Subatomic Atlantis

Model G has three ether reactant variables: X, Y, and G. The simulation presented above charted the variation of just one of these variables, Y. The simulation below shows how all three vary in space and time at the time of emergence of a subatomic particle. Note that the X and Y variables are reciprocally related, much like the yin and yang in the ether metaphysics of the I Ching. Thus as Y progressively increases, X progressively decreases, both producing wave patterns that mirror each other in magnitude.

Simulation of Model G showing the initial bifurcation of X and Y, Y increasing and X decreasing. During this initial phase the core of the nucleon is formed.

The Model G subatomic particle forms itself out of the initially uniform ether in just the same way that Poseidon (God of the Waters) is said to have formed Atlantis from the pre-existing Sea of Atlas. In the ancient Greek creation myth the chief god Zeus battles the forces of chaos led by Cronus and Zeus’s victory brings the material universe into being. Like Horus in the ancient Egyptian Osirian myth, Zeus symbolically represents the critical fluctuation that brings about the initial separation of the ethers. However, the myth does not specifically state that Zeus does this separation. We are left to infer this only at the end of the myth where it states that Zeus appointed to Atlas, who was leader of the conquerred titans, the task of keeping heaven separated from Earth. If we identify Sky with Y and Earth with X, this separation of Sky from Earth signifies the emergent state of elevated Y potential and depressed X potential seen in the above simulation. The formation by the conquering gods of this firmament (arch) within the ethers depicts the formation of the primordial neutron core. This story, in effect, reveals the secret of how matter is created out of the ether, thereby describing the creation of the universe. That Atlas was appointed this task is appropriate since Atlas was the leader of the Titans who in the ancient Greek creation myth signify the chaotic fluctuations that continuously emerge from the ether, and a subatomic particle (in subquantum kinetics) is essentially a gigantic ether fluctuation that grows so large that it becomes self stabilized. All of this myth symbolism is covered in greater depth in the book Genesis of the Cosmos.

Titan Atlas bearing the task of keeping Heaven separated from Earth.

Titan Atlas bearing the task of keeping Heaven separated from Earth.

Following this initial phase of creation Plato says that Poseidon is given rulership over the seas and the isle of Atlantis. Then Greek mythology continues with the story of how Poseidon creates Atlantis with its rings and dikes by uniting with Clito the Earth maiden. Like in Plato’s story of the creation of Atlantis, as the central particle core grows in size (as X continues to separate from Y), a surrounding X-Y wave pattern begins to develop, which when viewed in two dimensions would look like a series of ring-like moats and dikes, just as si stated in the myth. Click below to activate the simulation.

Simulation of Model G showing the continuing separation of X and Y, and the formation of theX-Y wave pattern surrounding the particle core. During this subsequent phase the periodic field pattern of the nucleon becomes formed.

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