Feelingtone Theory Documents

Feelingtone Theory Documents
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Papers by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D. and William Gray, M.D. in pdf format
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Starlane Publications, Niskayuna, NY, 2003
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The Feeling Tone Theory packet includes the following:

  • Gray, William “Understanding creative thought processes: An early formulation of the emotional-cognitive structure theory.” Man-Environment Systems 9 (1979):3-14.
  • LaViolette, Paul A. “Thoughts about thoughts about thoughts: The emotional-perceptive cycle theory.” Man-Environment Systems 9 (1979):15-47. (The foundation paper for his Emotional-Perceptive Cycle Theory — elucidates the process of creative thought formation and its application to education.)
  • LaViolette, Paul A. “The thermodynamics of the aha experience.” Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Society for General Systems Research, San Francisco, Jan. 1980; Reprinted in: (1982) W. Gray, et al. (eds.) General Systems Theory and the Psychological Sciences (Vol. I). Intersystems Press, CA.
  • LaViolette, Paul A. “Teaching with feeling in mind.” article printed in On the Beam, Volume 6(2) (1986).

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