LaViolette to lecture at the Laughlin UFO Mega Conference in February

Laughlin UFO Mega Conference Presenters

Posted: Jaunary 15, 2020

The Laughlin UFO Mega Conference will be beginning in just 30 days (Feburary 15th).  So if you are interested to attend, don't hesitate to get your tickets.  Paul LaViolette (seen above in the third row of presenters) will be speaking on Friday afternoon, January 21st.  The speaker schedule may be viewed at this link:  This is the largest gathering of speakers at a UFO conference in a long while.  So try not to miss it.

Abstract of his lecture
Paul will discuss how during the 50’s and 60’s the U.S. secret space program managed to boost their multi kilometer long spacecraft into space for use in the Solar Warden effort. He will discuss ET communication signals that are being sent to us and that were deciphered as early as 40 years ago. Will share their astounding message to planet Earth.  This provides evidence of a galaxy wide ET presence.  He will discuss an ET time capsule messages that was implanted in ancient creation myths and esoteric lore such as the Tarot and astrology that convey an advanced science to humanity.  He will also explain about constellation myths that convey key dates of cataclysms that occurred during the ice age.  Time permitting, he will cover how the secret space program may have a technology capable of transporting spacecraft across our Galaxy or beyond in the blink of an eye. Worm holes or Stargates, which is it?
Link to speakers:


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