Nashville Explosion Was Attack From Above

Posted by: P. LaViolette
December 27, 2020

Prime Time Patriots report: The Nashville explosion did not come from the RV as mainstream media report.  Camera footage shows it was an attack from above.  An angled ion trail due to a missle or directed energy weapon is seen striking the location just prior to the explosion.  Other camera footage shows that the explosion originated about 100 feet away from the RV on the same street.  Hence the RV had nothing to do with it, except that the loudspeaker warning of nearby residents is said to have emanated from the RV.  The result was that the AT&T switching center for Nashville was taken out.  Immediately afterward, air traffic was blocked from the Nashville area.  A message from deep state?

Triumph News Network report (begin 2 min 30 sec into the video):

Four Days Before
The Christmas Day Bombing In Nashville Near The AT&T Building, American Patriot Alleged That “AT&T Got The Contract To Do The Forensic Audit On The Dominion Voting Machines And That They Are Transported To Nashville”

Restaurant business owner says “It’s now or never…  Take back the USA”


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