The Talk of the Galaxy

The Talk of the Galaxy
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Starlane Publications, Niskayuna, NY, 2000
ISBN 0-9642025-30
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Historical announcement to the science community of evidence of ET contact.

Video of Dr. LaViolette’s presentation at the January 12, 2000 American Astronomical Society meeting. Includes discussions of his findings with astronomers who came to his booth in the conference exhibit hall.

For the first time, a scientist delivers the astonishing announcement at a major scientific conference that radio signals of extraterrestrial origin are being sent towards our solar system!  In a fascinating open-minded exploration of cosmic proportions,  Dr. Paul LaViolette proposes that since 1967, radio astronomers have been receiving and cataloging signals of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) origin.  In his remarkable lecture to the 195th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held in Atlanta, Georgia on 12 January 2000, he presents evidence that radio pulsars are part of a vast and intricate network of artificial beacons of extraterrestrial intelligent origin.  His paper was well received.  The video includes his discussions with astronomers who came by his conference exhibit booth during which he explained his findings.