Congress Maybe Not Yet Arrested? But There Is a Troop Buildup Near Mainland China


Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 29, 2021, updated January 30, 2021

The Byington story below may be fake news, We are just not sure.

US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and Practically No One Knows It

Before Its News Story by Judy Byington, Friday, January 29, 2021 14:31

As far as I know there is no indication that Congress has yet been arrested.  Although a similar story has been aired by another source:

Nevertheless one is left to wonder about the blackouts and bussing movements in DC; see videos at the bottom of this post.

As for China, I have not heard that U.S. troops have already set foot in China.  However, there is evidence of an impending buildup of U.S. forces in Taiwan.  Also there was apparently an air battle between U.S. and chinese jets which the Chinese lost.  Whether a mainland invasion by US troops will occur in the future is anyone’s guess.  But here is Scott McKay with an update of the China situation.  He is in contact with a reporter based in Taiwan.  I think that for present we can ignore the beforeitsnews header “CCP Dissolved”, although it may be well on the way.

Also I am posting this Fox News item about how George Soros’ non-profit foundation “Open Society” pays young people to protest against Trump’s agenda.

Also below are a few videos taken recently in the vicinity of the Capitol and Whitehouse.

Night of January 25, 2021


Night of January 24, 2021.  Blackout at White House between 3 AM and 6 AM.  Caution video contains seedy language.

Date this video below was taken is not known.


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