Morphogenic Resonance or a Plethora of Galactic Center Disinformation?

In June of 1979 Dr. Paul LaViolette deciphered an ancient constellation message describing the past arrival of a cosmic ray volley from our Galaxy’s core and of its subsequent cataclysmic effect on the Earth. The following month he wrote this up as a short paper on this “superwave” concept. In 1983, after 4 years of Ph.D. research, he published his dissertation investigation of this Galactic superwaves and their connection with cyclic global cataclysms. In this dissertation and in his subsequent papers and books (Beyond the Big Bang and Earth Under Fire), LaViolette has made every attempt to establish the logical basis for every statement he has made.

However, beginning in 1991, several individuals began writing on a similar theme of the imminent arrival of a Galactic center energy wave, claiming to have been enlightened on the subject directly through psychic contact with extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, they did not subject their intuited information to the test of reason and observation. Instead they have combined factual concepts with fictional ideas and misrepresented them to an unwitting public as uncontestable fact. So readers should observe caution in selecting reading material in this area. Below are a few examples of papers and books that present channeled misinformation that could be confused with the scientifically researched superwave concept.

(1981): This disinformation story actually begins in 1981 with an article on the “photon belt” written by Shirley Kemp and published in the Australian International UFO Research Society magazine, and reprinted in the February/March 1991 issue of Nexus magazine. Kemp’s article focused on the Pleiades star cluster as the source of the photon belt and made no mention of the Galactic center. The mixing of the photon belt concept with the idea of a Galactic center wave came later, being injected by subsequent authors such as Robert Stanley and Barbara Hand Clow. Kemp described the photon belt as a ring of energy that encircles the Pleiades with its outer border presently being positioned just about to touch our solar system. She claimed that its presence had been detected in 1961 by satellite observations of the Pleiades. In fact, there is no record of such a satellite detection, nor is it likely that satellites in those days would have been equipped to make such observations. Also neither is there evidence of such a belt from observations with present day ground and space based telescopes.

Furthermore Kemp claimed that in the course of 24,000 years our solar system completes an orbit about the star Alcyone in the Pleiades cluster and passes through the photon belt twice in the course of a revolution, alternately bathing in the belt for a period of 2000 years, followed by a period of 10,000 years outside of the belt. Moreover she claimed that during the imminent time when the solar system is within the photon belt, the present day/night cycle would cease and be replaced by a 2000 year-long period of continuous light during which time humanity would be transformed into spiritually enlightened “Atmosphereans.”

As for the part about the solar system orbiting the Pleiades, or more specifically orbiting the star Alcyone, this can be shown to be absurd. The Pleiades lie about 400 light years away in the Taurus constellation; hence an orbit about them would necessarily measure about 2500 light years. To circle them in a period of only 24,000 years, the solar system would then have to be travelling through the Galaxy at over 10 percent the speed of light, a thousand times faster than the Earth’s orbit about the Sun. If this were true the shape of the constellations would noticeably change within a single lifetime due to stellar parallax effects. There is no evidence of this. Moreover to cause such an orbital speed by gravitational action, Alcyone would have had to be over a billion times more massive than our Sun, thus rivaling the core of our own Galaxy. In fact, there is no evidence of any kind that the solar system nor any of the Pleiades stars are in orbit about Alcyone. The whole idea of the photon belt would seem to be ludicrous were it not for the fact that so many people have completely fallen for the idea and adopted it as part of their reality.

* * *

(1991): In the summer of 1991 Robert Stanley published an article in Unicus magazine entitled “The Photon Zone: Earth’s Future Brightens.” His article combined the photon belt concept with a Galactic center outburst concept that had striking similarities to LaViolette’s Galactic superwave concept, but lacked any kind of scientific or observational basis. Stanley described the “photon zone” as a belt or toroid of excess photons being emitted from the center of our Galaxy and that “rotate at a 90 degree right angle to our solar system’s horizontal orbit.”

Stanley apparently did not reference LaViolette’s scientific papers which describe evidence of Galactic cosmic ray superwaves being emitted from the Galactic center, each outwardly moving superwave shell producing a ring of electromagnetic radiation concentric with the Galactic center and lying along the galactic plane, accompanying the superwave as it travels outward. This radiation zone could be termed a “photon band” or “photon belt”. LaViolette has shown that radiation coming from the nearest of these superwave radiation rings, at its closest point to us, would appear to originate from a region lying about 7000 light years away in the Taurus constellation region (~6500 light years further away than the Pleiades), and that in the opposite direction, toward the Galactic center (Scorpius constellation region), it would lie furthest from us, about 30,000 light years away. Thus the photon band concept which lacks supporting observational evidence, creates a climate of confusion for those interested in learning about the superwave concept.

Although Stanley describes this photon band as being emitted from the Galactic center, he also presents the contradictory notion that it is a stationary zone. Adopting many of Shirley Kemp’s proclamations, he states that the photon band lies near our Sun and that our solar system periodically passes through it as a result of a 26,000 year epicycle-like orbit that it supposedly follows through space. In her book The Pleiadian Agenda, B. H. Clow quotes Stanley as saying “our solar system enters this area of our Galaxy [the photon zone] every 11,000 years and then passes through for 2000 years while completing its 26,000-year galactic orbit” about the star Alcyone. However, there is no astronomical evidence that the solar system circumscribes a 26,000 year orbit about Alcyone. There is evidence that the Sun orbits the Galactic center (Sagittarius A*) once in about 200 million years, the Galactic center being situated in a direction opposite from the Pleiades in the direction of the Sagittarius and Scorpio constellations.

