paul LaViolette discovered that the zodiac expressed the same physics of cosmic creation that is found in the first 11 Tarot arcane, but that the astrological signs had to be reordered into a new sequence to properly depict this science.  In other words, he found that the zodiac was configured as a cryptogram.  Using the four signs of the sphinx and the 11 Tarot arcane as guides, he was able to decipher the correct sequence.  You can try your luck at devising the correct sign sequence by entering through the zodiac riddle gateway at the above link, reading the two pages of hints, and then at the top of the third page clicking the link to enter the zodiac cryptogram test.  Those who correctly sequence all 12 signs will win a free copy of a paper by Paul LaViolette that explains the advanced science encoded in the zodiac.


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