Table of Contents for Earth Under Fire

Chapter – 1 Cipher in the Sky
The Science of Cosmogenesis
The Riddle of the Sphinx
The Encryption of the Cosmic
Microwave Temperature Gradient


Chapter – 2 The Galactic Connection
The Galactic Center Indicators
Was the Galactic Center Visible
in Ancient Times?
Cosmic Procreation
Activity in the Core of Our Galaxy
Cosmic Benchmarks


Chapter 3 – The Charge of the Bull
Galactic Superwaves
The Blue Star
The Eye of Re
The Temple of Dendera
Distant Thunder
Ice Core Evidence of Prehistoric
Cosmic Ray Volleys


Chapter 4 – Cosmic Dust Invasions
The Age of Darkness
The Battle of Horus and Set
Horus’ Nearly Fatal Sting
Discovery of the 15,800-Years-BP
Cosmic Event
Dusty Aftermath
Venus: The Star that Smoked


Chapter 5 – The Age of Ice
Thermal Freeze
Dark Clouds Up Ahead
Ragnarok (The Twilight of the Gods)
Fierce Winds


Chapter 6 – The Conflagration
The T Tauri Effect
Lunar and Martian Evidence of
an Active Sun
The Canyons of Mars
The Myth of Phaethon and the
Sun Chariot
Other Myths About the Burning
of the World
Terrestrial Evidence for a Prehistoric Global Warming and Solar Outburst
Solar Storms and Geomagnetic Flips

Chapter 7 – The Great Extinction
In Search of a Cause
Glacier Waves
The Mystery of the Frozen Mammoths


Chapter 8 – Flood Legends and Ciphers
Atlantis and the Flood
Thus Spake Zeus
Asgard and the Bifrost Bridge
A Zodiacal Date for the Flood
Flood Legends from Asia,
Oceania, and the Near East


Chapter 9 – Flood Legends from the Americas
American Indian Legends
The Barasana Star Lore
Archaeological Evidence for
the Flood


Chapter 10 – Testimony in the Sky
The Galactic Radio Background
Supernova Remnant Signposts
Do Superwaves Trigger Supernovae?
Extragalactic Evidence for Superwaves


Chapter 11 – Cycles of Destruction
Geocosmic Cycles
The Days of Brahma
The Journey of the Hopi


Chapter 12 – Prophecies
The Day of the Lord
The Revelation of Saint John
The Fatima Prophecy
Future Vision


Chapter 13 – Requiem


A: Coordinates and Proper Motions for Key Constellation Stars
B: The Duration of Galactic Core
C: Attempts to Move the Scientific
Investigation Forward
D: Chronologies


Notes Bibliography Index

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