Ancient Hindu astronomers taught that the Sun moves radially inward and outward from the Galaxy’s “Grand Center” on a 24,000 year cycle, but this would constitute an oscillatory movement, not an “orbit”. Neither is there any reason to think that the ancients considered Alcyone, and not Sgr A* as being the Galaxy’s “Grand Center.” As described in Earth Under Fire, cyclical radial motion with respect to the Galactic core Sgr A* could occur if superwaves were to exert a tidal force on the Sun and planets.

* * *

(1994): The book The Pleiadian Agenda, channeled by Barbara Hand Clow, further propagated the photon belt myth, combining it with a Galactic center origin. In this case, however, Clow had prior knowledge of LaViolette’s ideas. In August of 1991, LaViolette had submitted to Clow the manuscript for his book Beyond the Big Bang (which then had the working title “Warriors of Creation”) along with the first chapter and outline for its sequel Earth Under Fire (then titled Astrology Decoded). These were sent to her in confidence, in her capacity as being then Vice President editor of Bear and Company, a New Age book publisher. These materials described LaViolette’s 1979 theory that about 13,000 years ago the Earth had been affected by an expanding “zone” or “belt” of radiation that had issued from the Galactic center, a phenomenon he called a Galactic “superwave.” After reading this work, Clow expressed great interest in publishing both books in revised form, especially the second book describing the Galactic superwave. However, later in November 1991, LaViolette had reservations about choosing this publisher and turned down her offer to publish his books.

Some months later, in 1992, Clow says she began psychically channeling an entity called Satya, a Pleiadian extraterrestrial astrologer supposedly residing in the Alcyone star system. Then, a few years later, in 1994 she reportedly began channeling her book The Pleiadian Agenda, which she subsequently published in 1995. Curiously, her book presented ideas very similar to LaViolette’s superwave concept, describing a “photon band” emanating from the Galactic center, that engulfed the Earth around 13,000 years ago bringing about the legendary apocalyptic cataclysm. Although LaViolette was the first to propose such an idea, and although she had prior knowledge of Dr. LaViolette’s work, Clow/Satya did not mention his work in her book, neither did she reference his many scientific papers nor his book Beyond the Big Bang, which were published on this topic between 1983 and 1995. Instead, Clow/Satya only refer to Shirley Kemp’s photon belt paper and to Robert Stanley’s photon zone paper, which interestingly was published the same summer that LaViolette had submitted his confidential manuscript to her, and which presented ideas similar to LaViolette’s superwave idea (see above).

Like Stanley, Clow/Satya describes the impending movement of the Earth into a stationary photon band and frames this event in terms of a coming New Age global psychic transformation. But in places The Pleiadian Agenda confuses the idea of a Galactic center origin by stating that the photon band originates from the Pleiadian star Alcyone, a region which it claims is always bathed in the “photon band” radiation. In these parts she describes the photon band as originating from a region on the side of the Earth opposite to the Galactic center, hence approaching from a direction exactly opposite from the direction that superwaves would approach. In the direction of the Pleiades, LaViolette’s superwave event horizon (radiation zone) would instead be receding from us, not approaching.

Disinformation is most successfully crafted when it disseminates a distorted concept that is very close to the target concept, thereby rendering a state of confusion. The photon band conjecture very appropriately achieves this objective. Around this same time, other channeled writings were published that similarly described a “photon belt” and web pages have sprung up disseminating these concepts. Unfortunately, rather than being educational, these works have the potential of creating general confusion by diverting attention about approaching Galactic energy waves away from the Galactic center and toward the Pleiades.

* * *

(1997): Robert Cox’s book Pillar of Celestial Fire, published in 1997, also described a Galactic center influence on the Earth. Like Beyond the Big Bang and Earth Under Fire, this book speaks of the Galactic center producing a “ray” or “wave” of “celestial fire” that washes over the Earth causing geologic change, and also mentions a connection between the Sagittarius arrow indicator and the Galactic center. Although the book lists Beyond the Big Bang in its bibliography, it does not cite LaViolette’s prior work as the source of these ideas. It mixes these concepts with other channeled ideas about a “pillar of celestial fire” of pure consciousness that it says is approaching the Earth from the direction of the Pleiades, a location which, it claims, contains the conscious “Center of the Universe.” Thus, by calling attention to a celestial fire phenomenon that supposedly approaches from a direction opposite to the Galactic center, this celestial fire concept, like the photon belt concept, participates in creating an atmosphere of confusion.

* * *

(1998): James Gilliland circulated an email announcement claiming the arrival of a “pulse of consciousness” from the “center of the universe” whose secondary cause is a luminous “photon belt” and which he claims is responsible for solar and geomagnetic disturbances currently going on. Although Gilliland writes that this pulse “has been observed and measured, in fact his “knowledge” of it comes from psychic channeled contacts that he claims he has had with Pleiadians during close encounters with their spacecraft. Could he and others be unwitting participants in an extraterrestrial disinformation campaign?

* * *

(1998): On his website, Drunvalo Melchizedek published an incorrect announcement that the Galactic center has been seen to “pulse huge amounts of energy out into the universe” since the time of December 14, 1997 and that in June of 1998 the “beeper” satellite “was destroyed by one of these blasts from the center of our galaxy.” In fact, no such thing had happened. Up to the present, the Galactic center has been observed to continue its relatively quiescent state. The “psychic scientist” who supplied Melchizedek this disinformation later withdrew his Galactic center pronouncement. But it has been well over 8 months now and Melchizedek has still persisted in leaving this startling disinformaition on his website. Melchizedek was aware of Dr. LaViolette’s scientific work since a year earlier he had attended a seminar in which LaViolette had spoken about Galactic superwaves and had purchased a copy of Earth Under Fire from him. However, for some reason he chose not to consult LaViolette to check the validity of the information he posted.

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