Myths and Legends from Around the World

The ancient Egyptian Aker Sphinx.

The ancient Egyptian Aker Sphinx.


Stories from Portal Alpha to Portal Lambda describe the burning of the Earth by the Sun. Likely they refer to an extinction level solar proton event and geomagnetic field collapse which occurred possibly twice around 12,900 and 12,700 years ago.


Stories below Portal Lambda describe a global flood. Possibly they refer to a glacier wave flood that occurred following the solar conflagration.


Portal Alpha

The Ancient Greek Myth of Phaethon and the Sun Chariot

Portal Beta

American Indian Legends of a Global Conflagration

Portal Gamma

Various Indian Legends of Burning and Catastrophe

Portal Delta

Conflagration Legend of the Bella Coola Indians

Portal Epsilon

Conflagration Legend of the Yurucare Indians (Earth Under Fire excerpt)

Portal Zeta

Conflagration Legend of the Ojibway Indians

Portal Eta

American Indian Sun-Catcher Myths

Portal Theta

Sun-Catcher Myth of the Dogrib Indians (Earth Under Fire excerpt)

Portal Iota

Indian Legends of a Cave Life Era

Portal Kappa

Ancient Chinese Solar Conflagration Myth

Portal Lamda

Myths of Conflagration Followed by Flood

Portal Mu

Myths of Atlantis from Plato's Timaeus

Portal Nu

Ancient Greek Deucalion Flood Legend

Portal Xi

Sumerian Flood Legend

Portal Omicron

Mt. Jefferson Flood Legend from the Indians of Oregon

Portal Pi

Mt. Baker Flood Legend of the Squamish Indians of British Columbia

Portal Rho

Skokomish Indian Flood Legend About the Olympic Mountains of Washington

Portal Sigma

Spokane Indian Flood Legend About Lake Missoula (Earth Under Fire excerpt)

Portal Tau

Flood Legends of the Tahitians, Australian Aboriginees, and Siberian Voguls (EUF excerpt)

Portal Upsilon

Various Other Flood Myths


The book Earth Under Fire reproduces the above myths and legends, as well as many more.

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