LaViolette to speak in Sedona conference

Dr. LaViolette will be speaking at the Water Revolution Conference in Sedona, AZ which to be held from January 26th to 28th.  He is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, on the 27th.  If you can’t attend, the conference will be aired on the internet as well.  You can learn more about the conference and register here:  Below is a summary of his lecture.

Also on the evening of January 31st, Dr. LaViolette will be speaking on similar topics in Glastonbury, UK under the sponsorship of the Glastonbury Positive Living Group.  Information about the lecture there can be found here:

Unified Field to Anti-Gravity
(An odyssey: From subquantum kinetics and superwaves to the B2 bomber)

Paul LaViolette, a scientific rebel and critic of current physics and cosmology, will examine significant discoveries he has made during the past 50 years.  He will begin with early insights that led him to develop a theory of the formation of natural systems.  He will then discuss the feeling tone theory he developed which explains how we form creative thoughts.  This leads to a new understanding of brain function and a new approach to school teaching.
He will give an overview of the origin and development of subquantum kinetics (SQK) a novel ether physics methodology that may one day replace current microphysics.  He will explain why the most cherished concepts of standard physics and astronomy need to be thrown out, e.g., a big bang origin for the universe, special and general relativity, black holes, worm holes, unwarranted application of the first law of thermodynamics, Newton’s third law, dark matter, dark energy, quantum mechanics, the wave-particle dualism, etc.  He will describe how this physics repairs quantum mechanics and predicts that energy can be released from water, validating the hydrino technologies of John Eccles and Randall Mills.
Dr. LaViolette will explain how SQK predicts the electrogravitic force effect discovered by Townsend Brown, and how we could go to Mars in just 5 days using this field propulsion technology.  He will discuss the SQK reformation of the force field concept and explain the principle behind Brown’s electrokinetic thruster with application to free energy generation.  Will explain how he discoveredf the Aviation Studies think tank report detailing the immense R&D program in the 50’s to develop electrogravitic flying discs.  Will explain how Brown’s propulsion technology is used to propel the B2 bomber.  Will also discuss Project Skyvault, a propulsion technology that can lift a spacecraft using beams of microwave energy.
In addition, he will examine evidence that there once existed scientific advancement in our ancient past.  Will discuss the star lore associated with several constellations and show how these also encode information that modern science discovered only in the past 50 years.  We will also investigate the 17,000 year old time capsule message encoded in the tarot and astrology which warns of a global disaster that humanity had experienced at the end of the last ice age.
He will describe his discovery of galactic superwaves which are produced by cosmic ray outbursts from a galaxy’s core. Will discuss why the precise time of superwave arrival cannot be predicted and what happens to the Earth and solar system when one does arrive.   He will discuss how he was led to the superwave concept from a hint left in star mythology.  Will present his discovery that Neanderthal man became extinct during a solar-superwave catastrophe that occurred 42,000 years ago, an event apparently chronicled in the list of Kings in the ancient Egyptian royal papyrus of Turin.  He will also discuss the cause of the Pleistocene mass extinction of 13,000 years ago and its disastrous impact on humanity.
Dr. LaViolette will also describe his discovery of dust particles in 49,000 year old polar ice which are rich in tin, lead, gold, silver, and iridium, and which were superconducting when originally drifting in interstellar space.  This dust, which was pushed into our solar system produced the largest dust disaster to occur on Earth in the last 400,000 years.  He will show photos of these particles, one of which is the largest monomineralic cosmic dust grain yet reported.
Finally, time permitting, he will explain how radio pulsars are actually alien communication beacons forming a Galactic GPS network that is used for navigation communication by a federation of alien civilizations.  Will also discuss the discovery of an ETI message being sent to us about a past explosion of our Galaxy’s core.

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