Seven States Submit Pro Trump Electors as an Alternative Choice to the Biden Electors

posted by P.LaViolette
December 17, 2020

Mike Adams gives an update on the election fraud situation.  He reports that on Tuesday, December 15th Republican legislators in 7 states, mostly swing states, have chosen and submitted pro Trump electors as an alternative to the pro Biden electors submitted the day before by their state governments.  Their action was motivated by the large amount of election fraud reported to have occurred in their states which made Biden the winner there instead of Trump.  Now each of these states as two parallel electoral submissions which are being submitted to Congress, and on January 6th VP Pence will preside in rendering a decision.  Two options are likely.  Either the votes for those dual submission states will be entirely eliminated from the count, or the matter will be voted on by the Legislature.  In such matters, the House is allowed one vote per state which would give a republican majority.

Now many are expecting that before that time Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act and have the military impound all the ballots in the contested states for recounting.  Adams reports that once the evidence is in hand, those states where election fraud took place that went forward and submitted Biden electors will be liable to criminal prosecution.   None of this is reported in the mainstream media.

Also here below is a podcast by Jeffery Prather, also on the 15th, that reports that Attorney General Barr is now out and replaced by acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen.  He reports that the U.S. is now in a state of cyber warfare.  He discusses much more.  Main news discussion begins at 7:30 min into the video.

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